Special Line: Coronavirus impact on shipping timing

Special Line: Coronavirus impact on shipping timing

Notification of the 23/03/2020

Exception made for sanitary masks, all other parcels will follow the shipping timing described below. 

Special line has a special shipping channel for sanitary masks that has smooth shipping timing. This shipping channel performances will be similar to standard Special Line.


Situation in China (affecting all shipments)

Premium Special Line: due to the reduced number of flights, packages shipped to the UK will have a 1-day delay and a 2-3 days delay in other countries. 

Special Line: package shipped out with Special Line will have a 2-4 days delay.

Situation in the countries of destination

US:  Currently no impact on delivery times.

UK: So far customs clearance has no effect on shipping timing; however, due to the decrease in Royal Mail drivers, deliveries will be partially delayed.

FRANCE: Couriers suspended operation and delivery for one day on March 21st, so all deliveries will be delayed by 1-2 days.

GERMANY: Customs clearance currently has no impact on delivery times but in order to reduce contact, the receipt certificate is temporarily canceled. The courier will sign on behalf of the recipient. If the recipient does not accept the delivery, the package will be sent to the post office or it will be returned to the sender. 


ITALY: Customs clearance currently has no impact on delivery times but trucks to Italy may be slightly affected by traffic security checks. 

About delivery, GLS will suspend deliveries in the areas indicated in the table of “suspended delivery area” that you can find below. 

Packages that need to be delivered in these areas will be handled by Italy Post.

Italy Post currently uses a contactless delivery method on the entire national territory so there is no impact on the delivery times at present.


SPAIN: Customs clearance currently has no impact on delivery times.

Truck transfers also right currently have no impact.

About delivery: Spain Post suspended operations for 2 days (from the 20th of March to the 21th of March)  for all customers, so

  1. Packages that have been scanned by the Spain Post will be delivered, but there will be some delays;
  2. Parcels that have not been scanned by the Spain Post will be stopped. Due to this 2 day suspension, scanning is expected to resume next Monday;
  3. Spanish private couriers had also been affected and they can’t obtain tracking numbers.

Starting from  March 23rd, we arranged a new delivery service in Spain, while Spain Post is expected to resume operations today, if this happens we will use both services at the same time.


NETHERLANDS: Due to the impact of the epidemic recently, there may be a shortage of manpower. As a result, sorting and information updates may be delayed.

AUSTRIA: Customs clearance currently has no impact on delivery times, but trucks to Austria may be slightly affected by traffic security checks and restrictions.

POLAND: Customs clearance currently has no impact on delivery times, but trucks to Poland may be slightly affected by traffic security checks and restrictions.

CZECH REPUBLIC: Customs clearance currently has no impact on delivery times, but trucks to the Czech Republic may be slightly affected by traffic security checks.

SWEDEN: Customs clearance currently has no impact on delivery times, but trucks to Sweden may be slightly affected by traffic security checks.

OTHER COUNTRIES IN EUROPE: currently no impact on delivery times.

AUSTRALIA: Customs clearance has currently no impact on delivery times, but due to the large number of flight cancellations,  deliveries will have about 1 working day delay. 

JAPAN: Customs clearance has currently no impact on delivery times, but due to the large number of flight cancellations,  deliveries will have about 1 working day delay. 

SOUTH AFRICA: Customs clearance has currently no impact on delivery times, but due to the large number of flight cancellations, deliveries will have about working days.

