e-Commerce Fulfillment and Sourcing Platform

Easily source quality products, import them to your store, automate your fulfillment process, and ship your parcels fast with Yakkyofy!

e-commerce fulfillment

Yakkyofy helped thousands of eCommerce owners to create successful businesses with:

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Why our e-Commerce Fulfillment Platform is different

Aliexpress + Tools
Chinese Agents

Real-time B2B product quotations

Thanks to our Image Recognition Technology, you can source all the products that you need directly from Chinese factories in just a couple of clicks and get real-time product quotations at B2B prices.

e-commerce fulfillment

Discover all the Yakkyofy’s Features

Yakkyofy is packed with tools and services that respond to all your needs. Check them out below!

Ar augmented reality for eCommerce products

3D files for AR

Impress your customers by showing them your items in Augmented Reality, it will increase your sales and reduce your returns. We also offer Videos, Pictures and 360° renders of your products.

dropshipping yakkyofy fast shipping

Fast Shipping

Yakkyofy, by default, ships your parcels with the fastest shipping method available for the destination country. We offer super-competitive 3-8 day delivery to the US and most of the EU as well as 9-15 day delivery to more than 30 countries around the World.

dropshipping platform B2B prices

B2B prices

We only source products from manufacturers at B2B prices. This means with prices reserved only for companies and with additional discounts if you increase the quantity of the products purchased from us!

Prodotti brandizzati con il tuo logo

Private Label Products

Increase the perceived value of your product and therefore your margin by selling products branded with your own logo. Start building your own brand with Yakkyofy today!

dropshipping yakkyofy private label

Custom Packaging

Make your product sexier and build your brand by adding your logo to your packaging. You can even include a coupon card in your parcels to increase customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

dropshipping platform automatic order fulfillment

Automatic e-Commerce fulfillment

Stop wasting your time by paying your orders manually! Activate the eWallet to start processing your orders automatically, as soon as your customers check out. No click required.

dropshipping yakkyofy bulk

Bundle sales

Don’t pay for separate deliveries when customers make multiple product purchases, let Yakkyofy bundle delivery and only pay once.

dropshipping yakkyofy wholesale

Bulk Discount

With Yakkyofy you can easily buy a stock of products and get a stock discount on the single item price. We will keep them in our warehouses free of charge and ready to be shipped in only 1 processing day.

dropshipping platform Wholesale orders

Wholesale orders

Do you want to import products in bulk in your own country? Yakkyofy can help you also with that, just send us a wholesale quote request to get a quotation inclusive of all hidden costs (shipping, custom, tax, duties) in just a few days.

dropshipping platform amazon fba

Amazon FBA orders

You can easily buy a stock of products and ship directly to an Amazon FBA location of your choosing. Just send us a wholesale quote request to get a quotation that is comprehensive of hidden costs in just a few days.

yakkyofy dropshipping virtual wirehouse

Real-time Stock Level Updates

Yakkyofy automatically updates your stock levels in real-time so you always know if product inventory is getting low and you never run out of stock. Check out the Virtual Warehouse wherever you are from the Yakkyofy dashboard.

dropshipping platform ewallet

eWallet Automatic payments

Activate the eWallet to automate the entire order fulfillment process, reducing processing times. Use a single payment solution for all your orders.

dropshipping yakkyofy tracking

Automatic tracking

Your tracking number will be uploaded on the dashboard and sent out to the customer automatically as soon as the order is fulfilled. Keep track of your package via the shipping status tab and see when packages are delivered.

dropshipping platform Customizable tracking numbers

Customizable tracking numbers

With Special Line, Yakkyofy’s default shipping method, you can choose to limit tracking to within country of destination for customers, without showing the origins of the parcels to your customers.

dropshipping platform machine2

Automated product importing

Thanks to our integrations you can import a product to your store, complete with pictures and shipping prices in just a few clicks.

dropshipping platform Multi-store Dashboard

Multi-store Dashboard

Yakkyofy’s reliable shipping service also includes tracking numbers. Your tracking number will be uploaded on the dashboard and sent out to the customer automatically as soon as the order is fulfilled. Keep track of your package via the shipping status tab and see when packages are delivered.

dropshipping platform Mark-up Automation

Mark-up Automation

It can be difficult to keep on top of the maths but with Yakkyofy you can set mathematical rules to automatically calculate the prices displayed on your store and set your margins.

dropshipping platform quality check2

Quality check on products

Our routine QA ensures that all physical characteristics, models, colors, and sizes match your expectations. We can also offer a professional QC with a PDF report if needed.

What our customers say about us

They have an excellent customer care

Jacqueline H.

Yakkyofy has a great order management system

Alvaro M.

They are amazing in what they do!

Dimitry V.

A single partner for all your needs

Yakkyofy is the one partner you need to provide you with all the sourcing and logistics for your business.

It helps you manage all your stores, all your orders, quotations, and shipping from a single account with a single partner.

yakkyofy A single partner for all your needs