Yakkyofy App for Shopify

The Official Yakkyofy App for Shopify is finally LIVE.

Hello Community,

Great news today, finally our Shopify app has been officially approved and released on the Shopify App Store.

For those who haven’t tried the service yet

Once connected to Shopify, the Yakkyofy app allows you to completely automate the entire sourcing and order fulfillment process. Through the app you can:

  • get product quotations at B2B prices in real-time
  • get increasing discounts based on the number of products purchased
  • automatically send the tracking number to the end customer via email
  • dropship branded products
  • bulk ship multiple items in the same package
  • switch from your previous supplier to Yakkyofy in one click
  • show only the last mile tracking and not the origin of the parcel.
  • and so much more…

Anyone who installs the app and clicks on it automatically creates an account on Yakkyofy with the Shopify registration email.

It’s very simple!


For our Shopify customers

First of all, thank you for your patience. In the last few days, due to the publication of the app, connecting a Shopify store to Yakkyofy has been a little more complicated than usual. But from now, you can start connecting new stores again to your Yakkyofy account in just a couple of clicks and without having to contact customer care.

What has changed? Our services are the same but the new app will allow us to offer better performances, such as a faster and more efficient fulfillment, a more precise and accurate transmission of orders.

If you visit the Yakkyofy Dashboard right now, you will see a new banner on the home page that will invite you to reconnect your store again, or your stores, if you have more than one. This action is necessary to replace the old app with the new version, approved by Shopify.

Making the switch to the new Yakkyofy app is very simple:

  1. Visit the Yakkyofy dashboard and click on the button inside the banner
  2. Click on the Add App Button
  3. Click on the Update Button.

Yakkyofy app for shopify

So what are you waiting for? Visit your Yakkyofy account now and make the switch.

For our company, this is great news, and therefore if you appreciate the service help us share it with the rest of the world. 

Please give us 5 minutes of your time to leave us a review on Shopify.


And if you have any suggestions or new features in mind that you think could greatly improve our service, do not hesitate to present them to our community on Facebook, all your ideas are precious to us and will be carefully evaluated.

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