3 Influencers reveal the Best Shopify Apps to boost your Dropshipping Store

3 Influencers reveal the Best Shopify Apps to boost your Dropshipping Store

E-Commerce has experienced an amazing economic growth in last years and in the next future we will see a greater penetration of this business model in consumers’ everyday life.

Stats reveal that e-Commerce retail sales reached 2842 billion dollars in 2018, and that around 22% of those sales are made with a supply chain system called Dropshipping where the merchant, called dropshipper, sells online without keeping goods in stock but passing his customer’s orders and shipment details to a supplier, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.

The dropshipping business has a very low startup cost, this is why it is becoming a really popular way to make easy money online. Most of the best dropshippers are marketing experts because, in this field, finding the right way to sell and promote your products online is the greatest strength. They are not developers and for this reason the most used eCommerce platform for dropshipping is Shopify, a ready to go software that allows you, with the help of few apps, to built an e-store in one day, without any knowledge of coding. Therefore, since Shopify is the dropshippers’ most used CSM, the apps offered in Shopify Store are thousands, we have asked 3 of the top influencers to talk about their favourite Shopify apps to help you make the right choice for your online store.

Adam Thomas suggests the Best Shopify apps to make your Customer Experience Fabulous

Dropshipper Influencer Adam Thomas
Adam Thomas – The Realistic Entrepreneur

Making your customers feel special and creating a fabulous customer experience is the key to a good business. Today consumers expect to be understood by a brand and they are looking for companies that know their needs. Indeed customers are more informed now than ever. They make their purchase decision well before visiting an online store and they value greatly their friends’ and other customers’ opinions. For this reason, customer reviews, influencers and words of mouth are becoming  very  relevant to create a successful business.

To help you with this critical topic, we have asked Adam Thomas to share with us some tips and to suggest the best Shopify apps to use to improve customer experience.

With over 2 million views on his Youtube channel, The Realistic Entrepreneur , Adam Thomas is one of the biggest dropshipping influencers. He has helped over 50,000 people to grow their dropshipping businesses thanks to his useful, straight to the point tutorials.

To provide Customer Reviews in a few clicks, Adam suggests a great tool: Loox. (any merchant that installs through this link will automatically receive an extended 30-day free trial, instead of the usual 14 ).
With Loox you can import reviews directly from AliExpress and collect reviews with photos very easily. It helps you to showcase product reviews from happy customers in beautiful galleries of photo reviews and to build social proof and strong trust.

Create a Connection with your Customers, and They Will Come Back to You

As we have said, consumers are getting smarter and you need to respond with bigger marketing initiatives: listen to them and identify the opportunities. Don’t think to sell just one single product,  create a connection with your customers and never underestimate the power of upselling and cross selling, because they will generate most of your profits.

Learn by McDonald

How make you customer come back? To this question Adam replies: “it’s important to incentivise customers as much as possible to make repeat purchases on your store. At McDonalds when you’d buy 6 coffees you can get the 7th free. That’s essentially what you can do with your dropshipping store”. So we all should learn by McDonald and build a loyalty program that makes customer feel more appreciated and specials.

Anton Kraly: “This is the easiest way to increase your revenue!”

Dropshipper Influencer Anton Kraly
Anton Kraly – Drop Ship Lifestyle

“When e-mail marketing is done right, it can easily add 30-40% to your top line revenue” said Anton Kraly. Anton created his online eCommerce coaching program Drop Ship Lifestyle in 2013. It has voted “Best e-Commerce Course” by Shopify and it has helped more than 10,000 students in 35 countries to acquire the knowledge and tools necessary to create freedom through entrepreneurship by leveraging the power of dropshipping.

E-mail marketing is a brilliant and powerful way to reach your targeted customers and to increase your customer engagement. But, which is the best Shopify Apps for e-marketing campaigns? For Anton is Klaviyo. “Klaviyo gives you a way to recapture lost sales, upsell and cross-sell existing leads, and puts the results and analytics you need the most right in front of you. It includes pre-built email campaigns that make your email marketing efforts much easier, like email campaigns for abandoned carts, a welcome series, and order follow-ups”. So try Klaviyo! One of the best Shopify apps to help you to boost your dropshipping store with its super useful features.

Harry Coleman: Pay should always be easy

Dropshipping Influencer Harry Coleman
Harry Coleman – The Beast Of Ecom

Making as easy as possible for your customers to pay on your website is essential for increasing your conversions and sales rate. The checkout process is critical because if it is too long or complicated it can stop people from shopping on your eStore. It is really easy to put a PayPal button on your website and call it a day, but it not enough to make your customer experience easy. Good tips to follow for applying this theory are:

  1. Implement more than one payment method: give to your client the opportunities to choose the payment method that they prefer, in this way they will feel more comfortable.
  2. Allow payment without an account: not everybody remembers all their password, so to improve impulse purchase, don’t ask it.
  3. Simple design: everything should be clear and understandable, doubt will only prevent clients from purchasing your products.
  4. Don’t redirect people to another website to pay, it will only slow the process.
  5. If a customer make a mistake during the payment, mark the error and make people understand how to fix it.
  6. Ask only for the info that you really need. Marketing research can wait.
  7. Show to your client that your payment system is secure.

Harry Coleman, aka The Beast Of Ecom, knows a thing or two about conversion rates. With over 21.000 subscribers on his Youtube Channel he teaches “insanely valuable tips and tricks with Shopify and dropshipping using Facebook™ ads”.  Harry said that conversion rate “is something a lot of marketers neglect, but it is one of the most efficient ways to generate more sales with the same amount of ad spent”. His favourite Shopify app to do it? Sticky Cart by Uplinkly. How does it work? “When your product page has a long description with pictures that the user has to scroll down to read, you want to have a sticky add to cart button which doesn’t require the customer to scroll back past everything they’ve read. This is easy to do with this app and best of yet it’s free”.

Boost Your Dropshipping Store

We talked about  some of the best Shopify apps with Adam, Anton and Harry, and we really want to thank them for their precious suggestions. We bet these apps would be super useful to boost your dropshipping business. And if you still have some questions give a look to their Youtube Channels.

But…ouch… maybe we are missing one really important app for your dropshipping business. Actually the most important for your dropshipping business. We are talking about the app that helps you to source products and automate all your orders fulfillment process, the app to transform a Shopify Store in a Dropshipping Store! We are talking about Yakkyofy.

Yakkyofy is the only Shopify App that helps you automate all your dropshipping business daily tasks. With it, you can easily find and import products on your store, request quotations for new products, even arrange Private Label products, ship your packages to North America and to most of the EU countries in 5-10 days.

Yakkyofy helps you also to personalized your package and to track your shipments, no fee or external tool required and is the only dropshipping app that guarantees the physical attributes of the products that you buy.

Last but not least, if you need a Warehouse in China, you can use the Yakkyofy’s Warehouse for free, no paperwork required, no contract only few click and you could check all your inventory comfortably from you home, directly on your dashboard.

Do you want it?

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