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Shipping From China To Amazon FBA Made Easy!

Shipping from China to Amazon FBA gives you a headache? Try Yakkyofy, we offer you a complete solution from sourcing to delivery.

Why Choose Yakkyofy

Yakkyofy helps you source and import wholesale products from China directly to the Amazon Fulfillment Warehouses located all around the world.

We make shipping from China to Amazon FBA simple by offering a complete solution that helps you source products, ship freight, pay duties, clear customs and deliver to the Amazon fulfillment warehouse with only a few clicks directly from your laptop.

why choose yakkyofy for Amazon FBA

Our Services

source product from china

Source products from China

We source for you the products you need directly from China at factory prices. We can also provide items with private label and customized packages.

shipping from China to amazon FBA

Shipping from China to Amazon FBA

We take care for you of all the tasks related to logistic. Ship freight, pay duties, clear customs and deliver to the final destination.

amazon compliance label

Amazon Compliant Packaging and Label

We provide packaging 100% compliant with Amazon FBA standards.

Where We Ship

We ship to US, Canada and EU Amazon Fulfillment Center.

where we ship

Import goods to an Amazon fulfillment center is easy.

If you sell online on Amazon and you buy products from China. In order to get your items to an Amazon fulfillment center, you must first import these goods legally into the country of destination. Clear the customs and arrange transport to the Amazon FBA of your choosing. With Yakkyofy you don’t need to worry about any of this because we take care of all this process steps. With us, you can focus only on selling your goods.
fast ship to amazon fba

Get your product to Amazon FBA fast

Sourcing and then shipping from China to Amazon FBA became easier and faster with Yakkyofy. Thanks to our knowledge of the international logistic mechanism we can simplify and make this process faster. We take care of logistics, customs compliance, customs clearance, and last mile delivery to your designated FBA warehouse. 

Comply with Amazon packaging requirements

One of the most difficult challenges of shipping from China to Amazon FBA is to make sure your supplier provides Amazon Compliant Packagings.
The Amazon Packaging Requirements are really strict and be sure of their compliance when speaking of a Chinese supplier is near to impossible.
And here we come! Yakkyofy guarantees the packaging is 100% compliant with Amazon FBA standards and provides the correct labeling of all your boxes.

How to buy wholesale products from China with Yakkyofy?

Get started

Click on the tab Request > Wholesale on the Yakkyofy Dashboard, to ask for a quotation.

Choose the product

Choose all the products that you want to order together. Search the items from our catalog by name, and ask a quotation for new products by URL.

Choose the destination

Complete the detail of your request, and choose custom address and then a specific Amazon FBA location.

How get Yakkyofy’s services?