Buy products from China in stock is easy

With only a few clicks you can buy products from China to dropship product with private label, to ship them to Amazon FBA or to import Wholesales.
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Yakkyofy is completely free

Buy products from China to sell online is easier with Yakkyofy

With only a few clicks you can buy products from China to sell online whenever and wherever you want. Choose the service that you prefer.

Private Label your Dropshipping Products

Choose your best seller and private label them to increase customer loyalty and build your own Brand.  
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Ask quotations in a few clicks

You have only to give us an URL and upload your logo and we will source for you the products you need directly from China at factory prices and give you back a quotation.

bundle sales

Bundle Sales

Yakkyofy allows you to send different products, bought by the same customer in the same order, paying only for one delivery.

fast shipping for dropshipping

Fast Shipping with Special Line

We use the fastest shipping service available on the market to deliver your packages: Special Line. With Special Line, we can deliver an item to the US and most of the EU countries within 3 to 12 business days.

Get a Stock Discount on your Dropshipping Products

With Yakkyofy you can buy a stock of your dropshipping bestseller products and get a discount.

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No Storage Fee

If you buy a stock of products with Yakkyofy you don't need to pay anything to rent your warehouse space, our company will offer you free storage in our warehouse in Shenzhen.

Customized shipping

Shorter delivery time

Do you want to deliver your parcels in the shortest time possible? If you stock your products in our warehouse in Shenzhen, they will be ready to be shipped out and this will reduce your processing time from 5 to only 1 business day.

amazon compliance label

Check your Inventory online anytime

With Yakkyofy, you don’t need to communicate every week with your fulfillment center to order your products or check your inventory levels. You can easily follow your inventory movements and levels for the Virtual Warehouse tab of your Yakkyofy’s account, online from your laptop.

Import Wholesale products

Certified products from China at factory prices delivered at your doorsteps.


AQL Quality Control

Yakkyofy searches for you only goods made by guaranteed suppliers and provided with all the documents to pass through customs. We also guarantee quality control of your products directly in China, before shipping them.

Custom Clarence

Customs Clearance

What documents do you need to import goods from China? Which taxes you have to pay on those products? Yakkyofy will give you a clear price that includes all the expenses down to the delivery.

Customized shipping

Customized shippings

You can decide to send your products by sea, by train or by air and we will send you a quotation with a comprehensive list of hidden costs like tax and customs fee.

Ship directly to Amazon FBA

Source products from China and ship them directly to Amazon FBA.

quality control

Certified Products with B2B Prices

We source for you only certified products at factory prices, provided with all the documents to pass through customs.

private label product dropshipping

Private Label Products

With Yakkyofy you can easily dropship Products with Private Label and also with personalized packages or customized cards.

amazon compliance label

Amazon Compliant Packaging

We provide packaging 100% compliant with Amazon FBA standards.

testimonial luca c.

I use Yakkyofy both for a Shopify in Italy and for the United States. Great service, competent people and always available in chat support. I abandoned Oberlo in their favor as their on-site operators guarantee a better choice of suppliers. TOP

Luca C.
testimonial Pasquale Walter Barbara

I tested Yakkyofy before launch a new Italian eCommerce because I didn't believe that they can delivery a shipment within only 7/12 days. But I said 'wow' when the test was delivered within only 6 business days. Good job guys! You have a new customer now!

Pasquale Walter Barbara
eCommerce Expert
Fabio Nardella

From the moment I used Yakkyofy I changed the way to work. I don’t have to contact every time Chinese merchants for every day problems with shipping etc. Now I have a full stack assistance that cares about my job and my stores. It’s very easy to use and they have an amazing costumer care and this is means less stress and less wasted time. I hope you guys will make the right choice using this amazing app!

Fabio Nardella
Digital Marketing Specialist

I was one of the Yakkyofy's Beta Testers and I immediately understood how important is to have good relations with your suppliers. One time a was scaling a 15k/day product when I realized that the stock was run out. I had orders for 5k and I didn't know how to fullfil them. I contacted Yakkyofy and in only 2 days they found for me the products, customized them with my logo and delivered them. From that day, I have been ordering from Yakkyofy, because i like their services but also because their prices are lower than on Aliexpress so i can make more profit. Well done.

Valerio Fortunato
eCommerce Expert
Fabrizio Giornet

Yakkyofy is such an asset for the small-business owner. The benefit to our business has been huge. Also the support team is great to work with 🙂 Highly recommended!

Fabrizio Giornet
Web Marketing Specialist

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