“Suspended delivery area” for GLS in Italy

City Prov. Place ZIP
Albano Sant’alessandro BG L4 24061
Algua BG L4 24010
Alme’ BG L4 24011
Almenno San Bartolomeo BG L4 24030
Almenno San Salvatore BG L4 24031
Ambivere BG L4 24030
Averara BG L4 24010
Azzano San Paolo BG L4 24052
Barzana BG L4 24030
Bedulita BG L4 24030
Berbenno BG L4 24030
Bergamo BG L4 24100
Blello BG L4 24010
Bonate Sopra BG L4 24040
Bonate Sotto BG L4 24040
Bottanuco BG L4 24040
Bracca BG L4 24010
Branzi BG L4 24010
Brembate BG L4 24041
Brembate Di Sopra BG L4 24030
Brembilla BG L4 24012
Brumano BG L4 24037
Brusaporto BG L4 24060
Calolziocorte LC L4 23801
Calusco D’adda BG L4 24033
Camerata Cornello BG L4 24010
Capizzone BG L4 24030
Capriate San Gervasio BG L4 24042
Caprino Bergamasco BG L4 24030
Carenno LC L4 23802
Carona BG L4 24010
Carvico BG L4 24030
Cassiglio BG L4 24010
Chignolo D’isola BG L4 24040
Cisano Bergamasco BG L4 24034
Ciserano BG L4 24040
Comun Nuovo BG L4 24040
Corna Imagna BG L4 24030
Cornalba BG L4 24017
Costa Di Serina BG L4 24010
Costa Valle Imagna BG L4 24030
Curno BG L4 24035
Cusio BG L4 24010
Dalmine BG L4 24044
Dossena BG L4 24010
Erve LC L4 23805
Filago BG L4 24040
Foppolo BG L4 24010
Fuipiano Valle Imagna BG L4 24030
Gerosa BG L4 24010
Grassobbio BG L4 24050
Isola Di Fondra BG L4 24010
Lallio BG L4 24040
Lenna BG L4 24010
Levate BG L4 24040
Locatello BG L4 24030
Madone BG L4 24040
Mapello BG L4 24030
Medolago BG L4 24030
Mezzoldo BG L4 24010
Moio De’ Calvi BG L4 24010
Monte Marenzo LC L4 23804
Mozzo BG L4 24030
Olmo Al Brembo BG L4 24010
Oltre Il Colle BG L4 24013
Orio Al Serio BG L4 24050
Ornica BG L4 24010
Osio Sopra BG L4 24040
Osio Sotto BG L4 24046
Paladina BG L4 24030
Palazzago BG L4 24030
Pedrengo BG L4 24066
Piazza Brembana BG L4 24014
Piazzatorre BG L4 24010
Piazzolo BG L4 24010
Ponte San Pietro BG L4 24036
Ponteranica BG L4 24010
Pontida BG L4 24030
Presezzo BG L4 24030
Roncobello BG L4 24010
Roncola BG L4 24030
Rota D’imagna BG L4 24037
San Giovanni Bianco BG L4 24015
San Pellegrino Terme BG L4 24016
Sant’omobono Terme BG L4 24038
Santa Brigida BG L4 24010
Sedrina BG L4 24010
Seriate BG L4 24068
Serina BG L4 24017
Solza BG L4 24030
Sorisole BG L4 24010
Sotto Il Monte Giovanni Xxiii BG L4 24039
Stezzano BG L4 24040
Strozza BG L4 24030
Torre De’ Busi LC L4 23806
Torre De’ Roveri BG L4 24060
Treviolo BG L4 24048
Ubiale Clanezzo BG L4 24010
Urgnano BG L4 24059
Val Brembilla BG L4 24012
Valbrembo BG L4 24030
Valleve BG L4 24010
Valnegra BG L4 24010
Valsecca BG L4 24030
Valtorta BG L4 24010
Vedeseta BG L4 24010
Vercurago LC L4 23808
Verdellino BG L4 24040
Verdello BG L4 24049
Villa D’adda BG L4 24030
Villa D’alme’ BG L4 24018
Zanica BG L4 24050
Zogno BG L4 24019
Antegnate BG L451 24051
Arcene BG L451 24040
Arzago D’adda BG L451 24040
Barbata BG L451 24040
Bariano BG L451 24050
