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How does the Yakkyofy Affiliate Program work?

Register on Yakkyofy and accept the term of the service in the Affiliate Tab.

Copy your referral link and start sharing it everywhere you want.

Each person that registers from your link will be recorded as one of your referral customers for 24 months and you will get a 3% monthly commission on all the products purchased by them. 

In addition, if your friend purchases one of our plans, you will receive a commission of 20% of the value of the plan, for each renewal they make on their subscription

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Only by registering from your link, your friends will receive a special bonus: a 15-day free trial on the Yakkyofy Premium Plan

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Discover Yakkyofy, the only partner providing you with end-to-end support for all your dropshipping business needs in just a few clicks. 

From free sourcing to automatic fulfillment, from Quality Check to fast shipping, from product branding to packaging branding we are here to help you scale your business.

Who can Join​


Invite your friends and get rewards.


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Monetize your website using our affiliate link in an article or software review for rewards.

Digital Marketing Experts

Do you provide training for the eCommerce sector? Get more money from your courses by promoting our services.


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It’s easy and free to join the Affiliate Program. Just visit the Affiliate Tab inside your dashboard and click the start button.


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Share your referral link wherever you want. Anyone that signup to Yakkyofy from that link will become part of your network and will get 15 day free trial on the Yakkyofy Premium Plan.


Why Choose Yakkyofy

Registering on our website is easy and with the free trial, it shouldn’t be hard to convince your dropshipper friends and followers to give us a try.

Join our Affiliate Program!

Making a recurring monthly income is easy with Yakkyofy’s Affiliate Program.

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