Custom Packaging for easy branding

Grow customer loyalty, brand awareness, and the perceived value of your products using custom packaging. It is the easiest way to increase your margins and to create a long-lasting business.

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Build your own Brand with Yakkyofy

Building up your margins is the key factor to create a long-lasting e-Commerce business. In order to achieve that, you need to increase the perceived value of your items. 

Seems too complicated? 

Don’t worry because, in just a couple of clicks, from the Yakkyofy dashboard you can order branded packaging and even private label products!

Increase Brand Awareness with Custom Packaging

Shipping your products in glamorous packaging, branded with your own logo, will make people remember your brand and remember your LOGO.

It will also increase your Brand Awareness and authenticity, making your Brand real in the eyes of your customers.

Packaging for your made in China products

Create packaging for your Chinese products, before sending them to Amazon FBA, your warehouse or before dropshipping them to your customers.

Create Brand Loyalty and Trust with Cards

If you want to create a long-lasting business you need Customer Loyalty. An effective and easy way to reach this goal is to create loyalty plans, insert coupon cards, and welcome cards inside your branded packaging. 

If you build loyalty, customers will reward you by coming back to buy from your store, and we know that returning customers are cheaper to acquire than cold leads.

Higher perceived value for your products

Is it better to receive a nice packaging with a colorful logo or white anonymous box? You know the answer. Packaging that is pleasing to the eye is synonymous with quality for customers.

If your product is seen as a quality product, this not only will increase your Brand Loyalty but also the selling price that you can ask your customers. Higher price, higher profits.

Get branded packaging for D2C Brand with Yakkyofy

Wrap it up: Why choose Branded Packaging

Yakkyofy provides complete private labeling support, whether you want to customize a product or simply its packaging.

Branding your packaging, inserting discount cards, and fliers is a low-risk investment that helps you place your logo on every shipment. Find out how easy it is to request in this video:

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Start private label your packaging with Yakkyofy

Increase customer loyalty and Brand awarness and create your own Brand for a long lasting business success.

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