Boltiere BG L451 24040
Brignano Gera D’adda BG L451 24053
Calcio BG L451 24054
Calvenzano BG L451 24040
Canonica D’adda BG L451 24040
Caravaggio BG L451 24043
Casirate D’adda BG L451 24040
Castel Rozzone BG L451 24040
Cologno Al Serio BG L451 24055
Cortenuova BG L451 24050
Covo BG L451 24050
Fara Gera D’adda BG L451 24045
Fara Olivana Con Sola BG L451 24058
Fontanella BG L451 24056
Fornovo San Giovanni BG L451 24040
Isso BG L451 24040
Lurano BG L451 24050
Misano Di Gera D’adda BG L451 24040
Morengo BG L451 24050
Mozzanica BG L451 24050
Pagazzano BG L451 24040
Pognano BG L451 24040
Pontirolo Nuovo BG L451 24040
Pumenengo BG L451 24050
Spirano BG L451 24050
Suisio BG L4 24040
Taleggio BG L4 24010
Terno D’isola BG L4 24030
Torre De’ Busi BG L4 24032
Torre Pallavicina BG L451 24050
Treviglio BG L451 24047
Alzano Lombardo BG L6 24020
Nembro BG L6 24022
Parre BG L6 24020
Torre Boldone BG L6 24027
Albino BG L6 24021
Ardesio BG L6 24020
Aviatico BG L6 24020
Azzone BG L6 24020
Casnigo BG L6 24020
Castione Della Presolana BG L6 24020
Cazzano Sant’andrea BG L6 24026
Cene BG L6 24020
Cerete BG L6 24020
Clusone BG L6 24023
Colere BG L6 24020
Colzate BG L6 24020
Fino Del Monte BG L6 24020
Fiorano Al Serio BG L6 24020
Gandellino BG L6 24020
Gandino BG L6 24024
Gazzaniga BG L6 24025
Gorle BG L6 24020
Gorno BG L6 24020
Gromo BG L6 24020
Leffe BG L6 24026
Oltressenda Alta BG L6 24020
Oneta BG L6 24020
Onore BG L6 24020
Peia BG L6 24020
Piario BG L6 24020
Ponte Nossa BG L6 24028
Pradalunga BG L6 24020
Premolo BG L6 24020
Ranica BG L6 24020
Rovetta BG L6 24020
Scanzorosciate BG L6 24020
Schilpario BG L6 24020
Selvino BG L6 24020
Songavazzo BG L6 24020
Valbondione BG L6 24020
Valgoglio BG L6 24020
Vertova BG L6 24029
Villa D’ogna BG L6 24020
Villa Di Serio BG L6 24020
Vilminore Di Scalve BG L6 24020
Adrara San Martino BG L5 24060
Adrara San Rocco BG L5 24060
Bagnatica BG L5 24060
Berzo San Fermo BG L5 24060
Bianzano BG L5 24060
Bolgare BG L5 24060
Borgo Di Terzo BG L5 24060
Bossico BG L5 24060
Calcinate BG L5 24050
Carobbio Degli Angeli BG L5 24060
Casazza BG L5 24060
Castelli Calepio BG L5 24060
Castro BG L5 24063
Cavernago BG L5 24050
Cenate Sopra BG L5 24060
Cenate Sotto BG L5 24069
Chiuduno BG L5 24060
Cividate Al Piano BG L5 24050
Costa Di Mezzate BG L5 24060
Costa Volpino BG L5 24062
Credaro BG L5 24060
Endine Gaiano BG L5 24060
Entratico BG L5 24060
Fonteno BG L5 24060
Foresto Sparso BG L5 24060
Gandosso BG L5 24060
Gaverina Terme BG L5 24060
Ghisalba BG L5 24050
Gorlago BG L5 24060
Grone BG L5 24060
Grumello Del Monte BG L5 24064
Lovere BG L5 24065
Luzzana BG L5 24069
Martinengo BG L5 24057
Monasterolo Del Castello BG L5 24060
Montello BG L5 24060
Mornico Al Serio BG L5 24050
Palosco BG L5 24050
Parzanica BG L5 24060
Pianico BG L5 24060
Predore BG L5 24060
Ranzanico BG L5 24060
Riva Di Solto BG L5 24060
