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The Best Items to Dropship in 2022

When you run an eCommerce store, searching for the best dropshipping products to sell on your site is certainly one of the most complex tasks. 

Dropshipping is a tricky business, but it can be extremely profitable if done right. Also, it offers you the opportunity to work from home, which is not surprising in these uncertain times!

Dropshipping products: some rules to follow

Before you start your mad and desperate search for the best items to dropship on for your store, write down some essential rules. There are in fact some categories of products that must be avoided a priori: 

  • Bulky products: choose small products that can fit in a shoe box, it is in fact possible to ship bulky products, but the cost of shipping increases drastically.
  • Heavy items: the cost of your shipment is based on weight and volume so it is clear that extremely heavy products will have expensive shipments
  • Liquids and batteries: all products that you can’t generally take on the plane with you when you travel, are also not recommended in dropshipping. Goods are generally shipped by air and liquids and batteries are considered dangerous items.
  • Sensitive products: avoid products that cannot be sponsored on social networks because they are considered sensitive, such as sex toys, medicines, etc…
  • Substances that are ingested: these are products that must be subjected to special controls so they are to be avoided.
  • Dangerous products: weapons or anything that can be considered as such (such as a kitchen knife), chemicals, lighters with gas inside are considered dangerous items and create many problems in dropshipping.
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The best categories to choose from

We searched for the top ten categories to search for your dropshipping products, those categories that have generated the most best sellers in recent months and are expected to continue to generate them. They are:

  1. Clothing and Accessories
  2. Products for Kids
  3. Car and Bike Accessories
  4. Health and Beauty
  5. home accessories.
  6. Kitchen Accessories
  7. Sports and gym products
  8. Pet Accessories
  9. Electronics and Technological Gadgets

The best items to dropship in 2022

Within these 10 categories we have then selected for you some products that we think will be or continue to be successful in 2022.


Crop tops or patches that leave your belly uncovered, are a growing trend that will continue to bring great satisfaction even in 2022.

You can find many types and colors so that you can also create a store dedicated only to these super fashionable garments among the very young.

Alongside crop jackets they are also super fashionable.

Best Items to Dropship: Joggers

Joggers, sweatpants, jeggings… we want to be comfortable and these types of trousers are having an incredible growth. They are good both for doing gym, and to spend a Saturday out walking, but they can also have more elegant versions that can be used in work or social situations.

Corrective belt postures or postural bands

Any product that helps a person feel better or more beautiful is usually a safe bet for dropshipping.

The posture correction strap, for example, is a simple harness that sits on your back and helps keep your shoulders straight. This product has been developed with the purpose of correcting the posture of the wearer. Considering how the amount of smart working has increased, so how the movement has been reduced, with this product you could easily break through.

Resistance band: Elastic bands for fitness 

Among the best items to dropship, we of course find Fitness products are often a great choice for dropshipping and fitness bands are no exception.

This type of product is probably the simplest and most useful tool during a workout. In fact, it consists of elastic bands that can be used for resistance exercises with any other part of the body.

It is also a very cheap product but if presented well it can be sold with a good margin. A good idea could be to market them to fitness beginners through influencers and micro influencers.

Best Items to Dropship: Latest-generation headphones and earphones

It seems absurd, but wireless headphones are an evergreen who still has a long life ahead of him under one condition: to stay always in step with the times.

In fact, we all change our headphones very often to have more and more modern and functional models, so the secret is always to offer the latest generation of new products.

The latest templates or shapes. The racing, fitness and gym models are not to be underestimated. 

Remember that you can not sell headphones of famous brands without the permission of the manufacturer, however on the market there are many white label headphones that can be resold without any risk.

Mobile phone accessories

Similar to the speech of the headphones is the one for the accessories of the mobile phone. The mobile phone is now an indispensable tool for us and every day new accessories come out to make it more beautiful or more useful.

Think of the magnetic chargers, the brackets to keep it in the car. Selfie sticks and lights to record videos for social media. Whoever has more, just stay up to date with the new trends. 

You might also consider phone repair tools, phone camera lenses, pop sockets, and cases.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This is one of those best items to dropship, that most people don’t realize they need until they see it. It is true that these robots are no longer a novelty, in fact they have already been on the market for a few years, but now they are within everyone’s reach.

Before this was an extremely expensive product and for this reason not within everyone’s reach precisely because new, today instead this technology has become more common making it easier to sell to consumers.

(Robot Mop search)

In addition, compared to the first models, the new ones have many more features that make them more attractive to consumers.

Nor should we underestimate the change in our habits. After the pandemic many people stayed at home in smart working, so spending much more time in their apartment they need to clean it more often.

Air Purifiers

The pandemic and the new focus on environmental issues is pushing sales linked to these types of sectors: we have seen how steel water bottles or reusable wax sheets for food storage have become fashionable. Well this will be the year of the air purifiers.

More and more cities have experienced a high level of pollution and more and more people have become sensitive to this issue, often parents with young children (advice for your audience).

Bike accessories

In a sense always connected to the subject of pollution we see a peak in the use of bicycles or electric scooters as means of locomotion. Although these two types of products are not sold in dropshipping, however, their use requires many accessories.

From the spare parts, to the gloves, from the lights to the raincoats, you really have a chance to indulge. 

Household safety equipment

We also recommend wireless cameras for the entrance of houses (wireless doorbell room)

Like wireless security cameras to check the inside of your home when you are away.

The need for safety is a primary need that we all share and on which it is easy to leverage to sell your products.

The best suppliers for your dropshipping products

Once you have selected the best items to dropship, you must find a good supplier who can find quality products and send them to your customers quickly. 

You can try the services of Yakkyofy.

Yakkyofy offers a 360° service for your dropshipping business:

  • we are only looking for reliable suppliers
  • we check the quality of the products
  • we offer product AR files
  • we offer real videos and photos of the products
  • fast shipments to many TIER 1 countries
  • direct connection to your store (whatever it is)
  • Automatic order fulfillment
  • Custom Packaging
  • products branded with your logo

and lots more!

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