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7 Smart Ways to Use Video E-mail Marketing for eCommerce

Video E-mail marketing is the closest thing to having face to face interaction with your customer base.

Why? Because it is the best way to show your character and give customers a personal understanding of your company.

In fact, 59% of executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic, they are more likely to choose video.

Continue reading for some expert tips to include video E-mail marketing strategies in your dropshipping business.

Video E-Mail Marketing Strategies: Send Updates

When you have several updates and news to give your clients, typing it into one long E-mail or newsletter can overwhelm them and turn them off right off the bat.

People are busy, why not give them the same updates in a more digestible and appealing format?

Consider sending a newsletter to your E-mail list with no more than three short paragraphs of content. Embed a video toward the top of the newsletter. Make sure the sound and visual quality are both high and that the video can be shared easily across social media platforms. Additionally, ensure that you convert your videos to the right format so that they can be played on any device.

According to Forbes, half a billion people watch videos on Facebook every day. Wouldn’t it be great for your marketing videos to be among them?

Build Trust

Sharing behind the scenes glimpses of your business with your customer base builds an undeniable trusting relationship between your brand and its followers.

Think about your favorite brands. How often do you get to see their leadership teams or even staff show imperfections or laugh at themselves?

It isn’t very often.

A big part of marketing and public figures is that both want to put their best faces in the forefront. However, no one is perfect or completely professional all the time. Showing before and after clips, videos of team building activities, or even introducing your audience to your staff displays your humble spirit and humility, making you relatable.

If your company recently hosted an event, like a public fundraiser or holiday party, sharing a video of speeches or games that were played also play into emotion. This will not only show that you followed through with the plans to have the gathering, but it will also make people want to attend the next one.

In short, emotions push people to do things, even make purchases. When you tap into consumer’s emotions, they will respond by following your brand and buying your products.

Generate Excitement

Maybe you’ve improved a product your customers already love, or you’ll be speaking live at a local venue, or giving a huge discount.

Generate customer excitement by giving them a video preview. Again, make sure the video can be easily shared throughout social media and make it fun.

You won’t need an expensive full production, because most of the phones people have these days take great videos. And you can easily build excitement with a 30-second clip. Haven’t you seen a movie trailer that made you want to remember the release date?

Improve Cold E-mails

That’s right, when a video is added to a cold E-mail, it will break down a potential customer’s guard. Build up the intrigue by crafting a perfect subject line for the purpose.

The appearance of the word “video” or creating urgency in your subject line gets more people open them. Even more, including an emoji of a video in the object of your E-mail can increase open rates.

These additional views can add to more sales and brand awareness.

Say Thank You

Your customers want to know that you appreciate them for keeping you in business and being part of what made your dreams come true. This pulls the kinds of emotions out of them that makes them want to stick with you. They will feel like you’re a sincere and down-to-earth person.

In the video, you can include messages from your staff. Allow a few people to tell a personal story about a customer they enjoyed helping.

Regardless of how you choose to say it, smile and make sure it is genuine. This leaves a long-lasting, positive impression.

Yes, you want to extend your marketing to grow your customer base. However, understand that keeping current customers is just as important and less expensive. Remember that a person that has already bought something from you is more likable to do it again. If you can improve your customer retention rates by 5%, you can see profits increase by 25% to 95%.

Video Tutorials

Everyone likes to receive a little something for free, including your clients. Embed video tutorials in your marketing E-mails. We’re not telling you to give away major trade secrets here, just a taste.

If that isn’t enough, 64% of consumers report making a purchase after watching a marketing video on Facebook.

For example, if you sell kitchen tools, share a video tutorial showing how to do a simple design like a flower on a cupcake.

Customer Testimonials

Most people know that word of mouth is as important to marketing as ads and billboards.

Did you know that of 92% of consumers say they trust recommendations from friends and family above all other forms of advertising? Or that 84% of online shoppers choose to buy items after reading trusted reviews?

This kind of information is useful to your brand in many ways.

For starters, always providing excellent customer service will guarantee that people only speak about your brand in a positive light. But will also help your E-mail marketing campaigns.

Encourage satisfied clients to send video testimonials to be used in your newsletters. You can also have them post videos on their own social media accounts, tagging your company page after.

Start Your Video E-mail Marketing Campaign Today

The success of your dropshipping store is our success, so our goal is to guide you in making the most of your dropshipping e-commerce business.

Video E-mail marketing is an excellent approach. But we have many more to share.

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