Rogno BG L5 24060
Romano Di Lombardia BG L5 24058
San Paolo D’argon BG L5 24060
Sarnico BG L5 24067
Solto Collina BG L5 24060
Sovere BG L5 24060
Spinone Al Lago BG L5 24060
Tavernola Bergamasca BG L5 24060
Telgate BG L5 24060
Trescore Balneario BG L5 24069
Viadanica BG L5 24060
Vigano San Martino BG L5 24060
Vigolo BG L5 24060
Villongo BG L5 24060
Zandobbio BG L5 24060
Ariano Irpino BN BN 83031
Medicina BO E6 40059
Ganzanigo (fraz.di Medicina) BO E6 40059
Atena Lucana SA SA 84030
Caggiano SA SA 84030
Polla SA SA 84035
Sala Consilina SA SA 84036
Arenzano GE G1 16011
Bargagli GE G1 16021
Busalla GE G1 16012
Campomorone GE G1 16014
Casella GE G1 16015
Ceranesi GE G1 16014
Crocefieschi GE G1 16010
Davagna GE G1 16022
Fascia GE G1 16020
Fontanigorda GE G1 16023
Genova GE G1 16100
Gorreto GE G1 16020
Isola Del Cantone GE G1 16017
Mignanego GE G1 16018
Montebruno GE G1 16025
Montoggio GE G1 16026
Propata GE G1 16027
Ronco Scrivia GE G1 16019
Rondanina GE G1 16025
Rossiglione GE G1 16010
Rovegno GE G1 16028
Sant’olcese GE G1 16010
Savignone GE G1 16010
Serra Ricco’ GE G1 16010
Tiglieto GE G1 16010
Torriglia GE G1 16029
Valbrevenna GE G1 16010
Vobbia GE G1 16010
Campo Ligure GE G151 16013
Cogoleto GE G151 16016
Masone GE G151 16010
Mele GE G151 16010
Avegno GE G103 16036
Bogliasco GE G103 16031
Borzonasca GE G103 16041
Camogli GE G103 16032
Carasco GE G103 16042
Casarza Ligure GE G103 16030
Castiglione Chiavarese GE G103 16030
Chiavari GE G103 16043
Cicagna GE G103 16044
Cogorno GE G103 16030
Coreglia Ligure GE G103 16040
Favale Di Malvaro GE G103 16040
Lavagna GE G103 16033
Leivi GE G103 16040
Lorsica GE G103 16045
Lumarzo GE G103 16024
Mezzanego GE G103 16046
Moconesi GE G103 16047
Moneglia GE G103 16030
Ne GE G103 16040
Neirone GE G103 16040
Orero GE G103 16040
Pieve Ligure GE G103 16031
Portofino GE G103 16034
Rapallo GE G103 16035
Recco GE G103 16036
Rezzoaglio GE G103 16048
San Colombano Certenoli GE G103 16040
Santa Margherita Ligure GE G103 16038
Santo Stefano D’aveto GE G103 16049
Sestri Levante GE G103 16039
Sori GE G103 16031
Tribogna GE G103 16030
Uscio GE G103 16036
Zoagli GE G103 16035
Assago MI M101 20090
Basiglio MI M101 20080
Besate MI M101 20080
Binasco MI M101 20082
Bubbiano MI M101 20080
Buccinasco MI M101 20090
Calvignasco MI M101 20080
Casarile MI M101 20080
Casirate Olona MI M101 20084
Cesano Boscone MI M101 20090
Corsico MI M101 20094
Gaggiano MI M101 20083
Gudo Visconti MI M101 20088
Lacchiarella MI M101 20084
Locate Di Triulzi MI M101 20085
Morimondo MI M101 20081
Motta Visconti MI M101 20086
Noviglio MI M101 20082
Opera MI M101 20090
Pero MI M101 20016
Pieve Emanuele MI M101 20090
Rosate MI M101 20088
Rozzano MI M101 20089
Settimo Milanese MI M101 20019
Trezzano Sul Naviglio MI M101 20090
Vermezzo MI M101 20080
Vermezzo Con Zelo MI M101 20071
Vernate MI M101 20080
