Yakkyofy Guest Blogging Guidelines 2020 Edition!

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Hi there! Thanks for your interest in writing a guest blog for Yakkyofy. We’re happy you’re here. We are always looking for more brilliant contributors to the Yakkyofy Blog.

If you are exceptional in writing, you have great marketing skills and would like to share your expertise with a large audience of dropshippers, marketers, growth hackers, and eCommerce business owners, we’d love to hear from you.

What to write about: the Yakkyofy Guest Blogging topics

Successful guest posts are comprehensive, data-driven, and will teach our readers something new about the eCommerce World.

Remember that we write about dropshipping so we direct our articles to dropshippers, this doesn’t mean that you need to speak only about this particular topic, but you must to always take present in your article who your audience is.

We’re interested in publishing articles on any topic that dropshippers care about, which include things like:

  • Dropshipping tips
  • Digital marketing
  • Social Media
  • Advertising
  • Shopify
  • Woocommerce
  • Hiring VA and personal
  • Team development strategies
  • Success stories
  • Content writing
  • Store design
  • Math and tax-related problems
  • Larger internet trends.
  • Also content about specific marketing tactics and advertising strategies.

 Main rules you need to follow:

First of all research our Blog Page that we didn’t already publish the article you want to submit, as we will not accept a topic that we have already covered.

  • The article needs to speak to dropshippers.
  • You can insert a follow link in the text of the article, only if it brings to an informative article page.
  • You can insert your company link (follow) in your bio.
  • You don’t have to write about our competitors, so other companies like Oberlo, Dropified, Udroppy, Hypersku, Cjdropshipping, etc..
  • The article needs to be original.
  • The article must be informative.
  • When using data and statistics, those should be not older than 2 years and you must insert the link where you find this info.
  • The article should be at least 1500 word long
  • You have to give us a backlink (white hat at least DA20).

The Different Types of Guest Post We Accept

Experiment: Did you recently run a marketing experiment the likes of which have never been done before? Tell us about it.

Analysis: Did you study some trends or notice a change in the digital world? Describe what you discover.

Step by step Guide: explain how to do something from beginning to end, be specific, and describe in detail all the steps that must be taken to get that result.

Success Stories: did you run a successful marketing campaign on TikTok? Did you make great sales during Christmas? Did you improve the internal structure of your company? Tell us how did you achieve it so that can be an example for others.

News about advertising and Social Media: dropshippers are always interested in the latest news about advertising and Social media. Note: for writing this kind of topic you must be fast the news mustn’t be more that one week old.

Sometimes we also publish posts outside these categories, but you will have higher chances of being published if you choose one of those you will have a better chance to have your post published.

What We Won’t Accept

There are some things we simply can’t accept:

  • Topics that we already covered in our blog before, so please search our blog section before submitting your articles.
  • Not original Contents
  • Contents that speak about our competitors
  • Articles that can result in a link-building scheme.
  • Nothing too promotional
  • Offensive or inaccurate articles
  • Anything that’s overly critical of individuals or companies.

All articles must meet the Yakkyofy team’s quality standards and Yakkyofy reserves the right to reject posts at our discretion.

Plus, remember that you are not allowed to republish your guest post to your own blog or on other places, like Medium, Articlebiz or any other platform.

The Yakkyofy team reserves the right to edit and adapt your guest blog content as we see fit, and update it when needed. Yakkyofy reserves the right to include calls-to-action to Yakkyofy’s content and can also reserve the right to remove a blog post and recycle its URL.

Guest Blogging Post Preparation Guide

Prepare a Word File with inside:

Keyword: the main keyword you choose for your article

Title of the article: must contain your keyword

Meta description: must contain your keyword

Body Text: Remember to insert in your text words in bold, paragraph, and bullets/numbered lists. Add your keyword inside the content of your article.

Add Subheadings: You need to divide your article by subheadings. Only use h2-h3 tags.

Link policy: you can and must insert in the article link related to the content, but those links will be no-follow except for well-known websites such as Wikipedia or journalistic sources. We allow your backlink inside the bio not inside your article, but you can link to interesting articles.

Images: insert the link of at least a single relevant image. Free images can be obtained from Pixabay, UnsplashPexels, etc.

Yakkyofy Links: Link to at least 2 other Yakkyofy blog posts in your piece.

Intro and conclusion: always include an intro and conclusion to your article

Try to write an article that is simple and clear and avoid complex sentence structure. Be natural and friendly and check your grammar with tools such as es Grammarly and your structure in tools such as Hemingway Editor.

Author Bio Guidelines(this is what you care the most)

At the end of your article insert your Bio. Insert your name and surname a short description of what you do, remembering that the bio must be related to the content you wrote.

If you want in this section we can link to 1 website nofollow link to your personal site or company and/or 1 Social Media link to sites like your Facebook/Twitter/Insta profile.

The anchor text for these links must be the same for your own site title or .com/.net etc. Do not link to SEO targeted keywords. e.g.

How to Submit A Yakkyofy Guest Blogging Post

Send your article by email at info@Yakkyofy.com writing in Object Guest Post + the title of your article

You can send a Word file or insert a Drive link, in latter case remember to turn the access permissions to “anyone with the link.”

  • The link to the image must be inside the Word File.
  • Insert your Bio.

If the guest post follows our guidelines, your article will be published and you will receive and email with the confirmation. Remember that you but be a little patience, because this process may take up to 2 weeks and the publish date could exceed this timeline based on the needs of our editorial calendar, but on the bright side the best article will be also translated in Italian and they will still have your link and your Bio.

After Article is Published

And after the publications? We will publish your article on our Social Media accounts so that they can be reached by more persons.

The best will be also sent to our customer via Email in our Newsletter.

What you can do? You can also share your content