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Dropshipping Tricks For Black Friday

Thinking of offering big sales and promos this coming Black Friday?

Who wouldn’t? Black Friday is finding its shift towards the online market and is a profitable cash-cow for many companies, especially for those selling on platforms.

Despite its established run and trend with offering great bargains to customers. This is noticeable in last year’s Black Friday sale. While store visits decreased to 4%, the online sales increased by 18%.

This trend may continue with the upcoming Black Friday sale. Here are some dropshipping tricks that can help you with your business.

1. Deal of the Hour

dropshipping tricks

The first of the dropshipping tricks we want to talk about in article is for Black Friday advertising is to have a limited-time deal. The offer of a good price and the bargain that comes with it should be enough to get someone to visit your website and make a sale.

Every hour, have a set of offers that cycle about during the sale. Also, take note of the offers that you already have during the Black Friday sale that applied. So if the offer has 40% off, the deal of the hour should have 50% off on it.

In advertising the deal of the hour, have a homepage banner for each deal offered. It would also be handy to have a countdown timer to go with it. Letting the customer know how much time they have to avail of the promotion.

Also, for these deals, have a post ready in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Since this will be a busier day than the usual, have these posts automated in advance.

2. Add a Countdown Timer

This particular trick out of all the Black Friday tips we have is popular for the deal of the hour promos. Using great software, you can also apply this technique to encourage impulse buying.

A good reason to note behind a countdown timer is the sense of urgency it gives to customers. Urgency and scarcity, when played in tandem, can cause an increase in sales. With the offers given on Black Friday, adding a timer to your product pages should work up to your favour.

3. Optimize Your Products

The third dropshipping tricks we’ll cover is about the SEO. When setting up your SEO for the products in preparation for the Black Friday sale, remember to search ahead with the keywords for Black Friday.

Run a Google keyword search and see which would work for the sale. But also consider including the brand names in a prominent position, especially for well-known brands. This should improve the website’s credibility, ass well as increase your organic rankings, and even get repeat customers.

Another thing, include special mentions to Black Friday in the product descriptions. This adds the product’s relevance to the shopper. Also, ensure that the product description also provides urgency to the buyer.

4. Create a Gift Guide

A holiday gift guide should allow customers to know what to go for during the sale. It also allows them to spot you during the holiday season. These can come in two forms: creating a collection and writing an article about it.

In creating a collection, create a product tag for that collection first. After which, go to the product pages and add that particular tag on them. This should include the said item in the collection.

As for writing an article, create a blog post or page for the guide. It has a lot more effort behind its creation as you write the article and feature the items for the gift guide. Consider the thought of making it a list.

To get more traffic for your guides, feature them on your homepage. Also, put the guides in other parts of the website where it will gain visibility.

You can also include this gift guide by email, which you can send through your email list. Or you can post the gift guides through your social media pages.

5. Extend Your Sale

One of the dropshipping tricks that you can use for Black Friday is to extend the sale. E-commerce has grown in size that it gave birth to Cyber Monday. There have been websites that extended the sale offer for four whole days.

Extending your sale allows you to draw in more customers with deals. More so with the sale running the whole weekend. However, focus on Black Friday first as this will be the main point of the sale. Bring your best-selling products and offers on that day.

For the days that follow after, try some themed promotions. Make each day offer a unique set of products and bargains for those products.

6. Offer a Sneak Peek

A good bargain should also need a good teaser for customers to look forward to Black Friday. It builds anticipation of the promotions that will come. Getting people excited as the sale day gets closer. You can approach this with a slideshow video, showing all the items offered.

You can post the sneak peek through social media, hyping up your followers and have them ready for the upcoming Black Friday sale.

7. Take Advantage of Hashtags

Make use of Black Friday focused hashtags with your regular hashtags when promoting. Hashtags like #blackfriday2018 or #blackfridaydeals are among the hashtags that you can use.

This allows you to reach customers who are intent on finding a great deal with the products that you offer. These work well with fashion items, electronics, or home decor. A quick look at your products should give you an idea if these would appeal to a larger market base. If they do, the hashtags might help you bring in more customers.

8. Buy a Stock of Products

Perhaps one of the most common mistakes dropshippers make is trying to purchase products for their Black Friday promotions at the last minute, right when suppliers and producers are already either busy with their biggest customers or simply out of stock.

A good idea to avoid not having products to sell is to buy a stock of products that you plan to promote during Black Friday.

Moreover, if you want your customers to remember you even after Black Friday, you could get some personalized packaging and coupon cards prepared, so that you customers will return to your store to use their coupon cards.

Prepare for Black Friday with These Dropshipping Tricks!

dropshipping tricks

Black Friday is an intense and busy day for customers to come in and buy with bargain hunting in mind. While these dropshipping tricks can help in raking in more buyers to check out your products. Make the necessary preparations and improvements to the website for this particular event.

On the other hand, it’s a very busy day for suppliers too, so if you’re going to scale and make money during Black Friday, it’s important to find a reliable supplier that does not leave you without merchandise during a sales peak.

Do not underestimate the supply chain problem, because it is really relevant!

If you buy merchandise from Aliexpress on order at the time, without making special agreements with a supplier, you may have a lot of problem during Black Friday.

It can happen to have 1000 orders to fulfill a no supplier with a stock of products to sell.

Planning your Black Friday sales strategy in advance is the secret of success.

When you hear stories of dropshippers that manage to sell hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single day is because they had a strategy.

Nobody can make more than a few hundred dollars during Black Friday, without a plan for scaling.

So if you have some flagship products that you want to scale during this Epic day, our advice is to book a stock in advance.

How to do it? You can use Yakkyofy, as we can:

  • Assist you in the search of some of the top quality suppliers in China;
  • Provide a service of Sample Evaluation before you purchase a stock of products;
  • Organise a photos, videos and 360 rendering of your items;
  • Purchase the stock of products at highly competitive prices;
  • Provide Warehouse space in Shenzhen for free;
  • Give the option to personalise your items with your own Logo;
  • Organise the production of Custom Packaging;
  • Fast ship your products one by one in dropshipping;
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These are only some of the services we can provide for your business, so what are you waiting for?

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