7 Tips to Create a Perfect Dropshipping Product Page That Sell

7 Tips to Create a Perfect Dropshipping Product Page That Sell

It has been over 2 decades since the first online purchase was made in 1994. Since then, online shopping has grown into a multitrillion-dollar industry. Statistics have shown that e-Commerce sales are forecasted to reach $6.5 trillion by 2023 and possibly reach $8 trillion by 2025. If you follow the news, you will have noticed that an increasing number of brick and mortar stores are shuttering. As these stores close, they often attempt to create an online presence.

According to statistics, 26.25% of the world’s population participate in online shopping. As the number of online shoppers continues to grow, eCommerce brands have the potential to be exposed to larger amounts of potential clients. In order to remain competitive in the ever-increasingly digital world, it is important that businesses invest in improvements to their online drop shipping stores. 

There are several ways to do so and one of the most important is for sure to create a perfect product page for your drop shipping store because is the place where you need to convince your customers to buy your products. So let’s review seven ways to help you in creating your eCommerce page.

How to Build a Perfect Dropshipping Product Page

1 Tip: Focus on Amazing Product Images

A Stanford University survey of 2500 participants indicated that 46.1% of viewers found that a website’s design helped in the determination of a company’s credibility. This is nearly half of those asked who make a decision on whether a company is reliable or not based on how their website looks. 

Presentation matters to buyers. A lot. According to the Baymard Institute, page layout, design and features are central to a buyer’s experience with a brand. A user study by the Baymard Institute showed that during test views of websites, users would frequently abandon those websites that had issues with those key features. 

For those reasons, when creating your drop shipping product page, be sure to include clear, colorful and original product pictures. Be sure to highlight the aspects of your product that make it special and differentiate it from competitor products. 

It is important to upload beautiful product pictures but they must be in the right format. If the pictures are too large, issues may arise with connectivity and page loading. Slow loading features can be a major deterrent to buyers visiting a web page. 

But how can you create a unique and special picture, when dropshipping? You should buy a sample of your item and shipped to your address. If you use Yakkyofy, get a sample is pretty, you just need to place a manual order follow this video tutorial. 

2 Tip: Place a Spotlight on Positive Product Reviews

Feedback is a major source of new clients. Product reviews are often the first thing clients research when looking into a new product. It has been shown that product reviews are viewed 12 times more than even the product descriptions.  Positive reviews help buyers to decide which products to trust. 

But if you just start selling that product how can you get fast some reviews, well there are a couple of Shopify app that can help you with that.

3 Tip: Create Interesting and Unique Product Descriptions

Although reviews of products are important in determining the final choice to buy or not, that does not mean to take away from the importance a product description creates for generating sales. 

This is where most newbie dropshippers go wrong, they simply copy and paste the same generic descriptions as their rivals and think that their content will magically outrank their competitors for SEO Rankings. 

What will happen? Google will simply penalize you for duplicate content because you broke one of the basic principles of SEO. If you want to rank high you need unique content, appropriate keywords and backlinks.

Product descriptions help illustrate a product’s parts and purpose. A unique, professionally written description can help capture the attention of buyers and put them in a buy now mindset. 

When written, the description should take an informative tone rather than be salesy. It is important to educate buyers rather than pressure them to buy your product. You can try to write your content by yourself or refer to a Professional eCommerce Product Description Service to create unique, engaging product descriptions for you. 

4 Tip: Include Product Demo & Testimonial Videos

People are highly visual. Descriptions and reviews that are written greatly impact sales. Video testimonials and demos further increase trust in products. Video content creates a 3D dynamic portrait of a product. Videos also increase Google Rankings with search results. An addition of a video on your product page makes it 53 times likelier that you will obtain afront page placement on Google as many Professional Digital Marketing Agencies advise every day. 

5 Tip: Related Product Suggestions

Product pages that highlight related products help with consumer engagement. Businesses’ growth is dependent on sales and inserts on your page offers with Up-selling or Cross-selling technique give you the opportunity to increase sales and also to help increase customer loyalty. Customers are often high satisfied if they can get more of the products, they need in one location with a single order and many with a little discount.

6 Create Urgency

The fear to lose the opportunity to buy a product that we like can drive customers to conclude their purchase faster. For this reason, you can insert in your page countdown for a special offer, the number of products left or show how many people are looking at your product page at that moment. It is one of the techniques that made booking.com famous, why shouldn’t work also for you?

7 Tip: Buy a Sample of your product

When dropshipping, you sell products that you don’t own physically, for this reason, it is really important especially when you find a best seller to buy a sample.

Buying a sample will help you in many different ways. First of all, as already mentioned above, you can use it to make original videos or pictures to insert in your product page and ads.

Secondly, you can test your product and in this way check its quality but also check all its features to create a better product description, more interesting for your clients.

Third, if the product doesn’t satisfy your expectations you are in time to find a new supplier that can offer better quality for the same item.

A Perfect Dropshipping Product Page sells only if you have a reliable supplier

To sell and scale your niche, you need to create a beautiful and optimized product page, but in dropshipping this is not enough because you don’t own the products that you sell, so you can’t touch them with your own hands.

You need to find a reliable partner, like Yakkyofy, that can send you samples of your products, can ship your orders all over the world and deliver your products fast to your final customers even packed in customized bags or boxes. 

Moreover, Yakkyofy can also test the quality and integrity of your items before shipping them, and find new suppliers or factories if the quality of the product sample you receive is not good enough for you.

So stop looking for dropshipping suppliers and


Author Bio: Joe Ephgrave is the Director of Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency WHR Marketing. He is renowned for his Digital Marketing Skills including his SEO Strategy consisting of On-Page SEO (high-quality content, structure for SEO), and Off-Page SEO (effective link building and content promotion through social media).

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