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How to write a product description for your Dropshipping items

Are you an entrepreneur struggling to sell your products online? Have you tried a bunch of tactics but felt yourself in vain?

 I am here to take off out of despair and motivate you to try at least one more time. In reality, there exists a complete step-by-step guide to writing unique product descriptions. 

Selling your product online is a daunting task, especially when you are unaware of your content marketing environs; nevertheless, a well-structured long-term strategy can sell your products like crazy.

 As an old-school proverb goes, “ Too many cooks spoil the broth.” Yet, when it comes to eCommerce, there is a significant clamor around this topic.

Different people may have suggested different techniques. For example, some may have told you to focus on the buyer’s persona. 

Some may have asked you to do better SEO, and others may have suggested you use online rewriting tools like writing flawless and unique product descriptions. 

As a matter of fact, all of these techniques are quintessential for your e-commerce store, yet a single one cannot generate sales. 

First of all, we need to know what a product description is and what it means to you? Then we will move to the main topic: how to write a product description. 

Defining a product description

 A product description is the first-hand introduction of your product to the potential buyer. It is more like a marketing copy that lures a surfer to end up buying your product.

How it is important:

Every product needs a description because, without a description, the person who has, fortunately, landed on your page won’t have even a clue to move further. 

People shopping online cannot meet you in person to know what you are selling. Your online presence is in the form of your item description, so learning how to write a product description is very important. 

Moreover, people are often doubtful of online shopping; maybe they think it is a scam or a fraud. Therefore, you need a product description to build trust. 

People shopping online want to know if it is the right product they want. For example, you have a shoe store, and now your buyers would like to know its designs, colors, and sizes to match their needs. 

Without a product description, you would fail to grab a customer indeed.

With this in mind, I have enlisted some tips to write an enticing and unique product description for your online store. 

how to write product description: valuable tips for better descriptions

Focus on buyer’s persona

Remember! You are not going to sell your products to unanimated things or machines. Your buyers are real humans whose minds are complex and intricate.

A buyer’s persona is a fictional caricature of your audience that contains all the characteristics of your customer, albeit without life.

There are several ways to track down potential customers and assess their habits to develop a buyer’s persona. 

With the intermingling of data and human behavior, some exciting techniques have surfaced in the past two decades.

This might sound spooky, but stores have developed detailed analytics tools that monitor their customers’ behavior, their names, their house addresses, and even their interests. After grabbing such data, they can predict the customer’s moves.

As an example, Charles Dhuigg explains in his book, “The Power of Habit,” how Target developed customer persona, not to mention they even sent baby-related promotions to a girl before her family even knew she was pregnant. 

With that said, a lousy buyer’s persona can be like a round peg in a square hole.

Your buyers’ persona should have these essential elements to show a bigger picture of your customer when viewed.

  1. Demography/Location.
  2. Interests/Triggers.
  3. Problems.
  4. Search Medium.
  5. Aims.

Interestingly, you can get all of these with online analytics tools that you will find on google search easily.

Tell a story

Your product description should not be a combination of boring words. When thinking of how to write product descriptions, people do not like dead scrambled words; in fact, their screen retention time is much lower.

 According to a study, the average screen attention time has drastically fallen to 8 seconds approx. 

Due to this fact, you have to create a story that resonates with the customers. Your story should help them do their catharsis, and they should be able to relate to it. Your customers should feel that you are exclusively addressing their problems.

No matter what type of content marketing you are doing, you need a story. Therefore, general story-making for content marketing includes these three parts.

  • Characters.
  • Conflict.
  • Resolution.

First, you should introduce a character, and it can be in three persons, i.e., 1st person, 2nd person, or 3rd person. 

The First-person is “I.” You are talking about yourself as you introduce a character. This story can go on with your self-journey and ends at a resolution. 

Similarly, a second person is often introduced in story-telling as it is more impactful. Reasonably, the readers get direct attention and feel connected throughout the story. 

Likewise, you can use a third person, especially if you want to provide some case studies.

In the picture below, HubSpot explains a clear definition of a sales story.

In this way, the story goes on, and the character resolves a conflict in their life. And ultimately, the story ends up with a call to action.

Connect with your buyers emotionally

We have always been taught Aristotle’s quote that “Man is a rational being,” however, in reality, that’s not the case.

 Instead, our emotions have overwhelmingly triggered us to the extent that scientists have recently found the need to add emotional intelligence as a part of our overall intellect. 

FMCGs come up with different marketing strategies now and then to increase their sales and market their products. I have an example to show the power of emotions. 

