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How to Avoid the Facebook Ban When Dropshipping

Are you planning to launch an online business? Are you keen on trying out dropshipping on social media? Do you have apprehensions using Facebook as a platform for your business?

Back in 2018, Facebook started banning dropshipper Ad Accounts. The reasons for the banning vary. People who wish to engage in dropshipping via Facebook are having second thoughts.

But is the scare valid? Should you drop your dropshipping plans and focus instead on another platform? Are there ways to avoid the Facebook ban?

Continue reading below and discover how to keep Facebook from disabling your dropshipping account. 

Crucial Tips to Follow

As we mentioned earlier, Facebook has a number of reasons for apparently banning dropshippers. They, however, have one thing in mind: protect the welfare of consumers purchasing on the platform. So if you are a dropshipper, you need to understand the reasons behind the Facebook ban. 

Apart from making your process more efficient, you need to learn how to avoid the Facebook Jail, as others call it. Here are 9 useful tips that will help you do so.

1. Get Real with the Products 

One of the reasons Facebook banned certain dropshipping accounts is because the latter is selling subpar products. When selling any product, make sure you are posting photos of the actual product.

Sure, dropshipping means not holding any inventory. But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep one, right?

Thus, you should ask a few samples of the products from your sources. This way, you can take better pictures of the items. Prospective customers will appreciate clear pictures of what they are buying. 

If you cannot secure samples, you can purchase the products. This is a small investment that will go a long way.

If your products are completely different from the picture that you put in your ads, the customer will start complaining under your post and will report you to Facebook.

Plus in the last months, Facebook is sending surveys to the people that bought products on Facebook and if all your surveys are not positive that can have a bad impact on your account.

2. Mind the Quality of Your Posts

Be mindful of the quality of your posts. This means staying away from certain ads that Facebook deems as red flags. These are ads that feature politics, religion, and discrimination.

You should also stay away from posting ads about tobacco, sexual content, and other sensitive topics. You should also avoid posting negative baits. You need to remain honest and transparent in your posts. 

3. Watch the People You Add and Tag

Make sure you keep watch of the people you add and tag in your posts. Start by adding the people you know. But make sure those people know you as well.

Randomly adding people – especially strangers – may send a red flag to Facebook. The platform may consider your activity as spam. When you send too many random friend requests, Facebook will consider it as spamming.

Moreover, you should avoid tagging people directly to your photos, especially if they don’t have anything to do with the latter. Instead, tag their names below in the comments section, but also this without exaggerating.

Last but not least, you have always to avoid asking openly for likes, comments or mentions in exchange for any prizes, because this is a practice that is not allowed anymore.

4. Avoid Spammy Content

As we mentioned above, Facebook flags spammy activities. Hence, don’t be a spammer. This means posting real content instead of spammy ones.

Instead of using spammed images, be creative. Take photos and videos using a unique approach.

Furthermore, avoid sending private messages to random people when promoting your products. Keep in mind that every Facebook user has an average number of message usage Facebook allows. If you exceed that limit, Facebook will likely tag your account as spam.

Moreover, don’t post continuously on groups especially if disapprove of your posts. Never promote your business in other people’s personal profiles. The same thing goes for other people’s business profiles.

Additionally, don’t use videos and images that Facebook marked as spam.

5. Use a Separate Business Account

Creating a separate business profile is another must if you wish to avoid the Facebook ban. This is crucial since you want to establish your credibility and reputation.

Having a separate account that is purely for business means you are serious about what you are doing. This will also create fewer complications when it comes to implementing an effective social media strategy.

6. Stick to Shorter Links and mind your landing page 

When choosing links and URLs for your link stick to the shorter ones. They will give you a professional appearance for your posts.

Plus also mind about your landing page. When you create a post or an ad for Facebook, this social media will check also the content of your landing page.

First, the landing page has to be coherent with your ads, second, it doen’t have to look spammy. Third, it is forbidden to advertise the same products on a different domain, with the same ad account.

7. Automate Wisely

If you are planning to use automated software or scripts, you need to do it wisely. Some dropshippers use automation too much for their own good. If you fail to manage this, you are putting your business at risk of banning.

Make sure to schedule your use. Four straight hours of scripting will do then give it a two-hour rest. Another way is to invest in a company that specializes in automating dropshipping tasks.

Proper automation will give Facebook the notion that a real person is the one posting and not a robot.

8. Stick with Positivity

Another great tip is to inject as much positivity in your posts as you can. Avoid using negative sentiments or connotations. 

Moreover, keep the negative comments low on your posts. Keep a positive atmosphere. This will help you attract more customers and generate more engagements. 

9. Your Products Matter

Last but not least, you need to ensure the quality of your products. Avoid offering anything that is far from the truth. Make sure your product matches the description.

Furthermore, make sure to ship your items promptly. The timing of your shipping affects your customers’ satisfaction. It also keeps you from the Facebook ban.

Watch the video to avoid the Facebook Ban

Avoid a Facebook Ban and Dropship Right

Avoiding the Facebook ban is one of the biggest concerns you need to consider because till today this Social Media is still the first way to promote a dropshipping business. 

However, if you see the point that we underline before, most of the mistakes you should avoid are related to how you build your campaign and this is entirely under your control. 

On the other hand, some other mistakes are related to the quality of your products and your parcels’ shipping timing and this depends on your dropshipping suppliers.

So to avoid this second kind of mistakes, you need to find a reliable dropshipping supplier that can check the quality of your products and guarantee to ship your parcels with the shipping method paid for and with the correct timing. 

All of these services are simply offered by Yakkyofy, the dropshipping software that provides you the products to sell, also with private labels and helps you automate all your dropshipping business daily tasks.

So, to save more time and effort, let us help you with our dropshipping automation services. We can help you source your products and import them to your store in just one click. We can assist in setting price rules and sending multiple products more efficiently. We can help you ship items to your customers faster and provide the tracking number of your shipping automatically.

Sign up today and let’s do your dropshipping the right way.

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