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How to buy wholesale electronics in China and save money

How to buy wholesale electronics from China without problems

Consumer electronics items are among the best-selling products, especially online, and just look at the Amazon bestseller ranking to get an idea of what users buy the most every day: external memory for smartphones, PCs or digital cameras, adapters, fitness watches, digital cameras, headphones, portable chargers, and, of course, smartphones, which, in addition to being a necessity, also represent a fashion.

If you sell electronic equipment or smartphone accessories, you know what we’re talking about: the industry produces impressive new models of any object at an impressive speed to offer consumers new shopping opportunities. The market is therefore always on the move and the sector seems to know no crisis.

It is clear that in such a context, the only thing you can do to make a profit is to offer your customers an up-to-date product catalog that is competitive with your competitors’ offerings.

How to buy wholesale electronics from China

A good solution to save and have a catalog of quality products that is always updated is to buy wholesale electronics from China. If you can find a reliable and competent Chinese supplier, you can buy the latest generation and excellent quality electronics products ft a really advantageous price compared to that of Western suppliers.

The Chinese manufacturing sector is in fact highly specialized and the well-known brands in the world of electronics that have decided to move production, or part of it, to China, are many: if you are lucky you can then get in touch with a supplier that is used by large companies that distribute electronics.

Importing electronic wholesale from China: the steps to be taken

buy wholesale electronics

In order to buy wholesale electronics items directly from China, you need to know the terms within which you need to import them. Then you need to make sure the supplier is reliable, and you need to be able to count on a team willing to offer you assistance at all stages of the sale and even afterwards.

You must also make sure that the company from which you source is registered with the Beijing Chamber of Commerce, which is therefore in good standing and is active: working with a supplier who is not regularly registered can, in fact, lead to serious consequences, first of all the seizure of the goods you have already paid for.

Another problem that many importers have encountered is Chinese intermediaries: if you browse on sites that group Chinese wholesalers such as Alibaba or made-in-china, you may encounter intermediaries posing as large producers. These people can waste you a lot of time and, therefore, even money. If you do not speak Chinese, then, the situation is even worse because you will often have to negotiate or ask for product changes from someone who in turn has to ask someone else to then report back to you.

Electronic wholesale: the regulations and standards to be met

buy wholesale electronics

If you buy goods in China to be resold in Italy or in Europe, you must ensure that the factory with which you collaborate is able to provide you with electronic items accompanied by all the certifications required at national and community level to be able to place them on the market. Most countries have very strict rules on the operation and safety of electronic products.

You should know that not all Chinese suppliers are able to ensure the standards required in various countries. To avoid filling your warehouse with unsaleable products, you must be clear with your supplier and clearly specify which regulations the goods must comply with; in the European Union, for example, these specific directives are in force:

  • The “Low Voltage Directive” which does not affect most portable devices, but applies to portable chargers and PCs;
  • The “Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive” which applies to fixed electronic devices to ensure that they do not interfere with neighboring signals or other devices. Although this Directive applies to many products, for some smaller devices certification is not necessary as they are unlikely to have the capacity to interfere with others;
  • The “R&TTE Directive” concerns radio and telecommunications equipment, meaning both the finished products and the individual components. To understand this, all items with wifi, Bluetooth and radio must be adapted to remote control;
  • the “Ecodesign Directive” applies to all electronic items that use energy such as household appliances, LED bulbs, boilers;
  • The “RoHS Directive” instead places a limit on the amount of certain substances such as cadmium, mercury and lead, within electronic equipment.

Product labels must also comply with specific requirements: conformity marks, such as the well-known CE marking, indicate that the product complies with the regulations and safety standards in force in the Union. If you want to be sure, you can ask the supplier to send you a prototype to submit to compliance tests.

If, on the other hand, the supplier has already made products similar to the one you would like to order, you can ask them to send you the documentation with the tests already carried out. Remember that if the supplier decides to use low-cost components and the required standard, they may make the product non-compliant with the regulations in force in your country.

How to buy wholesale electronic without having problems

buy wholesale electronics

You are probably now wondering if it is worth buying wholesale electronics from China: the advantages are there and they are evident, but the path to follow so that you are delivered goods suitable for the standards required by your country is really long and tortuous, and we have not even mentioned how to organize the shipment and the documents that you will be asked to pass the customs control!

The solution, however, exists: buying from China becomes easy if you choose to rely on us. With Yakkyofy, you can find reliable Chinese suppliers that provide you with high quality products.

We offer an all-round service for sourcing wholesale products from China, including certification and quality controls, shipping organization, customs clearance, and home delivery.

Choose Yakkyofy to:

  • Have CE certified suppliers;
  • Have a quality control service before shipment;
  • Get professional photos, videos, 360-degree rendering or augmented reality files of your articles;
  • Ship in bulk to a specific address or Amazon FBA warehouse;
  • Obtain customized packaging to promote your brand;
  • And so much more!

Check the services offered, China is closer than it seems!

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