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How to increase your dropshipping sales with Social Proof Marketing

Do you want to use Social Proof Marketing for your dropshipping store? You came across the right article!

Dropshipping is an industry where the competition began to be fierce. Especially during these times when fashion stores not only have focused more on online orders. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many stores that had a physical location, have closed, and moved entirely to the online world. This is one of the reasons why the competition in the online world is fierce. Moreover, dropshipping is a nice business opportunity many people want to start. So, how to increase your dropshipping sales with social proof? And what is social proof? 

About Social Proof 

Social proof marketing is a theory of marketing that focuses on the proof that a business gets that its services or products are appreciated by people. Why is this important for a dropshipping business? Because the main psychological process a dropshipping store relies on is impulse buying. This means that the people that visit your site do not necessarily plan to buy something from you, but in the end, they are convinced to do it by the products you sell. However, personality and other personal factors are also decisive here. 

This is essential because to increase sales, you need to convince people to buy from you. In the industry of dropshipping where every store has a catalog of the products it sells, people might find it more difficult to be persuaded. As there are more and more dropshipping businesses, some of the products or catalogs might be available online already. Social proof marketing is a technique that could help you increase your sales and convert visitors into buyers. But what does social proof marketing mean? 

As marketing professionals from a paper writing service say, traditional marketing techniques do not have the same effect as in the past. So, it is time to make room for new ones. Social proof is one of the recent innovations in marketing. You no longer reach your customers and try to convince them to buy from you. There are already a lot of dropshipping businesses and not only that. Your customers are promoting your services and products and encourage people to buy from you. And in an era that is saturated with advertisements, recommendations from influencers and not only are the most appreciated and followed. 

But how to increase dropshipping sales with social proof? Find out below. 

Understand Your Position

social proof marketing

Because a dropshipping business is not physically having the products it sells, it goes to a manufacturer. But the problem is, everyone that wants to open its dropshipping business does that. And it may be common for different dropshipping businesses to have the same catalog of products. This raises a big problem for many businesses that want to increase sales. You need to convince visitors that you are the best option on the market, but doing this is increasingly challenging. 

The social proof relies on the fact that people trust consumers, not brands. And when you do not sell any personalized or unique products, it may be difficult to convince visitors that you are the right choice. Understanding your position allows you to brainstorm for other solutions that could work. Keep in mind that social proof is not only those Instagram posts influencers make and recommend your product. Visitors of your online store need to feel that your products are the ones everyone is looking for. But how to do this? 

Add a Social Proof Counter 

One of the solutions that could combat the disadvantages presented above is to have a social proof counter on your website. You surely use a platform that allows you to add the products you sell, the price, the shipping conditions, and many other details. But what would a social proof counter come with? Imagine that you are looking for a pair of shoes and you scroll through the website of a dropshipping business. If you would see how many people are looking at the same pair of shoes as you do, you would feel more urged to buy it. Keep in mind that, as a dropshipping business, you need to convince people that you are the right choice. And if they see that many people are looking for the same things as them, they will get that urgent feeling that the product may not be available if they wait for too long. 

This will trigger impulse buyers and will make people buy from you. This is great if you want to increase sales without being seen as spammy by people. 

Social Proof Popups 

Another trick you can use to increase your dropshipping sales is to add a social proof popup on your online store. Playing with all these simple things may seem inefficient. But these are some simple and efficient ways to increase sales with social proof marketing. The social proof popup is about letting visitors know that somebody has just purchased the product they are looking at. See that this social proof popup is different from the counter. But you can apply each of them how they best fit your online store and website code. 

So, let’s say that someone is watching a product in your online store. As the visitor stays on the page and reads the description, a social proof popup can appear in the corner of the screen. This popup informs the visitor that somebody has just purchased the product they are looking at. Which triggers the same urgency as the social proof counter. This is a simple yet effective way to apply social proof marketing in a dropshipping business. 

Product Reviews 

But adding a social proof counter or popup might not have the power to convert all visitors into buyers. While some of them are impulse buyers, others are more precautious. So, they need more than a counter to be persuaded to choose your products over others. Remember that nowadays people trust more the consumer than the brand, so you need to show them what the consumer says about your products. A marketing assignment help by a dissertation service has shown that customer reviews play a significant role in the purchase process. If visitors are still thinking about buying your product, you need to give them what they are looking for. Reviews. 

You can modify the user experience visitors have in your online store so that one indulges their senses and meets their expectations. They should be easily able to access the review page of every product and trust the consumers that have already purchased the product they are interested in. it is therefore important, as a side activity, to encourage your customers to write reviews and rate the products. You can offer them discounts or promotional codes if they do this, and so you secure their second purchase from you. 

Best-Selling Items 

According to a custom essay service, showcasing your best-selling items on the front page of your online store could be a winning tactic. These probably also have some discounts applied, things that make people feel the urgency to buy it. At the same time, this will make their decision-making process a lot easier. If you choose to show the best-selling items in each category, you will help people make a decision. It is essential to keep in mind that visitors that have not decided what they are looking for will likely be helped by this tactic. This is because they will more likely buy products that are commonly bought by others. If there are so many people buying it, it must be good. So, instead of searching endlessly for the right product in your online store, you make their decision-making process shorter. And the purchase will come sooner. 

Number of Orders 

Showing how many times a product has been ordered is a small detail that makes the difference. Differently, all these counters, popups, and details you choose to share with the visitors might create a sense of urgency. But they will also persuade some of the people to buy from you. Another detail that could do this is showing up the number of orders for every product. If visitors who are not decided on what to buy see a product with a high number of orders, it sends the message that there is a high demand for it. And if the product is available now, exactly when they are visiting your website, it increases the chances of a purchase. This is a common social proof marketing tactic that could benefit a dropshipping business that wants to increase sales. 

Final Words 

Having a dropshipping business in an era where most stores have shifted online might be challenging. The competition is fiercer than ever, especially because there are so many people who are thinking about starting their dropshipping business. 

In this tough environment what you need is the right business partner on your side. A supplier who will be able to help you with all the sourcing and fulfillment logistics of your orders. 

The best partner you can choose is Yakkyofy, as we can: 

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These are only a few of the services we can provide. The best thing is that you can use our software and have unlimited order fulfillment. So what are you waiting for? 


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