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How to create your own brand with Chinese products

Here’s how to create your own brand and get your very own line of products on the market

Creating your own label, your own brand of products can take your eCommerce business to the next level. Indeed, launching your own line of original products on the market can be very profitable, provided that you take all the right steps. A good idea in order to become a real business must be analyzed thoroughly and only after that can be implemented practically. This article will provide you with very useful information on how to create your own brand, that can help you stand out of the competition. 

How to create a brand: success stories  

Let us start you off with the story of someone who made it. Ever heard of MVMT Watches? It was 2 college friends who created this company. Kramer Laplante and Jake Kassan managed to turn their idea into a 100 million dollars business. 

How they did it, you wonder? Easy, they have created a low-cost alternative to the most renowned watches, while maintaining high-quality standards for their products. They have designed their watches taking inspiration from the ones already in the market and selecting the customers’ favorite features.  

The hardest part was finding someone who could turn into reality the products they imagined. In order to save up some money they turned to Chinese producers via Alibaba, they went through many suppliers before finding the right one. The first samples came in after months and they did not comply with the quality standards requested. After various modifications, they were finally able to define their line of products and to launch them on the market, thanks to a crowdfunding campaign. In order to become successful, they started an online marketing campaign, focusing on the Social Media networks. 

creare un brand

How to create your own brand 

If you want to create a successful brand, you’ve got first to:

  • study the logo outline;
  • define the product design; 
  • possibly create a customized packaging.

You could, of course, contact some graphics or web designers to shape your ideas, however perhaps it would be better first to understand who could physically create your products.  There are a few passages in the chain of production you must be aware of and you’ve got to identify a reliable supplier, which will be able to produce good quality products with the necessary certifications to be sold on the market.

Requesting customized products can be very expensive and difficult. Indeed it is not easy to share all the specifications with the supplier and to explain exactly how you want that product to be. This is why we suggest you to contact Chinese suppliers. In China, you can purchase items that can be easily customized according to your needs since: 

  • many companies globally already do this and Chinese suppliers are ready to provide this kind of service;  
  • Chinese producers are very good at reworking existing products, creating customized products by starting off from existing ones, this means that you will save up time and money because producers can use the same molds without having to create a new one from scratch;
  • Chinese factories are very flexible and can arrange to rework a product in a short time and at low cost;
  • Adding up shipping costs and custom duty taxes, the products which arrive from China still cost less than the ones produced in any other Western country.

Once you find a factory that can give you a good price, punctual services and a quality product, you can focus on good marketing campaigns to create a successful image of your brand online and to acquire new customers.

How to create your brand focusing on Chinese suppliers

brand prodotti cina

The Chinese manufacturing sector is highly specialized and its productions are fast and cheap, mostly thanks to the high automation of its factories. 

Many large companies have for some time now switch their production, or part of it, to China,  because there, they can have quality goods at really advantageous prices.

Whatever business sector you are involved in, you can easily find a Chinese supplier capable of producing a wide range of customized products. If you are going to take this step it is good to know the fundamental difference between OEM and ODM products:

  • OEM products have got a personalized design, they need custom-made containers and sometimes specific materials to be produced.   
  • ODM products are items that are already produced in standard materials and components on which you can apply your own logo design and some modifications to personalize them.

If you have a small business and you want to launch a customized products line, we suggest you choose the ODM products, because they can be original and unique without excessive design and production costs. 

Chinese suppliers are very good at meeting customers needs: Chinese factories are like laboratories that can offer clients a production facility. The mechanism works perfectly, provided that you give clear and specific guidelines. 

come creare un brand

Why focus on ODM products: 

  • you can get your products faster because producing them would be easier,  you do not have to give specifications as you would do for products created from scratch; 
  • the factory is already familiar with the production chain, this means that the production will be faster and cheaper because the molds are already in use; 
  • For a supplier, it is much easier, less risky and costly to produce ODM products and they can be produced quickly, therefore the MOQ of ODM products is smaller compared to the one requested for OEM products; 
  • There is a huge variety of ODM products you can choose from. Many are based on models already in use, that have specifications and molds already tested and valued by customers. 

How to find the right supplier to  start your production 

Are you interested in launching your own customized product line from China but you have no idea how to find the right suppliers or how to explain to them exactly what you want?

Yakkyofy allows you to create and import your very own line of products from China in just a few simple steps, from the selection of the best suppliers up to the delivery of your order to your doorstep. 

What are you waiting for? Create your own line of products from China, create your own brand and start making money!  

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