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Boost your dropshipping sales with your own private label packaging

What if we told you that private label packaging can grow your customer’s loyalty and boost dropshipping your sales?  

Dropshipping has changed a lot over the course of the years and many think it is no longer worth it.

The competition is high, advertising campaigns are becoming increasingly expensive. Moreover,  building a single-product store every time you launch a product is no longer a viable solution. 

Nowadays the best way to create a dropshipping business that can last overtime is to create a company with a personality and a voice, in short, to create a brand. 

One way to do this in an easy and economic way is to use private label packaging, and in this article, we will explain to you why this strategy is the best one to boost your sales and to build your customers’ loyalty. 

The PROs of Private Label Dropshipping  

Ideally, you would want to stand out from your competitions and to do that, you need to offer something that others can’t. You don’t only need to sell a product but offer a way of life a sentiment, and this can be done only by building a brand. A brand that people will remember when they will be in need of your service.

Build a loyal customer base is really important because a loyal customer will be a returning customer and a returning customer is the key for a successful business. 

Selling products to returning customers will increase your profits and decrease your costs in advertising, we’ll tell you more, if you manage to increase your customer retention rate, even by a mere 5%, you will increase your profit by at least 25%!  

And if you are running a dropshipping store? How can you build your own brand. 

Easy, you can do that by:

  • Selling Private Label Products
  • Shipping your orders in Private Label Packaging 

But, as many of you know, if you purchase your dropshipping products from AliExpress sellers or from other similar marketplaces, there is simply no way that you can personalize or modify your products with your logo or request them to be shipped with customised packaging. These marketplaces do not offer this service simply because they are oriented to B2C market, and therefore a personalisation of orders with a logo or a packaging that is not theirs, can be difficult to arrange. 

Private Label Products Vs Private Label Packaging

Many dropshippers today are searching a smart way to sell private label products, to create their own brand and build customer loyalty.

However adding your logo to your dropshipping products can be quite expensive. It requires you to buy very high MOQs of the same product, and it is not, in fact, as easy to arrange as one might think. 

First at all, you would need to search for a Chinese supplier that will agree to apply your logo on their products, explain to them the size, colour and the position where you want it to be printed, all of this while trying to communicate with the Chinese suppliers who, often, have a very limited  English vocabulary. 

If you have a large number of products on your website that do not sell very well, you might not want to add your logo on them, to avoid finding yourself with a stock of products that nobody wants. This is why, in the beginning you should always focus on adding your private label only to your best-sellers. 

A good practice that many experienced dropshippers do is to ship their on products with private label packaging.  

In fact, when dropshipping with your own packaging, you can still convey the same positive message to your clients.

By adding your logo to your packaging, you will still differentiate yourself from other stores of the same niche. Because, in fact, anyone could very well dropship their products from China to their customers. But only those who take their business seriously decide to invest, not only in the product itself, also in the way it is presented. 

Your customers will grasp on your effort and they will reward you by coming back to buy from your store. 

The PROs Of Dropshipping With Your Own Packaging

There are many positive aspect in using private label packagings:

  • It is a cheaper solution, you can easily find custom bags for $0,20 each; 
  • It is easy, you can use the same bag or box for many different items;
  • You do not have to buy product stock, just  simply need to buy a little stock of packaging, but you can still buy your dropshipping products one by one;
  • It is a flexible option, because even  if you change the product you are selling you can still  continue to use the same packaging;

You could decide to either customize the box containing your product or a shopping bag. 

In the first case, just make sure that, if you have products that differ in size, they can fit  neatly in the box. Otherwise, you might have to buy more boxes of different sizes to make sure they fit your products perfectly.

If you chose to customize a shopping bag, on the other hand, while you still have options to choose the size you prefer, you would likely not have as many concerns regarding the different sizes of your products and it would be also cheaper, in comparison to the box option. 

You can arrange custom packaging for dropshipping products with only a little investment. This will result in great returns and you will be able to start building your brand and scale the market. 

If you want to take your client’s experience to the next level, you might also want to consider adding a “Thank You Card”. These cards are proven to increase the rates of returning clients.

Customized Packaging + Thank You Cards are your cheat code to grow your customer’s loyalty, without spending thousands of dollars to put your logo on each and every product you sell. 

Custom Packaging for Dropshipping: Where to find them

Dropshipping with your own packaging is a really good strategy to gain customers loyalty, increase returning customers and boost your sales with a little investment. 

But where to find suppliers that can offer this service? It is not so easy? 

Chances are that you might be using a lot of different suppliers who fulfill your orders. If you want them to place your items in your customised packaging, you need first to: 

  • check with them if they offer this kind of service;
  • agree on the extra charge that they will for sure ask you for the extra service;
  • Ship to each of them a stock of your customized packages, that of course you have to print somewhere. 

It is hard to even begin to explain how many things could go wrong here.  It is very likely that you do not reside in China, you might find it hard to speak Chinese suppliers. As most times they don’t speak a really good english. 

To avoid all this problems and get all your orders shipped with your customized packaging, your answer is Yakkyofy

Yakkyofy is the only dropshipping software that will help you find products to sell and to dropship them in customized packages.

We can be the only supplier for all your items. In this way, we can also be the partner responsible for all your shipping and all your packaging.

Thanks to our software, you can easily ask quotations for the private labelling of your packaging. Buy them online and keep them in our warehouse for free ready to be use to pack your orders

And what about your products? 

You will still buy them one by one in perfect dropshipping style. So what are you waiting for?

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