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How to import custom smartphone accessories from China

Smartphones and related accessories have now become status symbols. What started a few years ago is a kind of race to have a phone capable of reflecting the personality of the owner.

Smartphone accessories such as cases, headphones, holders, and cases play a fundamental role in this.

If you already have a store that sells these products, you know what we’re talking about. People seem to have never enough, they always ask for new and perhaps customized smartphone accessories. To answer this growing question, the only thing you can do is to expand your store’s catalogue.

Importing smartphone accessories from China: the choice of supplier

smartphone accessories

In China it is possible to buy directly from Chinese wholesalers a wide range of smartphone accessories whose purchase costs are considerably lower than those imposed by the Western market. For an entrepreneur who has to balance the accounts at the end of the month, ordering the goods directly from the Chinese factories can therefore be a good advantage.

The first step is to find a reliable supplier. In fact, in China there are many wholesalers who export goods of any kind, the problem is that many of them often decide from time to time not to deal with some items, putting the traders they work with in serious difficulty. To prevent this from happening, you could immediately contact a specialized supplier and here is another problem: how can you understand that it is correct and reliable? You must be able to evaluate goods and prices, comparing multiple suppliers. And maybe you could use the help of someone who speaks Chinese.

How to have custom smartphone accessories

Suppose you also want to customize the items you buy and the smartphone accessories in question.

To print a mark on a simple plastic package you need to buy an injection moulding machine that costs several hundred euros. If you have decided to buy Chinese merchandise to save money it does not make sense that you have to face this expense.

The solution is to ask the supplier directly for a less commercial product, perhaps choosing symbols or prints for the covers of mobile phones already chosen by other customers. In this way you could pay a little more, but you would not have the exclusivity of the product. 100% custom accessories obviously cost more.

Custom Phone accessories: follow production and delivery

smartphone accessories

Before starting production, the Chinese supplier will ask you to sign a sales agreement after which you will have to pay an advance on your payment. This agreement is very important because it contains all the specifications of the products ordered and this helps to limit the problems of misunderstanding that unfortunately arise when dealing with people who speak a language so different from ours and who have habits and customs that we do not even know.

When production is started, it must be followed: try to imagine if your brand was printed incorrectly on the accessories you ordered! You also have to make sure that the agreements are respected because basically you do not know the manufacturer personally and you do not know if he is making covers with quality materials as he had committed to do or if he is using waste or recycled materials. The risk is to see you deliver goods of the wrong color or not conforming to what you wanted.

The idea of taking a trip to China to carry out a quality control does not make sense: you would spend more than what you are trying to save by buying Chinese merchandise.

Suppose that the various steps related to production have been successful: you just have to wait for the goods.

How are you going to get it sent? And when he arrives, will you take care of the documents necessary to pass customs controls?

Do you know what taxes are payable? What do you do if there are any bureaucratic problems?

In terms of purchasing wholesale goods from China, phone accessories included, we provide a comprehensive service that covers sourcing, certification and quality checks, shipment coordination, customs clearing, and home delivery.

Choose Yakkyofy to:

  • Get top quality items from CE-certified manufacturers;
  • Enjoy quality checks prior to shipping your lot;
  • Obtain professional images, videos, 360 renderings,  or files for augmented reality of your items;
  • Get bulk deliveries to a custom address or to an Amazon FBA facility;
  • Produce customized packing for your items;
  • And a whole lot more!

China is closer than it appears!

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