Best Ways to Import Goods from China and Selling on Amazon being a Student

Best Ways to Import Goods from China and Selling on Amazon being a Student

Buying and selling goods on the internet has given many individuals ways of making money. At first, the entire process might seem difficult. However, once you understand the methods and tricks of the trade, you can quickly start to make a living out of it. Similarly, there are several paths you can follow to earn money by trading goods online. Doing this is especially simple if you are a student. One such way involves importing goods from China and selling them on Amazon. In this article, you will learn the best ways of getting products from China and selling them on Amazon while studying.

Ways of Buying from China and Selling on Amazon

There are two main ways of buying goods from China and selling on Amazon as a student. The method you choose to use depends on what you want to achieve. These 2 methods are:

  1. shipping to Amazon warehouse directly from China; 
  2. shipping to your address or that of a middleman.

Before jumping to purchase any item, you must get the following information sorted. These points apply to the two methods of buying and shipping goods to sell on Amazon.

  • You must find the best product for your business. One way to go about it is to check Amazon’s best-selling products. From there, you will have a reasonably good idea of what people are looking for.
  • It is also essential you learn how to find the items at the right price. Getting the hang of this may take some time. Therefore, you may want to communicate with many suppliers before deciding on the one to do business with. 
  • Deciding the type of freight you use is also essential. Naturally, airfreight is faster but costs a lot of money. So, you can save money by opting for sea freight, as long as you are willing to wait a month or two to receive your goods.
  • Aim to develop a good relationship with sellers to build a long-term partnership. Doing this can save you a lot of money in the future, and also allow you to get better deals from them on repeat purchases. Representatives of Chinese sellers are commonly very polite and helpful, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

Shipping to Amazon Directly

The biggest challenge of buying goods from China is the language barrier. Therefore, you may face problems communicating your specific requirements to a seller. Plus you need to be sure that they can package and ship goods in accordance with the requirements of the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program. 

Despite this improvement, it is still a good idea to clearly state all the requirements. Doing this is especially important as you do not inspect the goods that get to the Amazon warehouse. It will be helpful if you use for your writing needs while making money. Using this service can help you make a living on Amazon while studying.

Shipping goods directly to Amazon warehouse from China has its pros and cons.


  • Products get from China to Amazon reasonably fast. So, you can quickly start making money on a particular item.
  • Minimizes handling processes.
  • You save money on third-party handlers and shipping.
  • You don’t need to worry about packaging and selling individual items on time – Amazon handles all the packaging and shipping, and it is also responsible for any shipping issues.


  • You have to pay all duties and other costs before the package gets to the warehouse.
  • You do not directly control how goods are packaged. 
  • Before shipping goods to the Amazon warehouse, you need to package each item and label it, which takes time, as does the paperwork.
  • You will need to pay for the storage of your goods on the Amazon warehouse, which can get quite pricey.

Shipment to Amazon Via Third-party

Suppose you are not comfortable sending products directly to the Amazon warehouse. In that case, you can send them to your address or a middleman. After receiving the package, you or the third-party service can forward the item to an Amazon warehouse. In most cases, middlemen shippers are experts in packaging goods considering FBA requirements. Like direct shipment, there are pros and cons to shipment via third-party services.


  • Access to consolidated shipment.
  • You get to inspect each item to ensure it adheres to FBA requirements.
  • Your suppliers are not previewed to your sales tactics.


  • You pay more money for service and shipment.
  • The entire process takes longer.
  • You can get problems with custom clearance
  • Yes you can inspect the products but you can’t get a refund, because you already accepted the items.

Shipment Steps

Sourcing quality products from China

Now that you understand the ways of shipping goods from China to Amazon, you will want to know the steps involved. Diligently following each stage will help you get your items safely from China to Amazon.

Step 1

The first step involves selecting the product you want to sell. As stated earlier, many people check through Amazon’s best-selling items to decide on the products to buy. You can expand your search to other platforms to determine what customers want. eBay, Walmart, and Buy Best are online shops you would like to explore. These platforms and more will give you an idea of the type of products that can make easy money for students. However, make sure the purchasing product is not banned in your country. Similarly, identify any special requirements for specific items before venturing into placing an order. For example, medicine, items for children, and food-related items are usually subject to many additional FDA requirements. Conducting thorough research can save you from being disappointed. When selecting your product, also consider its size. The bigger the dimensions and weight of the product are, the more money you will pay for their shipment and storage. 

Amazon Seller Pro-tip! If your item is lightweight but bulky, its weight for shipment will be calculated from its dimensional weight rather than physical weight.

Step 2

After selecting an item you want to buy, you will need to identify the right manufacturer to work with. There are thousands of factories in China. However, not all suppliers are legit or offer quality items. You can start looking at, but you want to keep an eye on the supplier’s years of business and ratings because many of them are not reliable.

Getting a physical sample of the item before making a big order is a must, especially if you are ordering in bulk. In doing so, you will check the product quality and manufacturer’s trustworthiness. 

Amazon Seller Pro-tip! Before requesting a sample, you can always ask your supplier to show you additional photos ad videos of the product, so you better know what the item’s characteristics are.

Step 3

Once you are satisfied with the quality of your shipment, you will want to send out items. Sea cargo and air shipment are the two shipment options to consider. You will use either of these options for direct Amazon shipment or third-party shipment. Nevertheless, make sure the shipment option you select does not affect your profit margin. So, double-check all calculations to ensure the profitability of each option. Yet, how fast you want your shipment to arrive can also determine your decision. For example, it is perfectly acceptable to take a tiny profit margin to prevent customer churn.

Remember that the shipment cost depends on the weight and dimension of your package. Similarly, the size of a shipment can also determine the best option for shipment. Small shipments that are time-bound are best shipped using air freight. On the other hand, bulky loads are best transported through cargo. You can opt for a full container if you ship many products.

Step 4

Before shipment, you will want all packages to be appropriately labeled for customs. Doing this is critical to the smooth processing of boxes at the border. All cartons or packages should be marked with dimensions and weight. Likewise, you will have to declare the cost of each shipment of the processing documents. However, you may not have to worry about this step if you use an intermediary when buying goods. 

Step 5

Step 5 is the last stage of the process. At this point, you have received your shipments. You need to inspect and forward them to the Amazon warehouse. You can avoid this step by working with an intermediary. In either case, once a package gets to the warehouse, it will be sorted accordingly. You will also be allowed to list your products as Fulfillment by Amazon. 

Amazon Seller Pro-tip! When shipping to the Amazon warehouse, package the boxes very thoroughly so that they don’t get damaged during shipping. It is advisory to use see-through materials to cover your box, like clear stretch film – this way it doesn’t obscure any labeling, but also protects the box and keeps any moisture out.

Your Turnkey Solution to ship products directly to Amazon FBA with 0 stress.

Buying from China and selling on Amazon as a student is possible, but both methods described above have some disadvantages.

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