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5 Clever Methods To Boost Your Social Media Engagement In 2021 and Beyond

Social media platforms have become the primary source of income for many companies, especially those in the B2C industry. People are spending a considerable amount of time on social media platforms rather than on any other channel. After the pandemic outbreak, social media consumption increased dramatically because people had to stay behind doors in lockdown. With countries reeling under the impact of the pandemic, social media consumption will most probably only increase further. As a result, brands are aiming to have a robust presence on social media platforms. Notably, unlike other platforms, there are many tactics that can be utilized to attract people’s attention on social media. This article will highlight some of the methods that will help you in maximize engagement on social media platforms. 

 Master The Art of Story-Telling

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Brands are starting to see conversion rates improve by using story-telling. As a result, story-telling is slowly gaining momentum in marketing. This is a powerful tactic that helps messages remain etched in the minds of people for a longer period of time. Brands can convey the benefits and the specifications of their product by creating a storyline and coming up with relevant visuals. In the present market scenario, almost every industry is very competitive. Stories have the potential to make a brand be easily remembered amidst the crowd.

Moreover, conveying your brand’s benefits and other features through stories can help people understand more easily. Since all the leading social media platforms have become video-dominant today, visual stories can be used across various social media platforms. There are plenty of resources to help you use video marketing more effectively.  In TikTok, you can even buy TikTok likes services to enhance the engagement rate of your videos.

Provide Necessary Insights: 

Coming up with promotional posts appealing to the eyes alone will not help you generate sales, however. This type of post can make a prospect stop and stare for a moment but, it will not help in taking the prospect to the bottom of the funnel; you must also provide convincing data that your products are worth the money they pay you. Elaborating on the unique characteristics of your product can also help you to outpace your competitors and eases the process of lead generation. Rather than coming up solely with attractive posts, make your ads data-centric. Let your prospects know the longevity of your products. This type of metric can easily convince people to choose your product. I stress this because consumers have become more research-oriented today. They are mindful of what they buy. With easy access to the internet, they do lot of research to understand each product better. All that people really want is data about the product, so, be sure to use it in your promotional posts.  tailoring it to your target audience.  

Make Your Audience Feel That You Are Close to Them: 

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The pandemic has had a disruptive effect across the globe. People are living in fear of job loss and pay cuts due to the devastation caused by Covid-19. Hence, during these challenging times, brands should act compassionately. They should make their audience feel that they are by their side during these hard times. For example, brands could conduct a live session on their Facebook page or Instagram handle with a psychiatrist on coping with the mental stress due to the frequent lockdowns during this pandemic. 

You can also come up with a post on how to get diverted from negative thoughts. This type of intervention is the need of the hour. People may follow these tips to manage these challenging times. They will probably remember you as the posts might help them relieve stress or cope with trauma. This type of measure will build a good reputation for your brand, which is the most necessary element to achieve consistent sales growth. So, attune your marketing strategy to the times and don’t be too salesy withyour posts. Show people feel that you care about them instead.

 Focus On The ‘Explore Tab’:

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Instagram’s Explore Tab is the ideal tool to generate leads organically. Currently, Instagram stands as the ideal platform for B2C businesses as it has the biggest potential audience than any other social media application. Though running ads on this social media platform is more expensive, it gives r brands the opportunity to reach their target audience organically without having to spend a single penny. Getting into the Explore Tab will help you to generate quality leads because Instagram will display your posts to potential customers. 

The primary essential feature to get your posts into the explore tab is that they should be engaging and must have gained more interactions than usual. Next, your posts must be appealing to the eyes as you know that Instagram is basically a visual-centric social media platform. So, to get featured in the explore tab you should please your own followers first. This will make Instagram notice you. The Explore Tab has the potential to boost your sales manyfold because it immediately takes your posts to potential customers. Needless to say, that Explore Tab can also improve your brand awareness considerably.  

Videos Are The Future of Business:

 Video consumption has been increasing consistently. Today, all social media applications have become video-centric. Today’s internet users, mainly Generation Z, and Millennials have a marked preference for video content. These age groups are also the main target audience for the majority of brands. It follows that videos have become pivotal. Instagram Reels is the best example of engagement gained by video content. Though it was only introduced last year, today, it is the most consumed form of video content. AR and VR have also been utilized in brand promotions as these technologies can provide a sort of “real-touch” experience of the product t virtually. So, focus on creating video content as all the social media platforms tend to prioritize it. 

Wrapping Up:

Social media e-commerce has become crucial for B2C businesses today. It is therefore necessary for brands to come up with alluring content frequently. The measures given above help you grab the attention of your prospects effortlessly and aid your long-term growth.  

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