Zelo Surrigone MI M101 20080
Zibido San Giacomo MI M101 20080
Carpiano MI M104 20080
Cerro Al Lambro MI M104 20070
Melegnano MI M104 20077
San Donato Milanese MI M104 20097
San Giuliano Milanese MI M104 20098
Agrate Brianza MB M6 20864
Aicurzio MB M6 20886
Albiate MB M6 20847
Arcore MB M6 20862
Barlassina MB M6 20825
Basiano MI M6 20060
Bellusco MB M6 20882
Bernareggio MB M6 20881
Besana In Brianza MB M6 20842
Biassono MB M6 20853
Bresso MI M6 20091
Briosco MB M6 20836
Brugherio MB m6 20861
Burago Di Molgora MB M6 20875
Busnago MB M6 20874
Cambiago MI M6 20040
Camparada MB M6 20857
Caponago MB M6 20867
Carate Brianza MB M6 20841
Carnate MB M6 20866
Carugate MI M6 20061
Cavenago Di Brianza MB M6 20873
Cesano Maderno MB M6 20811
Cinisello Balsamo MI M6 20092
Cogliate MB M6 20815
Concorezzo MB M6 20863
Cormano MI M6 20032
Cornate D’adda MB M6 20872
Correzzana MB M6 20856
Cusano Milanino MI M6 20095
Desio MB M6 20832
Giussano MB M6 20833
Grezzago MI M6 20056
Lazzate MB M6 20824
Lentate Sul Seveso MB M6 20823
Lesmo MB M6 20855
Lissone MB M6 20851
Macherio MB M6 20846
Masate MI M6 20060
Meda MB M6 20821
Mezzago MB M6 20883
Misinto MB M6 20826
Monza MB M6 20900
Muggio’ MB M6 20835
Nova Milanese MB M6 20834
Ornago MB M6 20876
Paderno Dugnano MI M6 20037
Pozzo D’adda MI M6 20060
Renate MB M6 20838
Roncello MB M6 20877
Ronco Briantino MB M6 20885
Seregno MB M6 20831
Seveso MB M6 20822
Sovico MB M6 20845
Sulbiate MB M6 20884
Trezzano Rosa MI M6 20060
Trezzo Sull’adda MI M6 20056
Triuggio MB M6 20844
Usmate Velate MB M6 20865
Vaprio D’adda MI M6 20069
Vedano Al Lambro MB M6 20854
Veduggio Con Colzano MB M6 20837
Verano Brianza MB M6 20843
Villasanta MB M6 20852
Vimercate MB M6 20871
Acquanegra Sul Chiese MN V2 46011
Asola MN V2 46041
Bagnolo San Vito MN V2 46031
Bigarello MN V2 46030
Borgo Mantovano MN V2 46036
Borgocarbonara MN V2 46021
Borgoforte MN V2 46030
Borgofranco Sul Po MN V2 46020
Bozzolo MN V2 46012
Canneto Sull’oglio MN V2 46013
Carbonara Di Po MN V2 46020
Casalmoro MN V2 46040
Casaloldo MN V2 46040
Casalromano MN V2 46040
Castel D’ario MN V2 46033
Castel Goffredo MN V2 46042
Castelbelforte MN V2 46032
Castellucchio MN V2 46014
Ceresara MN V2 46040
Commessaggio MN V2 46010
Curtatone MN V2 46010
Dosolo MN V2 46030
Felonica MN V2 46022
Gazoldo Degli Ippoliti MN V2 46040
Gazzuolo MN V2 46010
Goito MN V2 46044
Gonzaga MN V2 46023
Magnacavallo MN V2 46020
Mantova MN V2 46100
Marcaria MN V2 46010
Mariana Mantovana MN V2 46010
Marmirolo MN V2 46045
Medole MN V2 46046
Moglia MN V2 46024
Motteggiana MN V2 46020
Ostiglia MN V2 46035
Pegognaga MN V2 46020
Pieve Di Coriano MN V2 46020
Piubega MN V2 46040
Poggio Rusco MN V2 46025
Pomponesco MN V2 46030
Porto Mantovano MN V2 46047
Quingentole MN V2 46020
Quistello MN V2 46026
Redondesco MN V2 46010
Revere MN V2 46036
Rivarolo Mantovano MN V2 46017
