Best Tools and Tips on How to Find Dropshipping Products

Best Tools and Tips on How to Find Dropshipping Products

Despite the popularity of dropshipping, this business model has its pitfalls.

Delivery from China, as well as the return of defective goods, takes too much time, and the responsibility for customer service passes to you as an intermediary.

Therefore, to make a dropshipping business profitable and efficient, you, first of all, need to start with a careful selection of goods that should be of high quality, interesting and demanding.

In this article, we talk about how to find dropshipping products to sells.

Find a Gap

dropshipping products

Popular dropshipping products may sell well, or may not sell at all due to intense competition. Moreover, many users prefer to spend time on Aliexpress independently and buy the good directly from the suppliers of goods directly, instead of paying the added cost. Therefore, you need to find something difficult to find for the average user. It is best to find a product that a small number of companies offer, but here you also need to be careful.

As a rule, when a completely new product appears on the Chinese market, no one else knows about the company that creates and supplies it. This means that you will have to take responsibility for the reliability of the supplier and quality yourself. And even if you are confident in these points, your work in searching for goods is still not finished – now you need to check whether the product will be interesting to the target audience and what price they are willing to pay for it.

Find dropshipping products: Research the Niche

After you have found a relatively unique product, you need to conduct a study in a niche and find out what analogs there are, plus what the target audience thinks about this product and whether it knows about it.

So how do you research this topic? Here is a list of tools for comprehensive analysis, as well as tips on how to use each of them most effectively.

  • Google Trends will help you to get your first ideas. Everything is simple here – you need to open Google Trends, write some of the most popular in your opinion queries related to your product and find out how many users have been looking for something like this lately.

Hint! To find the most suitable keywords, start with the search line of Google itself, enter your main query, scroll to the bottom of the page and see similar queries. Check out each of them on Google Trends to get the most complete picture.

  • Social networks will help you to find out the thoughts of the target audience about the product. Here you will have to search for relevant posts using hashtags. To do this, you can use the Hashtagify service, and the results that you get with it can be used in all popular social networks. We recommend starting with Instagram and Twitter. By the way, this is also another way to find competing pages, assess the degree of their development and see what marketing approaches they implement.
  • Sell the Trend helps find trending products on AliExpress. The functionality of this service is a bit similar to Google Trends, so we suggest you use it as an additional tool to once again test your hypotheses about the demand for dropshipping products.
  • Ali Express Dropshipping Center. This is the Original Source for Your Research since all the most trending products are already collected on this page. Browse through these lists once again to make sure your intentions are reasonable.
  • Ecomhunt is a smart tool that allows you to run pre-configured Facebook advertising campaigns. It is ideal for tests. However, to be able to test, you need to create a test marketing page. Yes, it will take a little of your time, since you will need to choose the most suitable template, work on the design and fill the site with content. But if you want to focus on only one product, then in general, it is possible to cope with this task in a day. In any case, such a test advertising campaign that will lead to a test site is better than choosing and buying a product that no one will be interested in. Therefore, be sure to evaluate the real response of the audience before making the final decision and investing in the purchase.

Come up with A/B Testing

After research, it is necessary to check the response of the audience before purchasing the goods. Facebook advertising is one of the options. We have already said a little about real research, and here we will talk about this in more detail.

To get a measurable result and understand the effect of your actions, you need to connect analytics to your test landing page. Also, you need to develop several advertising campaigns and change key elements.

For example, you can develop several calls to action, experiment with product photos on the main page, change the color of the buy button, and so on. By the way, here’s another hint – the green buy button converts better than red.

Also, you can try to test audiences from different countries. True, for this you will have to translate and localize your advertising message, but you can easily do this using The Word Point translation service.

At the end of your research, you should receive comprehensive data not only about how interesting your product is for the audience but also develop the first steps in your marketing — that is, clearly understand how you will advertise and promote the product, what techniques work and don’t work in your case.


The right choice of dropshipping products is impossible without comprehensive analysis. After the study, you can determine the starting price, which should at least cover the cost of delivery, plus provide opportunities for business development and put profit in your pocket. And if you research according to our algorithm before you start investing in the purchase of goods, then your chances of reaching a potential buyer and bypassing your competitors will increase significantly.

Once you have located the products you want to sell, you need the right supplier to make sure that your customers satisfaction rate stays high and the returns rate low, you need someone who can assess the quality of the sourced products and guarantee stable delivery times.

In this way you can also start building customer loyalty, because as we all know:

 A happy customer is a returning customer!

The only software that offers you sourcing and fulfillment services, along with a full integration with Shopify and WooCommerce, is Yakkyofy. If you choose Yakkyofy as your supplier, you will no longer have to worry of defective goods or wrong products shipped out to your customers.

We provide the fastest delivery times to TIER-1 Countries at a reasonable rate, in only 7-12 days your products will go from China to your customers doorstep.

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