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How does the Yakkyofy Affiliate Program work?

Register on Yakkyofy and accept the term of the service in the Affiliate Tab.
Copy your referral link and start sharing it everywhere you want.
Each person that registers from your link will become one of your referral customers and as soon as one of them reaches $200 dollars purchases on Yakkyofy, you will get $50 rewards.

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Who can join affiliate program

Who can join:

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Invite your friends and get rewards

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Earn more from your Youtube Channel by presenting our software to your followers.

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You can insert our affiliate link in your article and software review and monetize your website.

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Digital Marketing Experts

Have you ever provide training for the eCommerce specialist? Get more money from your courses by promoting our services.

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Do you have a big Facebook group about dropshipping, are you famous in this sector for other reasons? Invite your followers to test our software and get paid for it.

How to get your rewards

Our system will automatically upload your rewards as a credit on your eWallet, a month after your referral customer’s orders have been fulfilled.

Why a month later?

Because we have to be sure that those orders are valid and have not been canceled.

Once you have this credit on your eWallet, you can use to buy Yakkyofy’s services or, once a month, you can ask to cash it.

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Become an affiliate

It's easy and free to Join. Just visit the Affiliate Tab inside your Yakkyofy Account and click the start button.

Share your link anywhere

Share your referral link wherever you want. All the people that get registered on Yakkyofy from that link will be part of your network.

Why Choose Yakkyofy

Register on our website is easy and free. So will not be really difficult for you to convince your friends and follower to try our service. Then you just need to wait and get your rewards.

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