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Yakkyofy’s WordPress plugin has arrived

Hello Community, 

today we are really happy and proud to present our new plugin for WordPress, now available and downloadable from its official page.

For those who have not yet tried the service

This new plugin is very important to us because it is the only one currently on WordPress that offers dropshipping products without using the arbitrage technique, that is, without buying items directly from other marketplaces.

This allows us to offer:

  • products at B2B prices
  • increased discounts based on the number of products purchased
  • dropshipping products branded with private labels
  • bulk shipping multiple items in the same package
  • quality check on the goods
  • manage shipments with the best and fastest provider available
  • upload the tracking of all orders automatically into Woocommerce
  • show only last mile tracking and not the origin of the shipment, if requested

In short, from today on, a single plugin installed in WooCommerce will allow you to manage all your suppliers, all your orders, and all your dropshipping shipments with a single account and with a single partner: Yakkyofy.

For our WooCommerce customers

We strongly recommend all our Woocommerce users to replace the old integration with this new plugin, because the change will allow you to keep all the old features and get new ones. 

wordpress plugin YakkyofyBut let’s see immediately what are the differences between the new plugin and the old integration. First of all, the new plugin has a connection control section, which will signal an error when, for any reason, the store is not perfectly connected to Yakkyofy. It will also intervene to report if the plugin, after having worked perfectly for a period of time, stops doing so.

Thanks to the new Plugin, we can also add to our WooCommerce services list the automatic sync of your orders’ tracking numbers. This means that as soon an order is processed on Yakkyofy, its tracking will be automatically uploaded on the WordPress Store. Another new service available with Yakkyofy’s WordPress plugin is the last mile tracking, which will allow you to decide which type of tracking shows inside your store: 

  • for the full trip of the package;
  • or only for the journey inside the destination country. 

In addition to new services, this plugin allows us to offer better performance for our old services, such as faster and more efficient product importing, more precise, and accurate order transmission.

How to install and activate the Yakkyofy’s WordPress plugin

To immediately install the new Yakkyofy WordPress plugin, follow these steps:

Yakkyofy plugin wordpress woocommece

If you don’t have a Yakkyofy’s account yet, you can register for free, confirm your email address, and then go back to the plugin to enter your credentials. If the plugin does not report any errors, then the connection with Yakkyofy has been successful.

Easy right? But hold on, before you go, if you liked the update, please help us spread through the word by giving us a review on WordPress.


Finally, if you have any advice or ideas to improve the service or the plugin, do not hesitate to share them with us on our Facebook community.


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