Empowering eCommerce businesses through continuous innovation

Our mission is to fully support online sellers, whether they’re solopreneurs or established companies. We take care of the heavy lifting, allowing them to focus on growing their business. Our all-in-one solution optimizes e-commerce processes, from simplifying purchases and shipments from China to globally managing orders and shipments with just a few clicks, embodying our motto “YOU RUN ADS, WE POWER YOUR STORE.”

Transforming eCommerce with Artificial Intelligence

In the current e-commerce landscape, we offer broader support that extends to digital marketing. With our Artificial Intelligence tools, clients can extract crucial information from the vast ocean of internet data. These tools enable rapid analysis of the market and customer segments, identifying convergence points with a given product for the development of sales strategies. Our artificial intelligence also provides creative support in crafting marketing materials.

Now, our clients have the time and freedom to focus on creativity, style, and what makes them unique!

In an industry where timing and precision matter, we commit to consistently position our clients one step ahead of the competition.

In an industry where timing and precision matter, we commit to consistently position our clients one step ahead of the competition.


Crafting the Story of Contemporary eCommerce

We are democratizing access to the world of e-commerce because we believe that every individual can nurture a vision and become a successful entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs are not just business owners; they are dreamers and creators. Our commitment is to provide them with cutting-edge tools and solutions that simplify each person’s journey in e-commerce, overcoming challenges related to limited resources and intense competition.

We aim to equip every individual with the means to translate their vision into reality, transforming dreams into successful brands. Simultaneously, Yakkyo is dedicated to supporting larger businesses, guiding them in growth by providing everything necessary to scale, conquer new markets, launch new products, and thrive in every aspect of their business.

With Yakkyo, we want to bring completeness to the ongoing revolution that defines digital commerce and redefine the concept of the modern digital eCompreneur.


Digital Empowerment

We empower companies and aspiring digital entrepreneurs with advanced resources, tools, and eCommerce solutions. We enable individuals to translate their visions into reality, guiding them on the path to success

Inclusivity and Accessibility

We democratize eCommerce by removing access barriers, fostering an inclusive environment where one’s success advances others. We aim for anyone with an entrepreneurial vision to bring it to life, regardless of their resources or the intense competition

Continuous Innovation

We stay at the forefront of digital innovation, offering cutting-edge tools and state-of-the-art solutions. Our commitment to continuous innovation drives us to maintain a fluid vision, adapting to the economic, social, and digital fabric around us

Guidance for Growth

We accompany digital entrepreneurs and businesses in sustainable growth, providing support to launch products, scale operations, conquer new markets, and thrive in all aspects of eCommerce. We are the reliable guide for every stage of eCommerce expansion