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Social Commerce: why it is important for your dropshipping business?

What does Social Commerce Mean?

As you know Social Media are more and more important in a person everyday life. People read news update on Twitter, choose events to go on Facebook and buy a product through Instagram. In this kind of society, be present on social networks is really important for your dropshipping business.

But what does Social Commerce means, it is a new evolution of the traditional eCommerce that became more interactive through the use of Social Media.

With this system, the user are more involved in the business and assist in the online buying and marketing through community, review, blog.

The term social commerce was created by Yahoo! in November 2005 to describe all the online collaborative shopping tools, such as ratings, content sharing that enable shoppers “to get advice from trusted individuals, find goods and services and then purchase them”.

Social commerce helps brands and companies to find and engage their customers and to continue to be involved with the company also after they buy a  product. Through this platform, they can share their experiences, describe the product, compare it with the competitors’.

Six Reasons Customers Prefer To Buy Via Social Networks

The idea of social commerce is still fairly new, but it’s making tremendous waves in the eCommerce industry. It incorporates everything that has made eCommerce so successful, like order tracking, product variety, and secure checkouts. Social commerce adds another layer of essential features that the traditional version of eCommerce lacks.

Here are some of the reasons why buyers are moving over to the social commerce platforms.

Customers Care About The Opinions Of Friends And Family

In traditional shopping environments, the customer’s choice to buy a certain product is influenced only by product placement, the information given to her by the seller, and prior knowledge of the product in question (if any). When it comes to social commerce, customers can read reviews from friends and other people they trust before deciding to buy certain products.

Customers Love To Participate

eCommerce via social networks not only gives customers the power to leave reviews and ratings on the products they bought, they are also encouraged to provide recommendations to friends and followers. These social actions put the power back into the hands of the customer and give their opinions a voice. It also gives customers a sense of involvement and participation in the brand or company.

An Unbiased Place To Buy Anything You Want

The feeds of social networks are mostly filled with what people like and don’t like. The combination of the above with an eCommerce platform gives users recommendations without hard sales pitches. In fact, there are no sales pitches at all. Only shares, likes, and dislikes from friends, with easy access to the products in case they want to try it out for themselves.

Offer Comparison For Better Prices

On traditional eCommerce sites, potential customers will mostly see only products from one supplier, but on social commerce platforms, they will see a number of sellers offering the same product. This is why you often see an Amazon discount or some attractive eBay daily deals being advertised on social media – that’s the big eCommerce brands competing for the attention of their potential customers.

This means that they can compare prices and shipping options, and pick the best option for their pockets. They will also be able to make decisions based on supplier reviews.

Direct Contact With Brands And Companies

Buyers also prefer shopping using social commerce, because it puts them in direct contact with the brands or suppliers. Social networks make it easy to connect with any company and contact them. Social networks such as Facebook even supply information about how quickly certain companies respond to direct messages. Customers also like to know that they can tag companies in posts and tweets in order to give praise or to complain.

The Ultimate Guide To What’s Hot Right Now

Social media is always up to date. It gives users a sense of what’s happening right now in the world. On eCommerce sites, write-ups about certain products can easily become outdated without the customer even knowing. And for this, Social Media are perfect to promote your new drop shipped products.

Browsing via social commerce websites gives the customer all the up to date opinions, reviews, and information on the products they want to buy to ensure that they make the right decisions. So It is important to have good review and so to find good dropshipping suppliers.

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