Product Evaluation: easy QC of your made in China products

Make sure you always sell high-quality items,  run your business with peace of mind and make your customers happy with Yakkyofy’s Product Evaluation.

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Do you buy products from Chinese suppliers?

Buy a sample with Yakkyofy and we will arrange a Professional Quality Control check for you directly in China with:

How does our Product Evaluation work?

After your sample is delivered to our warehouse in Shenzhen, one of our inspectors will check the quality of your item and send you a professional report in 1-2 business days. 

In your PDF report, you will have real images of your product and an evaluation of its features and materials.

Once the evaluation is complete, you can decide to keep the product in our warehouse in Shenzhen and use it to fulfill one of your orders, or you can decide to ship it to your home address.

Real Professional Media Assets

Together with the purchase of the product evaluation, Yakkyofy also offers you another service! The option of having Professional Media Assets of your Product Sample, therefore:

Below you can see an example of media assets:



* Please note that Yakkyofy could have issues in:

  • shooting pictures, videos, and 360° renders for some kinds of clothing
  • creating AR 3D files for products that are transparent, reflecting, or with a shiny surface.

How to request a Product Evaluation with Yakkyofy

Follow this simple step-by-step to request a professional evaluation of your product sample in just a few clicks. You will pay only for the sample that you are going to purchase and you can even re-use it to fulfill a future order.

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Professional QC of your products made in China

Make sure you always buy items worthy of your business and make your customers happy. It only takes a couple of days and a few clicks on our dashboard

How to request a Product Evaluation with Yakkyofy

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