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Real-time Average Shipping Times by Aftership.

Here you can check in real-time the shipping times calculated by Aftership on all shipments sent out by Yakkyofy.

Summary of our Shipments Performance for the last 30 days, updated weekly.

Delivery time

1 - 3 Days
4 - 7 Days
8 - 11 Days
12 - 15 Days
16 + Days

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Due to the wildfires on the west coast of the United States and Hurricane Sally in the south, some deliveries could be delayed.

🔥West Coast Wildfires: Due to wildfires and strong winds, many post offices in California, Washington and Oregon have been temporarily closed;

🌊Hurricane Sally approaches the coast of Mexico: Hurricane Sally will hit Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi and this will interrupt the postal services.

You can see all the areas affected in this link:

These delays are caused by natural factors and therefore it is currently impossible to predict the shipping delays.

We will continue to follow the situation and we will update you should there be any changes.

The shipping situation continues to improve.

These are today’s estimations and they are calculated on the average shipping time of last week shipping, but they can continue to change every moment so our company will try to update you as soon as something happens.

We know that is is a big issue for you, unfortunately, in this moment of crisis, nobody can forecast what will happen tomorrow, therefore we are unable to provide the usual service.

We are doing our best to keep working and helping you to run your business even during these difficult times, so keep following us.

We will pay close attention to the local developments and update you on time.

Premium Special Line 

UK 3- 6 business days
US 3-8 business days
Italy 3-8 business days
Germany 3-8 business days
France 3-8 business days
Spain 7-10 business days

Special Line 

US 5 -12 business days
UK 5 -12 business days
France 6 -12 business days
Germany 6-12 business days
Italy 8-12 business days
NL 5 -12 business days
Australia 7-12 business days
Canada 8-12 business days
Spain 9-12 business days

Shipping Alert

Find here all the latest updates about Covid-19, natural or political problems that can delay your shipments, and notify your customer in time to avoid complaints.

Don’t worry we will also publish them on our Facebook Community, so Join our Facebook Group Here to always be up to date.

Yakkyofy Shipping Methods and Timing

Yakkyofy by default, ships your parcels with the fastest shipping method available for the destination country. We can offer delivery in 3-8 days to the US and most of the EU countries, and within 12 days for more than 30 countries around the World. We also have shipping services that allow us to ship to over 100 countries.
Our main shipping methods are:

Try Special Line, the fastest shipping method available

With Yakkyofy you can deliver your packages with Special Line the fastest shipping method available for dropshipping store owner.

Why you should choose Special Line?

Faster than ePacket

ePacket shipping time is around 15 and 20 business days, while Special Line can deliver your packages within 3-12 days time. Reduce your shipping time and make your customer happy with Special Line!


Available in 30 countries

Special line is not available everywhere, but you can be sure to fast deliver your packages in all the North American countries, most the EU countries, Japan, Australia and many more. Reduce your shipping time and with it your customer complaint rate!


More stable than postal service

The impossible is now possible for your business. Make the most of the world’s first (and only) visual campaign builder with built-in performance reporting on customized goals.

Special Line VS ePacket

Learn why Special Line is the best shipping method available and why it is different from ePacket.

Sensitive item and shipping methods

There are some products that can’t be shipped by common shipping methods because they are considered by airline companies, dangerous items. Among them, you can find batteries, liquids, chemical compounds, inflammable products.
Yakkyofy has solutions for these items.
Our Sensitive Products and Batteries line can ship these products
Watch this video to learn more about what products dropship.

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