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6 reasons why marketing to Gen Z can help grow your Dropshipping Store

Many businesses still consider marketing to Gen Z as the scope of a future marketing model. However, as per the reports, by 2020, Gen Z has already become the largest generation of consumers. Their impact on the market accounts for a massive amount between $29 and $143 in direct spending. If you haven’t been tapping on the Gen Z market yet, it is time to click refresh on your marketing strategies.

Gen Z was brought up with smart devices as toys. They process information in seconds, shuffling multiple screens at the same time. They have an ability, or perhaps, the talent to filter and process bulk content rapidly. For a dropshipper, there is plenty to gain from Gen Z as a primary target audience. And what better way to do that other than with a Gen Z proxy? 

As the older Gen Zers are getting into the job market, here are a few ways how a Gen Z marketer can help your dropshipping business.

1. Helping You Strategize Better

Born between 1995 and 2012, the Gen Z category represents a wide range of audiences with a significant age disparity. As parents admit, their children influence their shopping decisions. Even the younger group of Gen Z has the power of persuasion when it comes to purchasing online.

They are increasingly moving away from retail shopping. Even for academic requirements, they turn to established online services such as EssayPro. Gen Z is moving away from physical shops and department stores, focusing instead on online purchasing. 

Since this target group prefers personalized products, dropshipping aligns perfectly with the interests. There is no need for excess stock, only plentiful availability of designs. If you have been targeting millennials, then you need a Gen Z representative to revamp your business plan in the right direction that would intrigue the Gen Z pack.

2. In Making Technology Shifts

A Gen Z consumer’s window to the world is their smart devices and other digital means. Compared to the three screens of Millenials, Gen Z uses five. And they use these devices to stay connected to the world, as well as meet their shopping needs. Laptops are being used majorly for work, whereas smartphones are their constant companions.

One of the significant priorities of dropshippers should be to offer responsive solutions that are mobile devices-friendly. You need to get ahead to meet the digital expectations of even an 8-year old and stand out from the rest if you want to get noticed.

3. To Offer Trending Products

As dropshippers do not need to physically buy, stock, or ship any inventory items, a Gen Z representative can help you plan ahead on quickly onboarding any trending products. As there is little cost to creating online catalogs and no inventory risk, a dropshipper can and should take advantage of their position to make an item available online.

4. To Step up Your Social Media Game

Millennials might have established the era of social networks and media marketing. But Gen Z grew up in the era social media as a primary means of communication. According to statistics, they prefer YouTube to TVs, and Instagram to Facebook. They are quite tech-savvy while being creators themselves. This is why marketing to Gen Z is better done via social media.

In order to stay relevant among this group, you need to look beyond the typical marketing approaches. While email marketing can deliver business promos at regular intervals, social media is where you need to focus on getting noticed. Though the audience might be younger now, they still have a considerable purchasing power compared to the same age groups of the previous generation.

It would help if you had delegates from Gen Z to guide you through creating campaigns that show how your customers are experiencing your products. Gen Z consumers want to see how their fellow buyers are engaging with and enjoying the new products. Social media is the best place to secure positive reviews and build clout for your dropshipping business. 

5. To Work with Gen Z Collaborations

Influencers are not going anywhere anytime soon. 70% of Gen Z teenagers relate to YouTube icons with friendship. The simple logic is that these influencers, often falling in the same age group as their audience, are deemed as more authentic and comparable. Today, YouTube creators can shape a culture, and make way for the next trend.

The power of influencer marketing, hence, is only going to rise in the next decade. Moreover, when done right, influencer marketing can deliver 11 times more ROI over any other digital marketing channels. Dropshippers can also involve Gen Zers in marketing campaigns. Include them in advertisements and promotions that are relatable to the particular target group.

6. To Serve Snippert Versions 

Gen Z has exhibited a high preference for small bits of content captivating in a short time. These are easy to understand as well. So, snippet versions that wouldn’t take over much of their time, yet can grab their attention, are the best ways to do marketing to Gen Z.

This puts a high priority over predominantly visual and video content that appeals to their emotions. For instance, a YouTube ad could pique the interest within 5 seconds if you want the user not to skip it. As Gen Z are already conversant in the world of stories, dropshippers can take advantage of the feature on every social media channel to offer a glimpse of their products. Get inspirations from the content they are producing, and create content that resonates with their style.

What’s the Takeaway?

In many ways, dropshipping is ideal to meet Gen Z’s buying habits. When you gather information about the demand and expectations, dropshipping comes with the least strings attached to change your product catalog quickly. With efficient and effective communication between your marketing and inventory, dropshipping enables you to offer items that are responsive to the Gen Z consumers’ impulsive purchasing patterns.

Dropshippers can also offer a wide array of products, even with their very own private label that could translate to more sales. It is the right time to start preparing for this demographic. Gen Z’s purchasing power is about to hit the high numbers. If you are a dropshipper, make sure that you have the right representation in your team to help you tweak your strategies to yield the best of Gen Z’s buying habits.

There is just one more thing to consider when selling and marketing to Gen Z. Just like any other audience, Generation Z also appreciates the quality of products they receive along with a fast shipping service. 

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