Rodigo MN V2 46040
Roncoferraro MN V2 46037
Roverbella MN V2 46048
Sabbioneta MN V2 46018
San Benedetto Po MN V2 46027
San Giacomo Delle Segnate MN V2 46020
San Giorgio Di Mantova MN V2 46030
San Giovanni Del Dosso MN V2 46020
San Martino Dall’argine MN V2 46010
Schivenoglia MN V2 46020
Sermide MN V2 46028
Sermide e Felonica MN V2 46028
Serravalle A Po MN V2 46030
Sustinente MN V2 46030
Suzzara MN V2 46029
Viadana MN V2 46019
Villa Poma MN V2 46020
Villimpenta MN V2 46039
Virgilio MN V2 46030
Moliterno PZ PZ 85047
Montebello Ionico RC RC 89064
San Lucido CS CS51 87038
Argelato BO E3 40050
Baricella BO E3 40052
Bentivoglio BO E3 40010
Castel Maggiore BO E3 40013
Castello D’argile BO E3 40050
Castenaso BO E3 40055
Castiglione Dei Pepoli BO E3 40035
Galliera BO E3 40015
Granarolo Dell’emilia BO E3 40057
Loiano BO E3 40050
Malalbergo BO E3 40051
Minerbio BO E3 40061
Monghidoro BO E3 40063
Monterenzio BO E3 40050
Monzuno BO E3 40036
Pianoro BO E3 40065
Pieve Di Cento BO E3 40066
San Benedetto Val Di Sambro BO E3 40048
San Giorgio Di Piano BO E3 40016
San Lazzaro Di Savena BO E3 40068
San Pietro In Casale BO E3 40018
Bologna BO E3/E301 40100
Camugnano BO E3/E301 40032
Grizzana Morandi BO E3/E301 40030
Marzabotto BO E3/E301 40043
Alto Reno Terme BO E301 40046
Anzola Dell’emilia BO E301 40011
Calderara Di Reno BO E301 40012
Casalecchio Di Reno BO E301 40033
Castel D’aiano BO E301 40034
Castel Di Casio BO E301 40030
Crevalcore BO E301 40014
Gaggio Montano BO E301 40041
Lizzano In Belvedere BO E301 40042
Monte San Pietro BO E301 40050
Sala Bolognese BO E301 40010
San Giovanni In Persiceto BO E301 40017
Sant’agata Bolognese BO E301 40019
Sasso Marconi BO E301 40037
Valsamoggia BO E301 40053
Vergato BO E301 40038
Zola Predosa BO E301 40069
Reggiolo RE E5 42046
Rio Saliceto RE E5 42010
Rolo RE E5 42047
Campegine RE E5 42040
Cadelbosco Di Sopra RE E5 42023
Ligonchio RE E5 42039
Luzzara RE E5 42045
Casina RE E5 42034
Montecchio Emilia RE E5 42027
Novellara RE E5 42017
Villa Minozzo RE E5 42030
Vezzano Sul Crostolo RE E5 42030
Rubiera RE E5 42048
San Martino In Rio RE E5 42018
Albinea RE E5 42020
Carpineti RE E5 42033
Bagnolo In Piano RE E5 42011
Brescello RE E5 42041
Baiso RE E5 42031
Vetto RE E5 42020
Busana RE E5 42032
Canossa RE E5 42026
Ramiseto RE E5 42030
Boretto RE E5 42022
Campagnola Emilia RE E5 42012
Casalgrande RE E5 42013
Reggio Nell’emilia RE E5 42100
Quattro Castella RE E5 42020
Collagna RE E5 42037
Castellarano RE E5 42014
Castelnovo Di Sotto RE E5 42024
Bibbiano RE E5 42021
Castelnovo Ne’ Monti RE E5 42035
Cavriago RE E5 42025
Viano RE E5 42030
Fabbrico RE E5 42042
Sorbolo Levante RE E5 42041
Toano RE E5 42010
San Polo D’enza RE E5 42020
Sant’ilario D’enza RE E5 42049
Scandiano RE E5 42019
Gualtieri RE E5 42044
Guastalla RE E5 42016
Poviglio RE E5 42028
Correggio RE E5 42015
