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Wholesale sex toys: how to import them directly from Chinese factories

Do you want to import sex toys from China and then resell them in Italy? If you have come to this article it is probably because you already know that their import is particular.

As sensitive products, sex toys follow somewhat different rules from other products.

But don’t despair, we have prepared this guide just to explain you:

  • why it is worthwhile to import sex toys from China
  • find reliable suppliers
  • how to organize shipments
  • which documents to request
  • how to personalize them with your own logo

Why is importing wholesale sex toys from China: the right choice?

When you buy sex toys in bulk, you have two options:

  1. Brands;
  2. buy non-branded products (white label)

In the first case, you will certainly not be completely free in the sale of products, but you will have contractual obligations towards the Brand, which will require constraints on prices, quantities and corporate image.

In the second case, however, you can buy products from suppliers who produce non-branded goods and free yourself from any contractual obligation. But where to find these products?

Most of the sex toys in the world are made in China, so when you buy wholesale from an Italian supplier you are paying for goods whose price has already risen following a series of intermediate steps that took them from the factory to the wholesaler.

For this reason, going to buy directly from the source, then from the factory in China can bring you a great economic advantage.

A second advantage given by purchasing from the Chinese manufacturer is that of product customization. If you already have a store started and loyal customers, you might want to think about creating a product brand to increase your margins and the loyalty of your customers. In this case the wholesaler can do little, customizing the products or packaging is possible, but you have to go directly to the factory.

Problems with sex toy shipments

ingrosso sex toys plug

So many people try to buy products on Aliexpress and get 5-10 pieces shipped for resale. On this point there are some clarifications to be made:

  • you are buying merchandise from a retailer at B2C and non-B2B prices
  • you may have various problems receiving them

While many marketplace suppliers promise to ship a few pieces to you via parcel, be warned, these types of products cannot be mailed and therefore can be stopped at customs.

In the case of wholesale, these products have a minimum weight required to ship, so if you really want to buy in bulk you can’t buy 10 pieces, which in the case of standard vibrators, for example, have a weight of about 10 kg, but you should place a minimum order of 50kg. 

If you cannot get an order of this size, we do not recommend proceeding with a wholesale order of sex toys because it would not be convenient.

How to find the right supplier for your products

Once you have decided that you want to buy products from China and are sure that wholesaling is the type of purchase for you, you will need to look for a reliable supplier from which your merchandise is sourced.

Sourcing quality products from China

Buying wholesale sex toys from China can be simple as long as you take some precautions and find a good partner to cooperate with.

If on average a product costs $ 5 and roughly the same price you were given by 3 or 4 suppliers, doubt who is offering it to 2.

More generally, a reliable supplier will have a company registered in China: it will certainly have a website and a registered office easily available online and must be registered with the Chinese chamber of commerce.

Be wary of those who simply have accounts on AliExpress, Alibaba or other marketplaces, in fact, many companies of various kinds are registered on these sites, such as wholesalers, retailers and agents and distinguishing between one and the other can be very difficult.

A reliable supplier will have a responsible sales office capable of issuing professional quotes and giving information on certifications and product characteristics.

Wholesale sex toys: documents required to import from China

When purchasing products outside the European Union, care must be taken that these goods can enter and be marketed within the territory of the Union.

Simplifying, we need to be sure that the products we are buying have all the necessary certifications to pass customs checks. 

The lack of such documents can lead to very serious consequences. In fact, for the European Union the responsibility of the goods lies with the person who buys them, therefore it is yours. Non-compliant products can be blocked or even seized. In this case you would not only lose the money of the products, but you would also risk paying fines and additional costs related to the warehouse charges required by customs.

So let’s see together what are the basic documents that must necessarily be requested from your supplier:

  • Certificate of Origin: it is a document issued by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.
  • Packing List: the delivery note which must contain the data of the manufacturer, the importer and all the details referring to the load.
  • Commercial Invoice: that is the invoice issued by the supplier, where all the order data must be reported.
  • Bill of Lading: or the document that delivers possession of the goods from one company to another.

Then, depending on the type of object and its use, there may be other documents required by customs. For example electronic products, liquids or batteries have additional controls.

Quality control on Sex toys

When you import goods from China, you not only want to avoid problems with suppliers and customs, but you also want to make sure that these products are of a good quality. 

The quality control must be done on Chinese soil, because once the goods have left and arrived in Italy it is difficult, if not impossible, to return them or get a refund.

What we recommend is first of all to do a quality check on a sample of the goods, before placing the actual order.

Serious companies will send you a documentary report complete with real photos of the product. Then once the order is placed, before shipping the goods it is good to check them, following the international standards of the AQL.

Create a Sex Toys Brand with Personalized Products

When you buy directly from the factory you have the possibility to customize your products, that is to create items with your brand on them and make branded packages.

Let us try to clarify this point better. You can brand a product in two ways:

  • you can put a logo on an existing object
  • you can request to change the appearance or functionality of the product.

Placing a logo on an existing product is easy and cheap because in fact the factory does not have to alter its processes.

Changing the aesthetics of a product, on the other hand, means that new molds have to be made and that the production chain has to be reprogrammed. So unless you’re interested in buying thousands of products, avoid requiring complicated article changes.

The affixing of a logo on a White Label product and the creation of a personalized package is simpler, cheaper and still allows you to give life to a brand recognized at home.

Buying Wholesale Sex Toys is easy with Yakkyofy

Importing wholesale products from China can be a long and risky process if you don’t have the necessary experience. For this reason, we invite you to rely on Yakkyofy’s turnkey service.

Yakkyofy is an Italian company with offices also in China that is able to accompany you throughout the import process from China.

Thanks to our decades of experience we are able to find reliable suppliers for almost every product category, we can produce customized products and carry out quality control on the goods. 

We will take care of everything, from negotiating with the supplier, to checking documents, from organizing the shipment to customs clearance and home delivery.

You will not have to worry about anything, you will only have to select the most suitable products to grow the sales of your business.

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