8 Essential e-Commerce Branding Strategies You Must Know

8 Essential e-Commerce Branding Strategies You Must Know

The advent of e-Commerce has allowed consumers to shop from the comfort of their homes and businesses to unlock access to a global audience.

The e-Commerce space is now filling at a blinding pace with all kinds of businesses. If you want to help your business stay afloat and thrive amidst this intensifying competition, it is vital to use effective branding strategies to help your brand stand out.

Keep scrolling to learn about the best marketing techniques to make your brand unique and appealing to the online consumer base.

8 Amazing e-Commerce Branding Strategies for Your e-Commerce Website

Every branding strategy should involve the 3 Es—engagement, emotion, and expectation. You have to prompt consumers to form an emotional connection with your brand, encouraging them to become loyal customers.

Here is a list of 8 branding ideas that will be effective in marketing your e-Commerce business:

1. Branded Packaging

Do you prefer to receive your products in white anonymous packages or in amazing colorful boxes and bags? Ship out your items in packaging branded with your own logo will help you increase your customer satisfaction and in this way grow your brand awareness and loyalty.

You can even think about inserting a discount coupon or a welcome coupon in your package for encouraging your customers to come back to your website again.

Customer loyalty and returning visitors will increase the number of your repeat sales, reducing your marketing costs and increasing your margins.

2. Email Marketing

Having the right Email strategy is one of the most effective ways to reach out to your customer base, obtain feedback, inform them of new products or discounts, and build long-term relationships. However, every customer’s inbox is often cluttered with spam mail from other businesses, so cutting through that noise and standing out is a crucial task.

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Start with building a database of customer email ids and sending them relevant, eye-catching mails. Your content must be compelling and contain links and calls to action that the receiver can pursue.

One way to increase click-through rates is with the help of videos. Videos in marketing emails have been shown to boost open rates by 19%, reduce the rate of unsubscribers by 26%, and boost click-through rates by 65%.

Email content can include event promotion, customer testimonials, follow-ups after purchases, alerts for discounts, or personalized customer service mails.

3. Website Personalization

e-Commerce takes away a business’s opportunity to personally connect with customers and ensure that they have a memorable shopping experience.

Real-time personalization is vital on a platform where customers make purchase decisions by scrolling through product images without any personal assistance, tips, or suggestions. It shows customers that they are valued and unique individuals and provides them with a tailored shopping experience that they will keep coming back for.

Innovation has enabled e-Commerce businesses to deliver this personalized experience to customers. You can now analyze consumers’ browsing history, interests, and preferences and use it to send them targeted marketing content. Sending greetings for holidays, asking for feedback, and replying to customer reviews are other ways to make online shopping personal.

Therefore, personalization is sure to set your brand apart from the rest and ensure customer loyalty.

4. Influencer Marketing

Among all the e-Commerce Branding Strategies that we spoke about maybe influencer marketing is the most new and the most trandy.

Influencers are non-celebrity individuals with a large following on blogging or social media platforms that are capable of influencing their audience’s purchase decisions.

Influencers have a niche, and promoting your products through them can unlock access to your target audience. It works wonders because followers trust influencers—data shows that 83% of customers have more faith in peer recommendations than advertisements.

Unlike celebrities, influencers are considered unbiased and authentic, and building a relationship with them will inevitably help you make one with their following.

There are several ways to market through influencers—product giveaways, affiliate links and discount codes, meet-and-greets, and launch parties are common strategies adopted by online businesses.

The key to success in influencer marketing is to identify influencers that are a perfect fit for the aesthetic and values of your brand, who have an engaging following and are efficient in compelling viewers to take action.

5. Product Videos

Videos are the most integral part of an online marketing strategy, owing to their popularity on any social media platform, including LinkedIn!

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They are highly effective in communicating information to viewers while fostering trust. Making videos is no longer expensive and technical. Online video maker platforms allow you to make high-quality marketing videos by using readymade platform-specific templates, adding transitions and media, and improving graphics.

The most compelling form of video marketing is through product videos like demos, reviews, unboxings, or how-to videos.

Consumers are often skeptical of online businesses and prefer to shop from platforms they know and trust. Videos help you inform them about your brand and product, put a face to it, and build the confidence it takes for them to become customers.

The most popular type of product video is a demo or how-to video. This video provides step-by-step instructions on how to use your product, its alternative uses, or how users can repair it. It allows the viewer to watch the product in action, understand its benefits, and visualize how it will fit into their lives and add value. 

6. Quality Content Marketing

Creative and valuable content is the best way to drive traffic, increase conversions, and build a loyal consumer base. Content on any platform facilitates organic exposure as it will promote interactions with your audience, inadvertently boosting traffic and conversions.

Planning is crucial in content marketing because you will only achieve success if the content is relevant, interesting, and valuable to the viewer.

Content can include blogs, videos, graphics, guides, and images, and you can choose the most appropriate format for your brand and product. You must customize the content to suit the platform and audience for effective marketing. Consistency is also crucial as it will promote engagement with consumers and is taken into account by several algorithms, including Google’s.

7. Cause Marketing

Customer loyalty largely depends on the values and ideals that your brand embodies and conveys to the world. Showcasing support for social causes will show consumers that your business is ethical and gives back to society.

Data shows that around 56% of consumers will pay more for a product whose brand demonstrates a commitment to social values. Cause marketing enhances your brand’s image, improves exposure, and fosters trust.

You can do this by coordinating events and donations with charitable non-profits. Such marketing activities will serve your mutual interests as well as create a symbiotic relationship.

8. User Experience

After you have driven traffic to your platform, it is essential to enhance user experience to convert viewers and retain them as long-term customers. This is done by designing your website to make it attractive and easy to use.

You can do this by adding videos, smooth transitions, reducing load speeds, and facilitating a seamless buying process. A complicated sign-up and checkout process will exceed the buyer’s attention span and compel them to abandon the cart.

Another aspect to focus on is the aesthetic of the website. Use a uniform custom color palette, font style, and design for your brand to make the website and its content appear pleasing and professional.

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Branding is vital to e-Commerce marketing as it highlights the uniqueness of your product and business. There is no straightjacket formula for the right branding strategy, but these seven techniques will give you the start you need to start creating a prominent online presence.

It is important to keep analyzing the performance of your marketing ideas, identify the successes and failures, and continue to make improvements. Testing, improving, and advancing with technology are crucial to ensuring that your brand makes an impact in the e-Commerce space. 

But it is also important to source high-quality products branded with your own logo, and we know that this is not always easy.

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