amazon inventory management mistakes

3 Avoidable Amazon Inventory Management Mistakes

Mistakes are an inevitable part of the process when first joining up to the Amazon seller’s market. The Amazon inventory management is the logistical backbone of business and centre of operations which unfortunately means that errors made here can have some adverse effects on the...

sales funnel on facebook -en

How to Build an Effective Sales Funnel on Facebook

The popularity of dropshipping is undeniably growing. More and more e-commerce businesses choose this supply management method because of lower startup expenses due to zero need in storing the products and low running costs. As a result, today, around 27% of retailers have already adopted dropshipping. With this...

shipping timing

Shipping Updates

Shipping Updates 25/06/2021 Great News! We studied all the best possibilities for improving your shipping rates and now we found a great solution for your cosmetics! We introduced a new shipping line dedicated only to beauty products! It is only available for cosmetic products including liquid, powder, cream, also,...