Aliexpress Dropshipping Alternatives For Your Business

Aliexpress Dropshipping Alternatives For Your Business

Managing a dropshipping business isn’t easy, especially if the products you want to buy come from China.

Most of the time, someone searches for a product on Aliexpress and imports that item onto their online store. It seems like an easy concept, right? You buy something from China, sell it online, ship the product to the customer, and make a profit.

There are a few problems with this approach, however. Aliexpress isn’t the most profitable method for people who want to make money online.

Let’s look at some of the problems consumers using Aliexpress face and the best Aliexpress dropshipping alternative that can maximize your profits.

Problems With AliExpress

You Have To Buy Products At B2C Prices

People get into the dropshipping business to make money. The only way to do so is to buy products cheaper than you sell them. Most of the time, resellers buy products at B2B (business to business) prices.

With Aliexpress, you’re getting your products at the B2C (business to consumer) price. The price that you pay is already marked up, leaving you little room to profit.

The B2C price is often the same price that someone can find on another online store. The only way to attract more customers is to sell certain products at a financial loss to you and sell certain items at a higher price than your competition.

The problem with this approach, of course, is that customers are smart. They’ll buy the cheaper products from you and then go somewhere else for the goods you’re forced to mark up for profit.

By using Aliexpress, you cost yourself money and lose customers.

You Have No Control Over Your Shipping

One of the biggest customer complaints when it comes to shopping online is shipping. Sometimes their products arrive broken, often late, and sometimes they never receive the product.

If you dropship with Aliexpress, you have no control over your shipping. You could face negative customer reviews at no fault of your own because of late products.

Alternatives should allow you to control shipping by using your preferred method. You should also look for a dropshipping business that provides tracking numbers for your products so you know when customers receive their goods.

You Can’t Sell Private Label Products

Branding is a big deal when selling products online. With private label products, you can use things produced by other companies, put your companies name on it, and sell it as your own.

This gives you the opportunity to advertise your company and develop customer loyalty to your website. It’s a powerful tool for online resellers that want to grow their business organically.

There’s only one problem: you can’t use the products with Aliexpress.

Aliexpress doesn’t give you the option to use private label products. This takes away the opportunity to grow your sales. You should look for a dropshipping alternative that allows you the freedom to sell what you want without restrictions.

You Have To Communicate With Multiple Suppliers

Any dropshipping provider you choose should make your life easier. The problem with Aliexpress is that they often complicate the process by forcing you to speak with many different suppliers and shipping companies.

You have to find the products you want on Aliexpress. Then, you’re forced to go through the suppliers of those products to add them to your account and ship them using a third party.

These added steps create more opportunities for mistakes to happen. You need a company that handles these things so you can focus on making money and living life.

The Best AliExpress Dropshipping Alternative

There are two possibilities to consider if you want an easier experience. One is to find a supplier and fulfillment center. This approach is a little easier but still has its downsides.

You’re still dealing with more than one business, leading to an increase in mistakes. You’ll also have to spend valuable time finding companies that offer you the best prices. You would rather spend that time making money, wouldn’t you?

If you want to save money, time, and your sanity, the best solution for your dropshipping needs is Yakkyofy.

Benefits of Yakkyofy

We’ve created a system that makes it easy for you to find the products you want to sell and get them to your customers.

Scrape Products Easily

With our Web App you can import products from our catalog with only one click and if you don’t find the item that you need there, using our Chrome Extension, you can ask questions for products that you already saw on Alibaba, Aliexpress, Wish, Gearbest and Bangood and get prices ranging from 15-50% cheaper on Chinese commerce. It’s easy and gives you a quick turnaround time so you can start making money fast.

Fast Shipping Method

When your supplier ship for your products from China, you can never know which Shipping method, he is going to use. Also if you pay for ePacket, you are not 100% sure of the delivery service used at the and it is really ePacket, the only way to know for sure is by checking the tracking number code.

The result is a very long delivery time and customer complains.

Instead, you can use Yakkyofy: we are the only company that can process your orders in 3-5 days time and ships them within 3-10 days in the Tier 1 countries, in a market where the standard is 7 days processing time and 15-20 days shipping time.

Plus we will give you all the info in advance and we’ll send out your products only using the method that we indicate on the page product inside our dashboard.

Upload Products (Even Private Label) Within Seconds

We make it easy to get the products you want onto your website. Find what you want to sell, press a purple button, and we’ll upload it within seconds. This includes private label products, (after their quote has arrived) giving you the power to improve your brand and build sales organically.

It’s also easy to customize your product descriptions to meet the needs and demographics of your customers!

Make Money With Our Powerful Inventory Management And Pricing Tools

With Yakkyofy you can also buy a stock of products and keep them in our warehouse in China. Every time that you do that we will upload your products in your Virtual Warehouse tab and each time someone buys a product off of your page, the inventory will automatically update. You’ll never have to worry about a customer buying a product that isn’t in stock.

You can also set stock notifications that will alert you when your products are going to run out of stock.

Shipping Made Easy

Tired of losing time paying your orders one by one? With Yakkyofy, you only have to press one button to send orders out to clients and processing them.

Your dashboard contains tracking numbers for all orders, so you never have to guess where the customer’s products are at and we also automatically send out the trackings directly to the final customer in your name, so that you don’t have to do it manually.

To make things even easier, we can also bundle orders with a maximum of 3 different SKU numbers. This means that is a customer buys 3 different items on your store the same days, you will pay only for one delivery.

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Get Started With Yakkyofy Today!

Break the chains of Aliexpress and take your dropshipping business to new heights. We are the best AliExpress dropshipping alternative if you want to make online retail simple.

Not only we will source for you over 12,000,000 products directly from Chinese manufactures at B2B prices, but we will also check their quality before we ship them to your customers!

Moreover, thanks to our tools especially developed to help dropshippers overcome every day problems and tasks, you will be able to manage all your orders directly from inside your Yakkyofy dashboard.

Getting started with Yakkyofy is easy to do.

find the products you want to sell, and start living your life. You’ll never have to micromanage your business again.

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