Buy wholesale products from China in a click

Certified products at factory prices delivered at your doorsteps. Ask for a quotation online in just a few clicks.

Buy wholesale products from China in a click

Why Choose Yakkyofy?

Source quality products from China​

We source the products you need directly from China at factory prices and only from reliable supplier. Then before shipping them, we check the quality of the item for you.

Easy delivery from China ​

We take care of all the logistics so you don’t have to. Ship freight, pay duties, clear customs and deliver to the final destination.​

Amazon Compliant Packaging and Label​

We provide 100% Amazon FBA standard compliant packaging.​

Products with your own logo​

Yakkyofy can help you source and produce products customized with your own logo.

Branded Packaging

You can also decide to print your logo on your product packaging or insert a welcome card or tag before shipping them.​

Import quality products from China at factory prices

Sign up and send us a quotation request. 

You will receive a transparent quotation with a comprehensive list of hidden costs like shipping and customs fee within 7 business days.

Import wholesale products from china

Only Trusted Suppliers

Yakkyofy only sources goods produced by guaranteed and trusted suppliers and provided with all the documents needed to pass customs clearance. 

We also offer quality controls of products in China before shipping them out so there are no surprises.

reliable chinese supplier

Easy Customs Clearance

What documents do you need to import goods from China? Which taxes do you have to pay on those products? 

Yakkyofy will give you a transparent price that includes all your expenses down to delivery.

custom clearance when importing from china

How To Purchase Products in Bulk with Yakkyofy

Do you want to import wholesale products from China?

Save yourself time and money!

Yakkyofy is the  complete solution, supporting you from sourcing to delivery.

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What our customers say about us

They have an excellent customer care

Jacqueline H.

Yakkyofy has a great order management system

Alvaro M.

They are amazing in what they do!

Dimitry V.

Import wholesales products from China the easy way!

Import wholesales products from China the easy way

Buy Wholesale from China

Jacqueline H.

Attiva i sottotitoli in italiano dall’icona con l’ingranaggio

Alvaro M.

Attiva i sottotitoli in italiano dall’icona con l’ingranaggio

Dimitry V.

Attiva i sottotitoli in italiano dall’icona con l’ingranaggio

Jacqueline H.

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