dropshipping software

Scrape your products with one click

Using our Chrome Extension, you can scrape products from Alibaba, Aliexpress, Wish, Gearbest, Banggood and ask a quotation, you will get prices from 15% to 50% lower on Chinese eCommerce within 72h.

Preferred shipping method

We assure the shipping method you prefer and paid. We can guarantee delivery in 10 days for Europe and North America.
dropshipping software

Upload products in a few seconds

Choose your products on our catalog and click on the purple button to upload them to your store.

Private Label Products

With Yakkyofy you can create Private Label products, ready to be dropshipped to your customers.

Customizable product descriptions

You can change the descriptions and the titles of your products to best respond to your customers’ desires.

Price and Availability Auto-Updates

The product’s price and availability will be updated automatically

Set price rules

You can set mathematical rules to calculate automatically the prices to display on your store and set your margin.

Send orders in one click

You only have to click a button to send your client’s order to Yakkyo

Send automatic orders

If you wish you can send out your orders automatically once a day.

Shipment Tracking

On Yakkyofy dashboard you can find tracking numbers for all of your orders in transit.

Bundle Sales

Yakkyofy allows you to deliver more products to the same customer with only one shipment.

Pre-paid wallet

Pre-paid wallet allows you to simplify the transaction of payments and automatically pay for your orders.

Virtual Warehouse

Do you want to be sure to always deliver your products on time? With Yakkyofy you can buy products and keep them in your Virtual Warehouse, ready to be shipped whenever sold. Yakkyofy restocks, also, the returned products in your virtual warehouse to be resold.

Internal quality assurance

We guarantee the physical attributes, models, color and size of the products that you order matches your expectation.