Buy products from China in stock hassle-free

With only a few clicks on our platform, you can buy products from China for wholesale importing for Amazon FBA or for dropshipping.

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Buy products from China in stock hassle-free

Purchase from China quality products for your business

With only a few clicks, you can buy products from China whenever and wherever you want. 

Choose the service that you prefer 👉

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Stock Discounts on your Dropshipping Products

With Yakkyofy you can easily buy a stock of products and get a discount on the single item price. We will keep your items in one of our warehouses free of charge ready to be shipped as soon as an order arrives.

Shorter Processing Time

If you keep products in one of our warehouses, your processing time will pass from 3 to 5 days to only one business day.

No Storage Fee

If you buy a stock of products with Yakkyofy you don't need to worry about warehouse space; we offer you free storage in our warehouse in Shenzhen.

Bundle Sales

Yakkyofy allows you to send different products, bought by the same customer in the same order, paying only for one delivery.

Real-time Inventory Updates

With Yakkyofy, you don’t need to communicate with your fulfillment center to order your products or check your inventory levels every week. You can easily follow up on your inventory from the Virtual Warehouse tab of your Yakkyofy’s account, online, wherever you are.

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Import wholesale products

Certified products from China at factory prices delivered to your doorstep.

AQL Quality Control​

Yakkyofy only supplies products manufactured by trusted suppliers and provides you with all the documents you need for customs. We also guarantee quality checks of your products in China before shipping them out.

Customs Clearance

What documents do you need to import goods from China? Which taxes do you have to pay on those products? Yakkyofy will give you a transparent price that includes all your expenses so there are no nasty surprises.

Customized shipping

Send your products by sea, by train or by air, you decide. We will provide you with a transparent quotation comprehensive of hidden costs like tax and customs fees.

Import wholesale products from china
ship directly to amazon fba

Ship direct to Amazon FBA

 Source products from China and ship them directly to Amazon FBA.

Certified Products at B2B Prices

We only source certified products at factory prices, providing you with all the necessary documents to pass through customs.

Private Label Products and Branded Packaging

With Yakkyofy you can easily buy products branded with your own logo and even customize packages or insert cards.

Amazon Compliant Packaging

We provide 100% Amazon FBA standard-compliant packaging.

Quotations made easy

No hidden cost with Yakkyofy, we give a final quotation that comprehends all expenses, products, customizations, packaging, taxes.

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The easy way to buy products in bulk from China

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