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How to find dropshipping products at B2B prices?

Are you asking yourself why you should start dropshipping products at B2B prices? Continue to read this article to discover why.

Dropshippers used to earn a lot of money buying products at B2C prices from Chinese platforms and reselling them at higher prices on their websites. This system has worked for quite a few years and resulted in high profits for dropshippers.

Today, however, this strategy is no longer profitable due to the increased competition in the dropshipping sector and new measures introduced, by websites like Facebook and PayPal, aimed at protecting consumers from frauds and low-quality items.

So while in the past the Chinese marketplaces, like AliExpress and Wish, were extremely popular, nowadays dropshippers are now looking at different suppliers in order to have more stability in shipping times, better quality of goods, and last but not least: lower prices upon buying higher quantities of products.  

In fact, if you aim at building a  successful business, you must source your dropshipping products at B2B prices.

Dropshipping products at B2C prices is not worth any more

Chinese marketplaces, like AliExpress, Wish and similar, have only recently gained popularity among consumers, and every day more and more people buy directly from Chinese resellers.

About 5 years ago, when these platforms were not as renowned, a large number of dropshippers approached them to source their products. Following this extensive use, applications like Oberlo and Dropified were developed. These apps are quite useful apps if you want to import a product found on AliExpress to your store automatically.

However, these apps only act as a connection point, you would still be buying products at B2C prices from AliExpress sellers and reselling them on your website at higher prices. Even if had hundreds of orders for the same product, you would still be paying the B2C price, for 1 piece or for a 100. This leaves would leave you with no room to scale the market and gain higher profits.

Moreover, since AliExpress is a B2C platform, it is populated by many resellers, so chances are high that you would not have any real contact with the actual supplier of your products. We’ll tell you more, if you sell a 100 different products you could be dealing with a 100 of different resellers. If things go south, you might not even know whom to contact to resolve the problems with your orders or shipments.

Due to all the reasons described above, while a couple of years ago it was still possible to earn a lot of money buying products at B2C prices, today this is no longer possible.

Why dropshipping products at B2B prices

Now that dropshipping is becoming increasingly popular with eCommerce owners and newbies of the sector, the competition is very high. As we have seen, there are a few reasons why it is not advisable to buy products at consumer’s prices, as it will likely lower down your earnings.

The answer for your ecommerce business to succeed is to buy your dropshipping products at B2B prices, because:

  • It will guarantee you access to products that are only available to resellers;
  • The more products you purchase, the less you pay;
  • The more you buy, the more your supplier will value you as a client;
  • You will have more bargaining margin on prices your supplier quotes to you;

However, it is also truth that in order for your business to thrive in the dropshipping sector in 2020, it is absolutely essential for you to find a trustworthy supplier who can find your products at B2B prices, so that you can maximize your profits and provide to you the necessary assistance for your business to run smoothly.

Where to find dropshipping products at B2B prices?

If you want to find dropshipping products at B2B prices in China, the first thing would be to get in touch with a few Chinese factories, this can definitely help you get your items at convenient B2B prices.

In theory, it is all linear and easy, but it also can be a tad more complex that you think.

Firstly, there might be a language barrier, as not many Chinese suppliers have enough knowledge of English to run a business transaction without a hitch.

Secondly, how would you arrange the fulfillment process of your orders? You would need to send to your suppliers a file with all your orders every single day, and provide individual tracking numbers to your clients, if you have hundreds of clients on daily basis, this process can be very time-consuming.

Moreover, if you have more than one supplier you would have to repeat the process for each and every one of them, while making sure to share the correct file. Keep in mind that, due to the different time zone, suppliers could be answering to you only the next day, causing a delay in the fulfillment of your orders. Which can easily result in complaints from your clients?

 Dropshipping products at B2B prices with Yakkyofy

If you do not want your business to keep you up at night you need to find to a trustworthy supplier who can help you run your daily tasks and assist you when problems occur. Someone who, once you find your best-seller, should be able to make you pay less for the single item, in such way increasing your margins.

If you want to succeed in your dropshipping business and avoid all of the problems described above, your perfect partner is Yakkyofy.

Yakkyofy can provide you products at B2B prices. We will give you a price for 1 item, usually less than the price you find on Chinese marketplaces, and discounted price for when you reach the discount quantity MOQ. For instance, if you decide to ship all your orders when you reach this quantity, the system will automatically apply the discounted price.

When your business grows further you can even ask for a stock quotation and pay even less. When you buy a stock of products with us, which you can even personalize with your very own logo, we will keep in our warehouse in China for free, ready to be shipped to your customers when your dropshipping orders come in. 

But there is more! With Yakkyofy you will have a fast, stable and fully traceable shipping, you can get in touch with our customer team anytime and they will assist you in resolving your problems and get everything back on track. 

So what are you waiting for?

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