Private Label Your Dropshipping Products

Private Label Your Dropshipping Products, it’s easy!

Do you run a dropshipping business? Do you want to improve your profit and increase your margin? Private Label your Dropshipping products is the solution.

Why Choose Yakkyofy

Yakkyofy is the only software that helps you source and private label your dropshipping products. To do that you have to buy a little stock of products, that we will customize and keep in our warehouse for free ready to be shipped as soon as an order arrives on your store.

Our Services

private label product dropshipping

Private Label Product Quotations

You have only to give us an URL and upload your logo and we will source for you the products you need directly from China at factory prices and give you back a quotation.

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multi-store dashboard

Private Label Product Page

The Yakkyofy System is integrated with Shopify and Woocommerce, so if you buy a Private Label Product Stock with us, we will create for you a Product Page that you will be able to import on your store with just a click

fast shipping for dropshipping

Fast Shipping

Once you bought a stock of private label products, Yakkyofy will keep those items in our warehouse for free. This means that your processing time will be shorter, not 3-5 days but only 1 business day time.

We are the only One

Maybe you have already tried other drop shipping app and platform, but Yakkyofy is the only one that gives you the opportunities to find, buy and dropship private label products in a few clicks. What are you waiting for? Start to build your own brand today.
we are the only one
personalized packaging

Personalized Packaging

With Yakkyofy, you can private label your dropshipping products, but you can also customize your packagings. You can buy bags with your logo, the box that you prefer and also insert in your parcels personalized cards or tags. What are you waiting for? Let your customer remember you.

Check your inventory whenever you want

To private label your dropshipping products you have to buy a small amount of items all together. But don’t worry you don’t need a warehouse to keep them, because we will offer you our Warehouse for free. To manage your business, you need to know how many pieces you have in our Warehouse and to scale you need to know when you have to reorder a new stock, for this we created the Virtual Warehouse tab that will give you the opportunities to check wherever and whenever you want the levels of your inventory.
virtual warehouse

How to private label your dropshipping products with Yakkyofy?

Get started

Click on the tab Requests > Wholesale on the Yakkyofy Dashboard, to ask for a quotation.

Choose the product

Choose all the products that you want to order together. Search the items from our catalog by name, and ask a quotation for new products by URL.

Upload your logo

Complete the detail of your request and upload your logo, you will receive a quotations in a few days. Then just choose Shenzhen as final destination and pay with PayPal.

How to get Yakkyofy’s services?