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How Facebook Automated Ads Can Save your Time and Money

If your Facebook campaign has a lot of ads and ad sets, managing everything can be quite a time-consuming process. 

Automating your FB ads can remove the need to monitor performance daily, saving you significant amounts of time while still ensuring a robust ROI.

Facebook Automated Rules offer many options for drop shippers and other small businesses. For example, you can increase an ad’s budget if it suddenly begins to perform very well or pause one that performs poorly before you waste all your budget. 

The critical thing is that using Facebook automated ads will save you time and money while helping you effortlessly scale your marketing efforts. Automated rules achieve this by making data-driven decisions round the clock and hopping on opportunities as soon as they arise.

This article will be helpful to anyone who wishes to scale their Facebook ad campaign and significantly boost their ad performance while saving time. Read on to discover how you can use automated rules to get the most out of your Facebook marketing efforts.

Facebook Automated Rules Explained

Facebook automated rules are a free advertising tool that all Facebook advertisers have at their disposal. In short, they enable you to set conditions in which a particular action is automatically taken. 

The automated rules engine continuously checks these conditions for your ads, making the adjustments in real-time.

The rules can be applied to ads, ad sets, and campaigns — in other words, they can be applied to any level of the account structure. You’ll need at least one campaign with one ad set and ad to use this functionality.

Facebook automated rules are accessible from the business tools menu of the Facebook ads manager.

The Necessity of Facebook Ad Automation

facebook automated ads

Recent Facebook and Instagram algorithm updates have resulted in less time spent in the news feed by the average user. This means that Facebook advertisers must fight for users’ attention more vigorously than ever before, leading to higher costs per acquisition across the board.

Consequently, advertisers need to be increasingly more efficient about allocating their budgets, frequently duplicating ads and ad sets, adjusting bids and budgets, pausing low-performing ads and launching new ones.

This is where Facebook automated rules come in, as you can automate some of these tasks and have them run in the background without you having to lift a finger.

Automation allows you to step out of the infinite launch-pause-relaunch loop and focus on the creative side of scaling your marketing campaign. 

Moreover, automated rules keep track of your ad sets in real-time, meaning they can make the appropriate changes faster than you ever could.

Before you get to setting up the automated rules on your FB campaigns, consider all the things you tend to look for in Ads Manager and the actions you usually take when faced with these insights. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Do I typically pause ad sets when they hit a specific spend without a single conversion?
  • Do I normally increase bids on low deliveries?
  • Do I increase ad set budgets based on their Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS)?
  • Do I usually duplicate high-performing ad sets?

If the answer to any of these questions (and other similar ones) is “yes,” you have the opportunity to automate these actions and use your time more effectively elsewhere.

Regardless of the scale of your campaign, for it to have any chance of success, it requires daily management and check-in. This is why marketers who use automated rules have a significant leg up on those who do not.

Are Facebook Automated Ads for Everyone?

In short, yes. All Facebook advertisers, even those running modest accounts that don’t expect tremendous growth, can benefit from automated rules.

However, for those trying to grow their Facebook audience, ad automation is an absolute necessity, as it helps them optimize their campaigns by increasing the budget for their top-performing sets and turning off those failing to deliver. 

Automation also enables marketers to test their ads on different audiences quickly, truly maximizing their performance.

Also, if Facebook ads take up a big chunk of your monthly marketing budget, you should be using automated rules to make quick adjustments resulting in a better ROI and less waste. 

In essence, automation is crucial for anyone who wants to increase ad spending without expanding the marketing team.

Role of Facebook Ads Automation in Your Marketing Strategy

Let’s look at how you can use Facebook Automated Rules to optimize your marketing campaigns now that you understand what Facebook Automated Rules are and why companies big and small use them. We’ll cover the fundamentals before moving on to how automation can benefit your business.

Customer Acquisition Funnel

Take a look at the key metrics for your funnel, from impression to conversion, and consider the parts you want to optimize. Depending on your business, the KPIs in this stage may differ.

B2C companies focusing on spontaneous sales may focus on:

  • Website purchase ROAS
  • Cost per purchase
  • Cost per checkout initiated
  • Cost per lead

Mobile apps may be interested in:

  • Cost per install
  • Cost per level completed
  • Cost per microtransaction

B2B companies with longer sales cycles may want to look at:

  • Cost per content download
  • Cost per demo request
  • Cost per free trial
  • Cost per contract

Figure out which metrics you need to optimize and focus on before moving on to the next step.

Maximum Cost Per Result

Let’s take an arbitrary cost per paying customer in your app (let’s say less than $20), for which we will assume that your business model works. Let’s also assume that 10% of those who install your app turn into paying customers. This tells us that the maximum cost that you can afford per app install is $2.

Depending on your business model, you can use the same method to define the maximum cost for every stage of the funnel. If you don’t have enough historical data to calculate this, a good rule of thumb is that you should never spend more than a third of what you make on a typical ad campaign.

Once you’ve defined your funnel and the maximum amount you can spend on each step, you can focus on Facebook automated rules to help you achieve your goals.

Campaign Management

Just like a robot is more efficient in performing mechanical tasks than a human, Facebook’s automated rules will outshine even the most effective marketer in managing Facebook Ads day-to-day operations. This is simply because an automated rule goes into effect the moment it meets the set condition.

Are you getting cheap conversions on an ad set today? That particular set will get an immediate budget increase. Are you spending more than you’d like on another ad and getting no conversions? Automated rules will put it on hold immediately.

Regardless of the number of ads you’re running, the rules will always “fire.” This means a lower cost per acquisition (CPA), more efficient budget allocation, and ultimately, more revenue.

As long as your team regularly takes actions such as duplicating ad sets, pausing and unpausing items, and changing bids and budgets, it would be best to automate these actions for maximum efficiency.

Automated rules can also help you take advantage of your best-performing ads, moving beyond simple daily maintenance and helping you scale your campaigns without spending any more time and effort.

Creative Testing

Facebook Ad automation also enables you to test dozens of ad creatives simultaneously. Everyone, from drop shipping solopreneurs to best accounting companies, can set up multiple ad sets in a matter of seconds, testing them against one another to find the combination that produces the best results.

Automated rules even allow you to set up ad rotations giving each ad an equal chance to impress before evaluating its performance.

Closing Thoughts

Facebook automated rules can be a fantastic way to improve your performance, while saving money in the process. But always keep in mind that while ads are important to grab your customers’ attention, it is the fast shipping and product quality that will keep them happy and coming back to buy from you. 

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