ePacket vs Special Line: Which is the Best Delivery Service?

Drop shipping is a method of transferring goods from the manufacturer to the retailer. This method of shipping is best for retailers who don’t keep the products they are selling in stock, cutting back on the financial obligations that come with using storage and warehouse spaces.

The merchant simply buys products from the supplier as they are needed to fulfill outstanding orders. Because of the popularity of online shopping, the drop shipping options that are available for retailers are constantly improving.

Right now, ePacket and Special Line delivery are increasing in prevalence. But which one will work best for your business?

In this article, we’ll tell you how each shipping method works. Just read on.

ePacket: How it Works

ePacket is an economy International Express Service operated by China Postal Express & Logistics in cooperation with partner posts to ship cross-border e-commerce lightweight products weighing up to 2KG. ePacket delivery is now accepted in more than 35 countries.

This is how it works.


It’s free to track your ePacket parcel from the beginning to the end. It allows customers and merchants to locate their packages using their country’s validated postal websites like USPS. However, shipping updates are available on third-party sites.

If a package cannot be delivered, its returned shipping is free as well in the country where is stated so. Remember that the return policy may vary from the Postal Office in different countries, so not every country will give the same service. This was set in place to allow customers to receive a refund from merchants if they don’t get their packages.

ePacket delivery is a method often used by sites like eBay, Amazon, and AliExpress. But it can be used by anyone in China as long as their packages fall into the specified requirements for ePacket deliveries.


While ePacket shipping is highly convenient, not all your packages will meet the size qualifications for this delivery service. This delivery method is most suitable for smaller packages.

For an ePacket delivery, your package shouldn’t be any longer than 24 inches (60 centimeters). The height and thickness of the packages cannot exceed 36 inches (90 centimeters.)

Also, the package can’t weigh more than 4.4 pounds (2kg).

Lastly, the packages have to be shipped from either China. The final delivery destination needs to be one of the qualifying countries.

Arrival Time

Delays due to holidays or customs can occur, also the shipping speed varies between countries.  But on average, this is a much faster shipping option than others coming from China.

The average shipping time going to the United States is roughly 10 to 20 days. Customers in other countries can expect similar timeframes when expecting their packages, but remember that the shipping performance depends on the Postal system on both sides of departure and destination, so it may take longer for delivery in some countries.


ePacket charge is based on weights and registered fee, different countries have different rates.

The Ins and Outs of Special Line Shipping

Special Line delivery is another shipping option that merchants use to ship packages from China. The main difference between ePacket and Special Line is that packages sent via Special Line are sent with air cargo to the destination country and uses local express shipping carrier or postal office for last mile delivery.

This shipping method is used to save money and speed up the delivery times.


Packages sent via Special Line can be easily tracked online. A customer can check the location of their packages from the time they leave the merchant to the time they reach the delivery address.

This can be done at no additional charge for all Special Line packages.

Size Requirements

One of the main benefits of Special Line shipping over ePacket is that Special Line has broader weights range. Special Line packages can be up to 66.1 pounds (30 kilograms).

Arrival Time

Packages shipped from China using Special Line services can reach their arrival destination in 5-12 days. General speaking, Special Line can reach faster delivery than ePacket or other post shipping method. Of course, as with other shipping methods, delays can occur during holidays.


Same as ePacket, Special Line charge is also based on weights and registered fee, different countries have different rates.

Shipping Locations

When you are using Special Line shipping, you will notice the location break down which was set in place to make this shipping system run more smoothly. Special line shipping always starts in China and can end in different locations. And with more and more demands on quick delivery, Special Line is expanding its service every day in new countries. For now, the shipping lines span across:

  • Austria AT
  • Luxembourg   LU
  • Netherlands NL
  • Sweden SE
  • United States US
  • Greece GR   
  • Romania RO   
  • Croatia HR  
  • Estonia EE   
  • Hungary HU  
  • Lithuania LT   
  • Slovenia SI  
  • Germany DE 
  • Belgium BE   
  • France FR   
  • Italy IT 
  • Spain ES  
  • United Kingdom GB  
  • Denmark DK   
  • Czech Republic CZ  
  • Poland PL   
  • Portugal PT   
  • Ireland IE   
  • Bulgaria BG   
  • Cyprus CY   
  • Finland FI   
  • Latvia LV   
  • Malta MT   
  • Slovakia SK
  • Canada CA  
  • Australia AU

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Which is the Best?

Compared with ePacket, Special Line may cost little higher but with much more stable and better shipping performance. The entire shipping circle of ePacket replies on postal systems in which performance may be under the influence of strike, inter transfer in the postal system, customs delay, peak season etc. Instead of Special Line, it combines with air cargo and local faster courier to make the delivery faster. Moreover, Special Line has higher flexibility on shipping weights which can be up to 30KG. If you are looking for faster delivery to increase your customers’ satisfaction, Special Line will be the top choice for you.

How to use Special Line for your dropshipping business

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