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How to buy from China Safely and Avoid Scams

Is buying from Chinese websites risky?

More and more people choose to make their purchases online, conveniently from home and more and more people choose to buy on Chinese websites. The advantages of eCommerce are well known: you can choose from a wide range of products available in all price ranges, purchase transactions are simple and fast and products are shipped within a few days.

Another advantage is being able to order an object that comes from the other side of the world. That is exactly what happens when we Europeans decide to buy from China.

Buying on Chinese Websites: Differences with Western Resources

how to buy from china safely

In China, as in the rest of the world, eCommerce sites are spreading that sell everything and where you can sell everything. The most famous is undoubtedly Alibaba, today a giant of the sector, which has made its founder the richest man in China. Many consider it the anti Amazon, boasts more than 500 million customers and, although it was born and developed in Chinese territory, it is taking hold all over the world.

If you are going to buy on Chinese sites, the first thing that comes to your eye is their graphic appearance: you have the impression of entering a virtual shop. The prices of Chinese products are undoubtedly very competitive, which is why many Western companies choose to buy on these sites by ordering large quantities of goods. Generally, it is the wholesalers who put the goods directly on sale, so the buyer is asked for a minimum quantity of order that can be made even without having a VAT number.

Rules for Buying on Chinese Websites Safely

It is legitimate to have fears when shopping on the Internet. In order to avoid running into scams, just follow some precautions. So let’s see how to buy from China safely:

  • Research the Seller. These sites are used as showcases by many sellers, when making a purchase we must therefore try to understand if the supplier is reliable, to this end we can look for feedback and user ratings. We can understand if deliveries take place on time, from how far the company works, and the quality of its products.
  • Security of payment transactions. Some scams can be scammed thanks to a payment system that guarantees transactions: Alibaba’s Alipay, for example, protects customers by escalating the payment from the credit card only after the order has been delivered and applies a refund if the goods do not match the one actually ordered.
  • Counterfeit Goods. Since China exports many counterfeit products, it may happen to order a branded item and receive it falsely. A counterfeit product also runs the risk of not passing customs controls and therefore may never arrive. The reliability of the seller can be a first guarantee for the buyer, even the price is indicative, if the item you want really costs too little you can raise some doubts.

How to Buy from China: The Barriers

As we have seen, many Chinese sites, such as Alibaba, have minimum purchase quantities (MOQ), and these can even become quite high, we are talking about hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of pieces if you want to have even a small customization of your products.

Reaching these MOQs can be complex, especially if you have a small business. We are not only talking about problems related to the price of the products themselves, since the purchase of these quantities brings with it problems such as:

  • The costs for shipping wholesale products;
  • Import costs ( customs and duties);
  • The cost for storing the goods ( warehouse and personnel).

If you have a small business these costs may be insurmountable, at least until you can increase your turnover. But don’t worry, because the solution to all these problems is easier than you think!

Buy from China with Yakkyofy

buy from china

To overcome these inconveniences and buy from China online safely (as well as being sure that the products really arrive at home!) it is good to rely on secure sites, such as Yakkyofy.

Yakkyofy is  the only online platform that allows you to choose products and wait for them to arrive home without customs and authorization problems: Yakkyofy is your interlocutor with China that helps you at all stages of the purchase process and that guarantees the quality and origin of the goods you have ordered.

Thanks to Yakkyofy in fact, you can make your wholesale purchases in China, without any problem!

But the advantages of buying your products with Yakkyofy do not end there! Because you can not only buy small quantities but you will do it at factory prices!

Buying at wholesale prices directly from China is very convenient because you can lower prices.

This all sounds great, doesn’t it? Certainly it is, but it is also true that it could be difficult to find the right supplier, have a guarantee that your products are actually the same as those you see in the photos, negotiate shipping, organize shipping, customs clearance and above all have a clear and synthetic quote, so you have all the information you need to make your assessments.

Well, with Yakkyofy, you can buy your high quality Made in China products from a single online platform, quickly and easily!

Yakkyofy allows you to:

  • Have all the specifications of your product in English;
  • Have direct contact with your supplier;
  • Request a quote for small quantities of product;
  • Choose your shipping method;
  • Be sure to purchase from certified Chinese suppliers (CE);
  • Have full control over the quality of your products (you can request the evaluation of a sample);
  • Have a clear and transparent quote that will provide you with all the information on shipping and customs clearance costs;
  • Receive your goods at the specified address and at an Amazon FBA warehouse;

In short, the secret to buying safely and saving is Yakkyofy!

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