Yakkyofy Affiliate Program Terms of Service

By registering to join Yakkyofy’s Affiliate Program you confirm you have read and accepted the following terms and conditions and have read and accepted our privacy policy at https://yakkyofy.com/privacy-cookie-policy.

Affiliate Contract Definitions.

  1. Yakkyofy refers to Yakkyo Srl, Italy and its applicable subsidiaries, which is the designated operator of this affiliate program, whose terms and conditions are set out herein.
  2. Yakkyofy Affiliate Program (“Affiliate Program”) refers to the affiliate program operated by Yakkyo Srl.
  3. Affiliate (“Affiliate”) refers to an individual or organization who has registered for the Yakkyofy Affiliate Program
  4. Referral Customers or (“Referral”) is a User that has registered on Yakkyofy.com through an affiliate link.
  5. Revenue Share (“Revenue Share”) is a percentage of revenue from product orders, generated by an Affiliates Referral Referral Customers that is payable to the Affiliate once orders are fulfilled
  6. a Purchase (“Purchase”) is the payment and fulfillment of a product or products ordered by the Customer and excludes shipping, packaging, subscriptions and other costs.

Governing Law

This agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Italy

Modification of the agreement

YAKKYO Srl reserves the right to unilaterally modify the conditions of this agreement by publishing it to the website www.yakkyofy.com. These modifications are deemed accepted, as the customer has the responsibility to verify the final version of the text.


No indemnification will be awarded under any circumstance.


YAKKYO Srl will not disclose, divulge, reveal or report any confidential information unless authorized by the customer in writing.

1. Affiliate & Purchase Requirements

Under this Agreement, an Affiliate will be paid a commission (an agreed percentage) on all the products purchased by his Referral Customers. To be considered valid each Referral Customer and each Purchase must meet the following conditions.

1.1 Conditions for Referral Customers:

1.1a Each Referral Customer must be must register through the YAKKYO Srl affiliate link provided to the Affiliate and in our sole judgment, definitely establishes that the Customer was referred directly from the Affiliate to YAKKYO Srl under this Agreement

1.1b Each Referral Customer must register with a valid email address and complete the registration by confirming the email and registration.

1.1c Each Referral Customer must remain in compliance with our Terms of Service Agreement and other policies that are active at the time the Revenue Share is processed.

1.2 Condition for Purchases

1.2a An Affiliate will earn revenue on all purchases made by their Referral Customers for products bought both for dropshipping purposes and wholesale purposes.

1.2b An affiliate will earn revenue share only for orders that have not been subject to any refunds, credits, cancellations, suspensions or chargebacks.

1.2c The Revenue Share is calculated only on the Purchase of Products, not shipping services, packaging, custom fees, VAT, Quality Check services or other services offered by Yakkyo Srl.

1.2d A Purchase is considered valid only if the order has been successfully paid in full and billed. 

1.2e Purchases made using money given to a Referral Customer as a Bonus or as part of any Promotion by Yakkyofy will be excluded from the Revenue Share.

2.Affiliate Earnings & Payment Terms

2.1 The Affiliate will earn a revenue share of 3% of the monthly dollar amount on Purchases made by all his Referral Customers during the month Revenue Share has been calculated.

2.2 Revenue Share will always be paid in USD (United States Dollars) unless otherwise agreed by both parties.

2.3 Revenue Share is calculated only on the product price charged to the Referall Customer for a Purchase by YAKKYO srl, and excludes all add-on services, shipping, monthly subscription fees, custom packaging, or any other revenue/fees.

2.4 All Revenue Share will be automatically credited to the Affiliates Yakkyofy eWallet on the 1st of each month.

2.5 The Affiliate can ask to transfer their Revenue Share once a month to a Paypal account and only if the minimum withdrawal amount of $50 USD has been reached. This can be requested by contacting our Customer Support at info@yakkyofy.com

2.6 If the minimum withdrawal amount of $50 USD has not been earned by the Affiliate in a 12 month period, the amount earned will become void and no longer payable.

2.7 An Affiliate will earn Revenue Share from a Referral Customer for a time period of 24 months starting from the Referral Customers registration date. Unless otherwise agreed by both parties. After this time, no more revenue will be paid to the Affiliate.

2.8 Revenue Share will be paid to the Affiliate after 2 months from the payment of the order, for example, Revenue Share for all orders paid by the Referral Customer in January, will be paid to the Affiliate in April. (See below table)

2.9 All the revenue share for a single month will be accumulated and credited all together on the Affiliate eWallet when it’s due to be credited.


Earnings for Month:To Be Paid In


2.10 YAKKYO Srl, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to withhold indefinitely or suspend any Revenue Share, and/or to reverse, deny or reject any Revenue Share, for any Purchase.

2.11 Revenue Share may be corrected by YAKKYO Srl staff in order to portray the correct amount owed.

2.12 All Revenue Share is processed on the basis of the Revenue Share structure set forth. The Revenue Share is strictly based on monthly revenue and by no other term length (quarterly, semi-annually, annually, etc.)

3.Bonus Reward Terms

3.1 Each new Referral Customer registering through an Affiliate link will receive 60 image search instead of 30 for the first month after his registration

3.2 The bonus will be not available to customers that register using the normal signup link, but it will be offered only to customers registered using a referral link or that participate in other promotions where this bonus is offered.

4.Affiliate Marketing & Communication Terms

4.1 All communication between YAKKYO Srl and an Affiliate will be done using the email address provided when registering for a Yakkyofy Account, it is the Affiliate’s responsibility to provide a valid email address to YAKKYO Srl and read all communication.

4.2 All Marketing Material used by the Affiliate must only contain true and relevant information, ensuring all marketing material is kept up to date.

4.3 It is forbidden to trick or mislead Referral Customers to join YAKKYO Srl in order to earn Revenue Share.

4.4 the Affiliate holds full responsibility for all advertising and marketing activities they use to gain Referral Customers.

4.5 Affiliates are forbidden from “spamming” their link across various communities, forums, social media networks, link farms, comment boxes and other invasive ways that risk damaging YAKKYO Srl in any way, such as reputation or brand image.

4.6 YAKKYO Srl has no responsibility for the actions of Affiliates.

4.7 In its sole discretion and for any reason YAKKYO Srl holds the right to permanently remove an Affiliate from the Affiliate Program and void all outstanding Revenue Share payments, at any time and without warning or reason, if it believes the Affiliate has not adhered to the terms of this agreement.