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How to ship directly to Amazon FBA from China

Ship your products directly to Amazon FBA and save time and money

Amazon has become the undisputed giant of online retail sales: on this platform, you can find any product at an advantageous price. In just a couple of clicks, you can order and pay for the goods you want and they will be shipped directly at your doorstep in a handful of days.

Millions of consumers are accustomed to this system and make purchases every day from all over the world. Being present on Amazon as a trader can be very profitable. You could receive orders from people who are geographically very distant, expand your client base and your business turnover.

If you already have an online store on Amazon, you know that this portal is not only a means of getting in touch with new customers, but it also offers various services such as the option of using an integrated logistics system for your shipments. You simply ship your products to one of the Amazon FBA warehouses and they will arrange the fulfillment of your orders

Why you should ship the products you want to sell to Amazon FBA

Selling on Amazon is a good way to enter the market. Sending your goods directly to Amazon FBA can be quite beneficial because:

• you can take advantage of their warehouses if you do not have enough space available to stock and pack the products you sell;

• you can acquire new customers;

• Amazon manages your stock of goods, not only fulfilling your orders but also dealing with returns and customer problems;

• the free shipping service for Amazon Prime users makes your products more attractive to customers.

Although there are some rules to follow:

• you must comply with Amazon’s packaging guidelines (all pieces of the product must be contained in one single package; each product must have a scannable barcode; the packaging must have an identification label, etc.);

• do not send unauthorised marketing materials such as brochures, price tags and non-Amazon stickers;

• prepare shipments according to the Amazon Fulfilment guidelines, which clarifies that the packaging changes depending on the product;

• send the products to multiple warehouses, so that they can quickly respond to the requests of the various customers.

How to ship directly to Amazon FBA

The shipping process can be quite complex this is why, in order to ship directly to Amazon FBA, you need to have a shipping plan at your disposal. First of all, you must provide a list of products to the Amazon fulfillment centers: you can do so by logging into your account on In the settings section, you can choose the shipment details, enter the description and quantity of the products you want to send. You can also choose to either label the products yourself or to delegate it to the Amazon team. The goods must be then packed following Amazon’s guidelines, to make sure they reach the fulfillment centers intact.

You can arrange the shipment yourself, once you got the products from your supplier, but bear in mind that you will have to send them to multiple Amazon warehouses.

If you decide to buy directly from China, you can skip the steps that are time-consuming and expensive by asking your Chinese supplier to ship your products directly to the Amazon FBA centers also personalized products. Nevertheless, you have to be careful. You are responsible for the transit of the goods, therefore you must ensure that they are accompanied by all the necessary documents to go through customs. Moreover, you must comply with Amazon’s guidelines: your goods could be refused if they do not meet the safety standards or if there are licenses that prohibit their sale.

On one hand, you can search the Amazon Brand Registry to see if your products breach any licence. On the other, it is impossible to verify the safety standards if your suppliers ship directly to Amazon FBA, without you personally reviewing the goods. 

The solution could be to resort to an intermediary who is able to ensure that products are in line with the destination country’s regulations and that the shipment is carried out correctly.

How to ship your products directly to Amazon FBA?

ship directly to amazon fba

You can have your products shipped directly to Amazon FBA, however you must find a supplier who is able to prepare the goods following the shipping and packaging guidelines requested by Amazon. You need a third-party who can provide all the necessary certifications for your products to be sold in the consumers country.

If you are unable to inspect the goods before they go on sale and you want to avoid complaints from your customers, you have to find a serious and reliable supplier who can provide you quality goods.

The answer is to turn to a company like Yakkyofy, the only platform that allows you to purchase products from China and to dispatch them directly to Amazon FBA with just a few clicks. If you rely on Yakkyofy, you will be in contact with the best Chinese producers and you will not have to stress on price bargaining, transit of goods and custom clearance.

You would only have to decide what you want to purchase, choose your products and everything will be shipped directly to Amazon FBA.

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