Yakkyofy's Features
We can help you automate all your dropshipping business daily tasks. And here you can see how.
Dropshipping features 2
dropshipping software

Scrape your products with one click

Using our Chrome Extension, you can scrape products from Alibaba, Aliexpress, Wish, Gearbest, Banggood and ask a quotation, you will get prices from 15% to 50% lower than on the Chinese eCommerce within 72h.

Fast Shipping with Special Line

We use the fastest shipping service available on the market to deliver your packages: Special Line.
With Special Line, we can deliver an item to the US and most of the EU countries within 5 to 10 business days.
dropshipping software

Upload products in a few seconds

Choose your products on our catalog and click on the purple button to upload them to your store.

Private Label Products

With Yakkyofy you can easily dropship Products with Private Label and also with personalized packages or customized cards.

Customizable product descriptions

You can change the descriptions and the titles of your products to best respond to your customers’ desires.

Multi-Stores Dashboard

You can connect all your Shopify and Woocommerce stores with only one Yakkyofy Account and manage all your orders from only one place with only one supplier: Yakkyofy.

Set price rules

You can set mathematical rules to calculate automatically the prices to display on your store and set your margin.

Send orders in one click

With Yakkyofy you don’t need to fulfill for your orders one by one, but you can easily select and pay them all, with just one click.

Automatic orders

With your eWallet, you can completely automate your order fulfillment system and send all your orders to us as soon as they arrive on your store with a no click required process.

Shipment Tracking

Inside your Yakkyofy Dashboard you can find all your orders tracking numbers for easily managing and following all your deliveries step by step.

Bundle Sales

Yakkyofy allows you to send different products, bought by the same customer in the same order, paying only for one delivery.


If you wish, with Yakkyofy you can open a pre-paid wallet that allows you to automate all your order fulfillment process, save order processing time and pay in one solution a product stock.

Virtual Warehouse

Do you want to be sure to always deliver your products in time and short your processing time? With Yakkyofy you can buy products in stock and keep them in your Virtual Warehouse, ready to be shipped whenever you prefer. Yakkyofy saves, also, the returned products for you and stores them in your account ready to be sold again.

Internal quality assurance

We guarantee the physical attributes, models, color and size of the products that you order matches your expectation.