The Most Common Shipping Methods for Dropshipping, which is the best

The Most Common Shipping Methods for Dropshipping, which is the best

So, you’ve just started dropshipping, with some of your items originating in China? Excellent!

You’ve begun a lucrative and exciting business. But which shipping service should you use?

No doubt, you’ll want your customers to receive their goods in perfect condition and in a timely manner. And this means choosing the best company to do so.

Not only do your customers want fast shipping, but also quality. They’ll want to be able to track their items and have peace of mind they’re actually on their way.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the pros and cons of the most common shipping methods for dropshipping and declare a winner.

China Post: China’s Official Postal Service

China Post is the statewide national postal delivery service in China. It is tied in with China EMS.

This is a very common delivery service, especially for companies who offer free shipping. This is due to the fact that it is often the cheapest for the shipper if they are including the shipping in the price of goods. While the customer may get a good deal by using China Post, you often get what you pay for.

If you’re in China and speak Mandarin, it might actually be a good solution for you. This is because you can track packages online and can call a help number to speak to a live person.

But, if the post is going internationally, this is where it starts to fall apart. China Post offers no help in English, so if you need to inquire about a package, you’re out of luck.

Also, many people have experienced the company switching to a different carrier once the package leaves China. This can cause even further confusion about where the package actually is.

This method may be cheap, but it is often incredibly slow, as well. Customers can expect their packages in 4 weeks. Sometimes, they can arrive as quickly as 4 weeks, but 8 is often the norm.

AliExpress Packaging Service

If you use Aliexpress for your dropshipping needs, you might be aware that they have their own shipping service. This is akin to Amazon’s “Fulfilled by Amazon” service, in that the product is at their warehouse and they will send it directly to the customer.

Unless the customer pays for premium shipping, this is typically free. In some cases, the site may charge customers $1-$3 to use the service. A customer can pay $8-$10 extra to have the package get to their home as quickly as possible.

Although the cheap – or free – price tag is a draw for many dropshippers, there are many snags with this service. For instance, AliExpress doesn’t just use one standard shipment service; instead, they use several. This can make shipping time vary immensely.

Most often, AliExpress uses Singapore Post. They also use Posti Finland, Correos, DHL, Direct Link, and SPSR. AliExpress shipping does offer the customer the option to track the package and is fairly accurate.

But, it can take up to 20 business days for your customer to receive their product. This can be as long as 6 weeks, depending on a variety of factors.

Shipping Methods for dropshipping : ePacket

Another popular shipping method for those shipping from China is ePacket. This is a convenient way to ship items, but it only accepts items that are under 2 kilograms. Additionally, the items can only be shipped to 35 countries in the world and must originate in China.

The price for the parcel will depend on how much the item weighs. It will also depend on where the packet is being shipped.

ePacket’s shipping time is generally faster than most other methods originating from China. Most often, people receive their packages in 10 days, with 20 days being on the slower end. But it is still a Postal Service so means that he underlies too many political factors as postal strikes, the postal treaty so there are often variables depending on where the package is sent. You can also track your ePacket item through to its final destination.

Special Line: For Fast Shipping

The last shipping company we’ll discuss is Special Line. Special Line’s is the fastest shipping method that you can use when dropshipping your items.

With this method, items are always shipped first by air cargo and then using a local courier once they arrive in the country of destination.

Watch the video below

Special Line, is not a Postal Service, and for this, it is more secure than many of the other ways you can send your package.

And moreover, you can always track your Special Line package online quickly and easily. This is simple to do, as you’ll be assigned a tracking number when the package gets sent out to you.

One advantage of Special Line is that it can ship bigger items than ePacket can. It can deliver items that are as big as 30 kilograms, which is around 66.1 pounds. This makes it preferable when sending anything larger than a shirt or other lightweight item.

The biggest perk of Special Line is its speed. Items arrive from China to destinations in Europe and the United States in just 3 to 12 business days. That cuts down the wait significantly as compared to other parcel services.

Which Shipping Method Should You Choose for Your DropShipping business?

If you want not only fast shipping but secure shipping, Special Line wins all the way. There’s no question that it is the most secure of all of the methods that originate in China. It also takes larger packages, making it much easier to sell bulkier items than if you were only to use ePacket.

If you’re interested in using this method to dropship your products register on Yakkyofy.

The only software that will help you ship your products from China with Special Line.

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