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How to Promote Your Dropshipping Business with Instagram Marketing

In dropshipping business, you don’t have a physical store or an in-person communication with customers. That means, that you need to put all your effort into convincing them online that you are worth their time and money. If you are looking for an attractive platform with a wide audience, there is a perfect solution for you – Instagram.

With over 500 million active users, you’ll have an opportunity to get higher audience coverage. Instagram marketing can be a winning move if you create and implement a good strategy.

How Can Instagram Marketing Help Your Dropshipping Business?

Instagram marketing is applicable in any industry nowadays, and dropshipping business is no exception. There are many benefits that come from using this marketing channel, but let us address the most important ones.

  1. Wide audience coverage – Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks, which gives you an opportunity to upscale your business and increase your conversion rate.
  2. Simple to useInstagram is a very straightforward platform. Even without any previous experience, you can learn all the tricks in no time.
  3. Visual content is more attractive – It is proven that visual content is easier to remember and is remembered more often.
  4. Less expensive marketing option – You can run your Instagram marketing campaign without spending a penny. The social media platform does have a paid ad feature but that is completely optional and not necessary.
  5. Stay ahead of the competitors – Surprisingly, entrepreneurs still mostly rely on Facebook and/or Twitter when it comes to marketing. With only 2-3% of business units using Instagram, you’ll be in advantage.
  6. Present your products in the best light – With well-designed Instagram profile your products will look more attractive and your business more professional

As you can tell, these benefits can help your dropshipping business to spread awareness and prove its credibility. Now, let’s get to applicable tips and tricks that will help you with your Instagram marketing.

Create a Business Profile

Those who don’t have an Instagram profile yet or those who use a personal Instagram profile should know that the best option for your business is to operate a business profile.

The reason why is that an Instagram business profile provides you with:

  •   A Contact Button addition (allows the users to directly email you, call you, or see your location on the map)
  •   Visible industry branch on the profile (during the creation process you’ll be asked to choose your industry which will be shown on your profile)
  •   Advertising on Instagram
  •   Adding links to Instagram Stories
  •   Access to Instagram Insights (insight into what type of content performs best and analytics for your average Instagram user)

All you need to do to turn your profile into a business profile is to go to Settings, choose Switch to Business Profile, and enter requested business contact details.

Use Filters

Users love Instagram because it is visually pleasing. If you want to make your business noticeable, you need to put some effort into editing your content.

Make your posts aesthetically appealing by applying appropriate filters. Filters can accentuate colors and make your products pop.

Use the same or similar filters for all images to give a similar color scheme to your posts. In this way, you’ll create a theme on your profile and make it more attractive when the users first open your profile page.

Consistency in style and color will create tempting visuals.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are very useful for making your posts discoverable and engaging. According to research, posts which include at least one Instagram hashtag get more engagement than those without an Instagram hashtag.

The important thing is that you use relevant hashtags that will be useful to the users. For example, if you are selling a sports bra, you can add #sportsbra, #sportswear, #exercising, etc.

Only use hashtags that fit your business. Irrelevant hashtags will mislead the users and give them a wrong impression of your brand.

Post Content Regularly

If you want to see some results you need to be persistent. Regular content update is a must when it comes to Instagram marketing.

Don’t think that posting content every three days or once a week is enough. You need to provide engaging content to keep your potential customers interested.

Post about new products, promotions, or add some informative but relevant content when you run out of material.

Luckily, there are social media automation tools that will help you with uploading content regularly. Just pre-plan the posts, get them ready, and set the schedule for uploading.

Use Videos

Cisco projects predict that internet traffic from videos will make up 82% of all consumer internet traffic on Earth by 2021. This proves how popular video content is.

Instagram is the perfect place to upload videos. You can experiment with different video styles and types.

For example, you can use user-generated content. Ask satisfied customers to send you a quick video about their experience and post it on your profile.

You can also make About us video and share the story of how your dropshipping business came to exists.

Such content will humanize your brand and present you as a trustworthy business.

Interact with the Users

Customer engagement is the best way to work on your reputation and create a relationship with the consumers.

A friendly approach to customers will make them more comfortable to make more purchases.

What you can do is:

  •   like their comments
  •   respond to their comments
  •   like their posts that include your products
  •       repost their content in which they mention your products
  •   offer a solution to their complaint
  •   send them a direct message if they are having trouble with the purchase

Instagram provides you with an amazing opportunity to get closer to your customers and resolve any questions and issues they might have.

Keep in mind that 93% of consumers check online reviews before they make a purchase. So, this is your opportunity to increase your sales.

Use Micro-Influencers to promote your products

Maybe yours is only a small business so you can’t have the funds to hire Brad Pitt as a testimonial for your brand, what you can do is find micro-influencers on Instagram and use them to advertise your products.

When I spoke about micro-influencers, I’m thinking about people that publish picture that are in line with your brand and have more than 5000 Instagram followers.

You can contact them, send them your products for free in exchange for a picture published on their profile with a mention to you and with your products.

Wrapping Up

Boost your marketing strategy by involving Instagram. This social media platform has worked wonders for some brands, so why wouldn’t you give it a shot? The aim of these trips is to accentuate that attractive, high-quality, and regular content is your path to success. Just add user engagement to the mix and you’ll have your winning formula!

Then if you are looking for great quality products for your dropshipping business, a reliable supplier and for the fastest shipping available on the market.

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So what are you waiting for?

Author Biography: Diana Nadim is a writer and editor who has a Master degree in Marketing. She combines her passion for writing with her interest in research and creates thought-provoking content in various fields. Besides working as a contributor writer for TrustMyPaper and GrabMyEssay, Diana also does some editing work at Studicus. What inspires her the most in her writing is traveling and meeting new people. Follow her on Twitter.

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