Gattatico RE E5 42043
Ventasso RE E5 42032
Affi VR V1 37010
Badia Calavena VR V1 37030
Bardolino VR V1 37011
Bosco Chiesanuova VR V1 37021
Brentino Belluno VR V1 37020
Brenzone VR V1 37010
Bussolengo VR V1 37012
Buttapietra VR V1 37060
Caldiero VR V1 37042
Caprino Veronese VR V1 37013
Castel D’azzano VR V1 37060
Castelnuovo Del Garda VR V1 37014
Castiglione Delle Stiviere MN V1 46043
Cavaion Veronese VR V1 37010
Cavriana MN V1 46040
Cerro Veronese VR V1 37020
Colognola Ai Colli VR V1 37030
Costermano VR V1 37010
Dolce’ VR V1 37020
Erbezzo VR V1 37020
Ferrara Di Monte Baldo VR V1 37020
Fumane VR V1 37022
Garda VR V1 37016
Grezzana VR V1 37023
Guidizzolo MN V1 46040
Illasi VR V1 37031
Lavagno VR V1 37030
Lazise VR V1 37017
Malcesine VR V1 37018
Marano Di Valpolicella VR V1 37020
Mezzane Di Sotto VR V1 37030
Monzambano MN V1 46040
Mozzecane VR V1 37060
Negrar VR V1 37024
Nogarole Rocca VR V1 37060
Pastrengo VR V1 37010
Pescantina VR V1 37026
Peschiera Del Garda VR V1 37019
Ponti Sul Mincio MN V1 46040
Povegliano Veronese VR V1 37064
Rivoli Veronese VR V1 37010
Rovere’ Veronese VR V1 37028
San Giovanni Lupatoto VR V1 37057
San Martino Buon Albergo VR V1 37036
San Mauro Di Saline VR V1 37030
San Pietro In Cariano VR V1 37029
San Zeno Di Montagna VR V1 37010
Sant’ambrogio Di Valpolicella VR V1 37015
Sant’anna D’alfaedo VR V1 37020
Selva Di Progno VR V1 37030
Solferino MN V1 46040
Sommacampagna VR V1 37066
Sona VR V1 37060
Torri Del Benaco VR V1 37010
Tregnago VR V1 37039
Trevenzuolo VR V1 37060
Valeggio Sul Mincio VR V1 37067
Velo Veronese VR V1 37030
Verona VR V1 37100
Vigasio VR V1 37068
Villafranca Di Verona VR V1 37069
Volta Mantovana MN V1 46049
Albaredo D’adige VR V101 37041
Angiari VR V101 37050
Arcole VR V101 37040
Belfiore VR V101 37050
Bevilacqua VR V101 37040
Bonavigo VR V101 37040
Boschi Sant’anna VR V101 37040
Bovolone VR V101 37051
Casaleone VR V101 37052
Castagnaro VR V101 37043
Cazzano Di Tramigna VR V101 37030
Cerea VR V101 37053
Cologna Veneta VR V101 37044
Concamarise VR V101 37050
Erbe’ VR V101 37060
Gazzo Veronese VR V101 37060
Isola Della Scala VR V101 37063
Isola Rizza VR V101 37050
Legnago VR V101 37045
Minerbe VR V101 37046
Montecchia Di Crosara VR V101 37030
Monteforte D’alpone VR V101 37032
Nogara VR V101 37054
Oppeano VR V101 37050
Palu’ VR V101 37050
Pressana VR V101 37040
Ronca’ VR V101 37030
Ronco All’adige VR V101 37055
Roverchiara VR V101 37050
Roveredo Di Gua’ VR V101 37040
Salizzole VR V101 37056
San Bonifacio VR V101 37047
San Giovanni Ilarione VR V101 37035
San Pietro Di Morubio VR V101 37050
Sanguinetto VR V101 37058
Soave VR V101 37038
Sorga’ VR V101 37060
Terrazzo VR V101 37040
Veronella VR V101 37040
Vestenanova VR V101 37030
Villa Bartolomea VR V101 37049
Zevio VR V101 37059
Zimella VR V101 37040


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