Edward Bernays, a marketing expert of the early 20th century, sold cigarettes to women when women smoking cigarettes was considered taboo.

He manipulated women’s feelings by asking them to smoke cigarettes as a sign of freedom for them. From there appeared a term called “Torches of Freedom.”

That’s how you can trigger your customers’ pain points, which in turn entice them to buy your products.

You can also use Simon Sinek’s “Golden Circle.” In his famous ted-talk, he presented his concept of asking the right questions. You can utilize his marketing model of questioning Why?

Your product description should answer the question of why you are selling this? It would be best if you focused on the purpose of your sale. 

Simon believes that only a few organizations know the answer to why they are selling this product. 

The answer to why could be your core reason for selling your products, and it entails the value behind your e-commerce store. 

Focus on the why question as it helps your readers to understand your product’s value. This part also helps you in branding. Your brand identity has all the core values behind your work.

Learn E-commerce stores’ algorithms

Imagine you have opened a shop on a remote island. You sell the most valuable items at a reasonable price. Now, do you still believe that your products will sell like hotcakes? If yes, then you are chasing a mirage.

 You have to wake up from this dream and focus on the mundane reality.

Similarly, you have to be aware of product marketing environs. How does it work, and how can you sustain yourself as an authority?

There are a plethora of e-commerce retailing stores, but Amazon is the leading one in this industry.

To make yourself a successful retailer, you have to understand the algorithms of Amazon. 

Amazon has developed its state-of-the-art A9 algorithms that work similar to Google algorithms but differ in sales conversions. 

Arguably, Amazon has invested in this kind of business where its revenue depends upon more sales and more customers.

A9 focuses on these factors, and you should align how to write product descriptions with them.

Do better SEO of your product listing

Increase sales conversions.

Just like Google, Amazon owns a search engine. Customers come on Amazon intending to buy something, and that something is what they type on the Amazon search bar.

In other words, the products they are searching for are actually keywords. In this way, Amazon keeps track of those keywords by Artificial Intelligence. The reason behind this discussion is that you have to find the right keywords to rank your product on Amazon SERPs. 

There are two main ways of researching the right keywords for your product description. First, you can do the trivial method. 

It is more like common sense, i-e, you already know that your product description should contain your product’s name. 

For example, if you sell clothes, you know that people will also search for clothes on Amazon. Additionally, you may add words like “best,” “seasonal,” etc. Alternatively, you may use online keyword research tools. There are so many on the internet; you can easily google them.

You can increase your search visibility by incorporating the right keywords, albeit not the complete technique.

Sales rate

Sales conversions are also an essential factor. Amazon figures out your store’s profile by checking your sales. If your store has an appreciable no. of sales, you have greater chances to get hooked by customers. 

Make your product’s description concise and appealing:

Simple writing is an art, and writing a product description demands more skills.

 As already discussed, you have to write a story to engage your audience, but that does not mean a long story that you have listened to from your grandma.

 Keep your listing concise and use sentence connectors to combine your sentences not to seem mechanical. Your listing should be in a natural flow, free from frivolous jargon and extensive details.

Most people find it hard, to sum up a vivid, unique, and appealing description. For them, we recommend this article rewriter is available on the internet that can do their task automatically.

Use attractive visuals

A picture is worth a thousand words, but only if it conveys the details of your product. Customers coming to your online store take a leap of faith in your product because they don’t really know the feel and touch of your product.

 A lousy picture can be an easy turn-off. Therefore, You have to take much care while adding images to your listing. Moreover, there is a lot of psychology going around with colors. 

Colors trigger our minds in different ways. Moreover, colors invoke brands, whether its shell’s yellow color or coca cola’s red.

Therefore, you should choose the best color combination in your product description. For this purpose, you can hire a photographer who takes high-quality pictures and edit them with the most suitable colors for this purpose.

Wrapping it up

Like this, every guide to writing a product description only furnishes facts and techniques before you. However, the main thing is your product marketing strategy and your persistence. Plan out a marketing framework and stick to it.

One of the best marketing strategies that I have already proposed is inbound marketing. Inbound Marketing is more like a freewheel that once starts, never stops until you stop feeding the best quality products.

 In inbound marketing, your customers are your ambassadors that attract others. In short, keep your description brief and incorporate the right keywords if possible in bullets. 

Next, optimize your content with SEO, and create an exciting story. Lastly, write in an emotional tone and focus on why questions. 

It is your time to apply these tips to your ongoing store or a new one, but you should first set up reasonable goals before moving towards these techniques. It is your time to get started.

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