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How to find the Best Dropshipping Products to Sell in 2022

Looking for trending products to dropship may seem impossible and it’s easy to get discouraged, however with the right tools and know-how you can find products with high profit margins, little competition and growing demand.

The secret of a successful store is precisely to dropship trendy products, which have not yet been discovered by everyone and therefore we do not yet have gigantic competition.

Wanna learn more? Read this guide to get some tips on how to find the best dropshipping products on your store.

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Always keep an eye out on trends

It is not easy to understand which products will become best sellers and that is why not a few applications have been developed to help you in this search. Furthermore, if you sell in Italy, it is good to know that, here with us, the trends are always a bit late.

Generally fashions originate in the United States and Asia (China and Japan), so keeping an eye on these countries you might find products that are already famous there, but have not yet arrived here.

But how to keep an eye on these trends? The most famous and even free software is Google Trends. This tool allows you to see, in real time, what users are looking for online. What people are looking for is usually what they need or want. With this tool, not only can you check the progress of the products you already sell, but you can find similar ones to associate with the former (the latest evolution of the same product) or new ones.

Also, by dropshipping, you don’t have to pay upfront for the goods, so you can test to see if the products you have chosen are really hot or not without anticipating too much money but only paying for the campaigns.

And if you are interested in particular topics concerning your niche, know that Google Trends allows you to set alerts on certain keywords.

A useful tool for analyzing trends is also Treendly which not only offers you statistics on shopping products, but allows you to filter them in various ways:

  • Price
  • Niche
  • Growing trend or already established one

Check out competitors’ads

Keeping an eye on your competition is always a good way to know how the market is doing and to stay at the top of your chosen niche. So, when it comes to choosing products to dropship, taking a look at what your competitors are offering is very important. In fact, to be a leader in a certain niche you not only have to offer what others are offering, but you have to beat them with some new ideas.

In particular, an excellent technique is to study, not the store, but the advertising campaigns of your competitors: studying which products and keywords invest the most on Facebook or Google Ads gives you a clear picture of which are the most profitable items. It also allows you to optimize campaigns to your advantage to get customers noticed. Look at the photos of your competitors, read the texts and copy if necessary. If a certain strategy is successful, there is no shame in emulating it.

To help you with this there are many tools you can use. The facebook ads library shows you all the campaigns that are run from a certain page.

Tools such as Semrush allow you to understand which keywords a certain company is investing in and what ads it is running on those words.

Then there are Chrome extensions such as Commerce Inspector and Koala Inspector that knowing the address of a store allow you to understand which products are selling the most at the current time.

Use Terapeak or Zik Analytics

Another way to study which products are trending is to use Terapeak or Zik Analytics. These are tools designed to help eBay sellers study product trends on this marketplace, but they can also be easily used to create winning strategies on Amazon, Shopify or WooCommerce as well.

In some ways they are similar to Google Trends, because they help you check which products are the best sellers at any given moment. However, they go a step further by offering sales forecasts, inventory tips, and even SEO tips.

They are invaluable tools for anyone who wants to always be on the crest of the wave when it comes to eCommerce trends.

The most intriguing aspect of Terapeak are the inventory suggestions and sales forecasting features. But what are these sales forecasts and what do they do?

Terapeak studies your current inventory (both on eBay and Shopify) and then gives you an idea of what will sell the most based on product prices and titles and also offers you tips on how to improve product listings before you start. sell.

In addition to the sales forecast tool, Terapeak also offers an “Ideas for your inventory” tool. The Inventory Ideas tool analyzes your inventory and gives you in-depth data on how many other eBay sellers are offering the same products and what percentage of a particular market is controlled by the top 10 bestsellers. You’ll also have access to selling rates, average prices, and even shipping details for all products in your inventory sold by top eBay merchants.

Thanks to this information it is certainly much easier to study a winning strategy.

Ask the audience

To be able to sell online it is essential to have a presence on social media and interact with your customers through these channels. While it makes you vulnerable to criticism that is sometimes very harsh, it also allows you to have a direct relationship with your customers and potential customers and therefore to be able to ask them directly what they need.

Another means by which it is easy to ask for opinions and advice is email. The customers whose email you have are not people who follow your page, but they are people who have left you their contacts, therefore, who are probably more engaged and closer to your ideal target.

Collect a survey on the items you’re thinking of adding to the store and ask subscribers to rate their likelihood of buying that product on a scale of one to ten. Take the information gained and model your strategy on it, remembering that customers in a certain niche are always the people most aware of what is lacking in a certain market.

How to find the best products to sell in Dropshipping?

The eCommerce market is a hyper-competitive market that evolves at a very fast pace, therefore it is important to constantly study new trends to always stay on the crest of the wave.

However, once you have found the products that you think may be best sellers, it is also essential to find a supplier who can dropship these products and who is also reliable, i.e. that does not disappear while a product is climbing, making you lose important sales.

But how to go about it? It’s easy to use Yakkyofy.

Yakkyofy is the only partner that offers you new winning products on its catalog every week, it allows you to connect your store to its dashboard with a few clicks and fulfill dropshipping orders in a completely automated way.

With Yakkyofy you can easily request dropshipping product quotes with just a few clicks and receive quotes for quality products produced by serious and reliable Chinese suppliers.

We also offer quality control on products and fast shipping to many countries.

And if you want to improve your product page, you can take advantage of real product photos and videos and also AR renderings to create incredible advertising campaigns.

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