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7 tips for a winning social media content strategy for your dropshipping store

Nowadays brands and businesses are followed and preferred on the basis of social media engagement thanks to the eCommerce technology where shopping has been made very easy for us, as everything is delivered right at the doorsteps.

As the world is facing a coronavirus pandemic, eCommerce or online shopping has become the priority across the world, thus many eCommerce stores such as Thrive Market, Amazon fresh, Skull candy, Shipt and etc. have seen skyrocketing boost in their sales during this ongoing pandemic.  

If you have an eCommerce or a dropshipping store, and if you want to play your cards right on social media platforms, there are a few things to consider, as every successful business has a social media content strategy to evaluate the performance of their efforts.

In this article we would be discussing:

  • How important is a social media content strategy?
  • What is Social Media Marketing Strategy?
  • How different is content marketing on social media platforms?
    • Content marketing
    • Social media marketing

7 key points for a winning social media content strategy

  1. Creating strong profiles and pages
  2. Add links to your top social accounts on your website
  3. Master one platform at a time
  4. Tap into trends
  5. Workflow calendar
  6. Batching
  7. Content duplication

a) Paraphrasing tools 

How important is a social media content strategy?

First of all, in some scenarios companies don’t bother to run a social media content strategy, rather they pass out their social media accounts to the young ones so that at least they can just keep using it.

If at all it results in a sale, they would be like okay cool we got an online sale and if there are zero sales so fine we are not risking anything.

But this is just not the right way, in this ever competing era remember with every passing time you are either taking your business stepping forward or backward.

Whereas your competitors might be generating profits and sales even while they are sleeping.

So having a good social media content strategy and action plan according to your creative goals, resources, and the available time.

It’s quite essential to your business success, in the end just like every smart businessman you too want a good (ROI) Return on investments.

What is Social Media Marketing Strategy?

A short form called as SMMS.

S-Social just like we human being are social animals business requires to be connected with the social world to get more sales and etc.

M-Media are the different platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter businesses use these platforms to attract or get in touch with the audience

M-Marketing without marketing you can’t assume that the product or service will go itself by walking to the customers

S-Strategy every business requires a strategy as it reflects what are the goals, targets? And how would they implement it practically?

So the thing is that you just can’t go on to the different social media platforms and simply publish a post.

Before doing this, we need to know the basics and then pitching the right content that could attract customers and meet our social media content strategy.

For this let us take you further down to make it easier for you to understand

How different is content marketing on social media platforms? 

  • Content marketing

Content marketing is creating content to grow your brand awareness and growing your reputation by letting them know that you are an expert of this field in return you encourage customers to return frequently on to your website.

So that you could get conversions as well as sell your products or services. Content is created in such forms as Infographics, videos, in depth articles, photos, e-books, and how-to guides. 

  • Social media marketing

It sounds more personable experience on social media platforms businesses show how engaging or how responsive they are to their customers.

Whereas customers share their personal experiences regarding your products and services so it reflects that it’s more than a sales or promotional platform and customers can share their whole experience.

Such as the buying and receiving procedure, how true is the last night’s headline, or they can share their personal opinions, feedback about the hotel or food ate last night.

As a customer, both these factors matter a lot, especially when buying any product or recommending it to their families and friends they definitely want an authority or an expert to guide on how to or get an article answering different point of views.

But at the same time, they would be more encouraged and trustworthy to buy if they get a personal experience of other customers sharing their experiences of the product or service.

So while keeping both these factors in our minds we need to create winning content for social media content strategy thus resulting in good (ROI) return on investments.

Further, we are going to discuss with you 

7 key points to create a winning social media content strategy

We are going to give you the hacks so that you can spend less time on creating content and more time on running your business

1) Creating strong profiles and pages

The very first thing that comes in the mind of the audience is who am I following and what is the reason to follow your social account or social page.

Therefore create strong social profiles and social pages which involves high-quality pictures, using the right cover photos, filling out the details such as your outlet address, website link if any, shop open and closing time.

 A small description about what you sell, and who is the target audience, further give some reasons to buy your products.

2) Add links to your top social accounts on your website

If you do have a brand logo use that on your website, promote your social account by adding it on to your website header footer or on the sidebar even at the end of any article.

As it makes easier for the customer or the user just by clicking redirecting it to your social accounts which gives more access to your social pages or accounts.

3) Master one platform at a time

Don’t rush at throwing everything on all the platforms because it takes a lot of time to post details, edit photos, choosing the best font, choosing the relevant colors.

So go slow but steady master this art one by one this is how the experts do, for example, if you are good at posting high-quality pictures so why not take it to the next level by posting on just Pinterest.

So do less but make it more effective after mastering this art, it will be easier for you to assign people to work for you so you can pass on the workload to other shoulders while you focus on a lot of other things for running your business.

4) Tap into trends

Research properly, often people go with the flow creating content as to what they want to write or want to sell about.

For example, you create 8 articles on what you want to write but no one reads out is that good or just writing 2 articles about what people want to read, now this is what you call catching up with the trends.

There are numerous analysis tools that allow seeing what actually people are searching for such as Google trends and etc.

5) Workflow calendar

Have a system in advance so that you won’t be running around in circles looking for okay when is the right time to post content?

 for example, plan out a day in a week like on Tuesday, choose midafternoon time and plan in advance so that you set the priority that this day and time I would only be creating and posting content this will make you consistent on working on social platforms.

6) Batching

That makes you batch 3 or 4 videos or 5 tweets altogether and then distribute them evenly every week so that covers a month.

You would be planning ahead and slowly your workflow will be created and gradually you can increase the content like posting 12 videos in a month.

7) Content duplication and how to paraphrase

While writing a content don’t end up in content duplication issue so, to avoid this offensive action you can use an authentic paraphrasing tool to check the quality of your content. Paraphrasing tool will save your time and money.

It’s an artificial intelligence tool that allows you to insert the text and rewrite it automatically for you. So that your content becomes unique and creative for your audience.

At the end don’t forget to add a call to action so that your fans or audience would be encouraged to do an action such as:

  • Ask them to like or comment below
  • Ask them to share your video
  • Ask them to contact you through other social platforms or on email
  • Refer them other relevant content
  • Ask to subscribe to your newsletter.


Now that you know how to write compelling content, it is time to think about your products’ quality and supplier reliability. 

Because the reality is that, you might have the best social media content strategy in the world, but if your clients do not like your products or if your parcels arrive a month after the payment, when you promised a delivery within a week, you will start experiencing a lot of returns! 

As you might already know, most dropshippers source their products on Chinese websites like AliExpress, but while these products might look good in photo, they might not be of the best, or even acceptable, quality.  

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