How to calculate and shorten your processing time when dropshipping

How to calculate and shorten your processing time when dropshipping

If you are into dropshipping for sure you have already heard about processing time. Processing time is the span that goes from when your orders arrive at Yakkyofy or any other supplier, to when your parcel is actually handed over to a forwarder company. 

The processing time can be very short or very long and this depends on many factors, so today we want to explain better: 

  • how Yakkyofy calculates processing time
  • why sometimes it can be longer than expected
  • and which are the possible ways to shorten it and deliver the parcels to your customer faster.

How does processing time work?

Normally, Yakkyofy takes 3 to 5 days for processing your orders, this is because we don’t manufacture products but we purchase them from factories after we receive an order from you.

When an order is generated, our Processing Team purchases the item from the supplier that then ships the product to our warehouse in Shenzhen. Once the product arrives in Shenzhen, we check the quality, remove all the paper, invoice, and stuff that are connected with the supplier, repackage the item, and ship it to your customer.

However, there are some unexpected situations that can prolong this processing time. Let’s see together which are the most common.

Factors that can prolong processing time

There can be natural events, like hurricanes, wildfires, typhoons that can slow internal shipments and extend the span for processing your orders.

Sometimes also suppliers can make mistakes, for example sending wrong variants, shipping fewer items than expected, not sending the products on time, or receiving so many orders altogether to go out of stock.

Another reason that can prolong processing time is that, when the product arrives in our warehouse in Shenzhen, it can happen that it fails to pass our quality control.

Our warehouse workers can find that the product is broken or of low quality. In this case, we need to return the item to the supplier, wait for a new product, or purchase it again from another supplier.

Another factor to keep in mind is that, if you ship a lot of orders in a bundle, with more than one item inside the same package, it is more probable that an error occurred and that your order needs to wait more than 5 processing days to be shipped out.

Last but not least, another reason that can prolong processing time is high season. In a period such as Black Friday, Christmas the processing time can be longer due to the overload of orders to the supplier, to the forwarder company, and also to our warehouse workers.

How to shorten your processing time

So how can we overcome all these problems? Some of them are not predictable and will be always part of your business life. Others can be avoided or solved with some smart tricks and in some cases, you can even shorten your processing time from 5 to one business day. 

So let’s see together how we can do that.

First of all, during high season peak or before Chinese holidays, when you know that deliveries can be delayed, you can prepare your customers for the idea that to get an amazing deal and discount, they could need to wait a little longer than expected.

You should convince them that, also if they need to wait a bit longer, they are special because they are one of the few that could actually get this incredible offer.

Second, if you have bundle orders you can instruct our customer assistance team on how you want to handle exceptions when these happen. For example, to avoid complaints, you can decide, as a rule, to always send away the products that arrive on time, without waiting for the ones that are late.

Or you can decide to put a discount coupon in every package that is been delayed for more than 5 days, to make your customer feel better. These are all services that Yakkyofy can provide as long as you can give us a set of rules to follow. 

Last, Yakkyofy offers free warehouse space to all its customers. This means that if you decide to buy not one item at a time but to buy a little stock of products together, even 20 or 50 pieces, you can reduce your processing time and also save money.

How can it be possible? When Yakkyofy receives an order for a product already in our warehouse, we don’t need to wait anymore for the supplier to ship the product to us, but we can ship out the product directly to your customers and in this way shorten your processing time from 5 to only 1 business days. Not bad right?

Normally dropshippers avoid buying products in advance because they don’t want to spend money on renting warehouse space or for eliminating leftovers. But with Yakkyofy, you will find that buy a stock, is not only easier but also more convenient.

Handling stocks with us is cheaper for you than dropshipping. Think about it. With Yakkyofy, you don’t need to pay for warehouse space and you will also save money on product cost because by buying a stock you can get a consistent discount on the single item price, thus increasing your margin. Then, Yakkyofy doesn’t ask for an MOQ, you can buy in bulk also a few pieces so it is almost impossible to have leftovers to dispose of.

Another factor is that you save time. Because Yakkyofy can deliver products in 3-8 business days in countries like the United States, reducing the processing time from 5 to one business day, shorten your customer delivery time to at most 9 business days and this can give you an incredible advantage over others dropshipping competitors.

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Do you want to buy a product stock for shortening your processing time and you don’t know how to do that? Watch the video below.