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The ultimate strategy to scale your dropshipping sales in 2021 – LIVE with Nick Peroni

?Play the interview with Nick Peroni, founder of EcomEmpires, and listen to his ultimate strategy to scale your dropshipping sales in 2021.

⏩ Nick Peroni is one of the World’s leading experts in dropshipping. Nick Peroni created Ecom Empires as his own way to help people all around the world be successful, and find a life of freedom with an online business.

Now Ecom Empires has over 89,000 members and has become one of the world’s leading communities for eCommerce education and networking.

? In this interview, Nick shared with us his secrets on how to scale dropshipping sales, find the perfect audience for your campaigns, how to deal with order fulfillment logistics, inventory and when to consider creating a private label for your dropshipping business.

? But how can you find a supplier who can support you as you scale your sales and move to private label products? Simple, you need ?Yakkyofy, and we will:

✅ Source for you high-quality items at B2B prices;

✅ Run Quality Control Checks on your products before they are shipped;

✅ Arrange the private labeling of your items and packaging;

✅ Store your products for free in our warehouse, ready to be shipped after only 1 business day;

✅ Give you access to your Virtual Warehouse, so that you can check your stocks online anytime, anywhere; You can get all of the above, and much more, by registering for a free on Yakkyofy here.

If you want to learn more about Nick and his courses, check out the Ecom Empires’ website here

Why Choose Yakkyofy

Yakkyofy is the all in one FREE dropshipping platform that helps you completely automate the management of your business from soucing to delivery:

  • Connect your store
  • Get instant quotations for your dropshipping products
  • Import product on your store
  • Start to sell
  • Fast ship your products in 3-15 working days (depending on the country)

You can also get:

  1. Quality check on your items
  2. Private label products
  3. Private label packaging
  4. Show only the last-mile tracking of your parcels (no-origin)
  5. Free warehouse space for your products
  6. So much more


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The ultimate strategy to scale your dropshipping sales in 2021

If you need to jump to a specific part of the video, know that the main questions and topics were:

  1. As we know, smooth fulfillment and fast shipping are 2 of the most important challenges in dropshipping. A problem in one of these two processes can be a pitfall for your entire business. Right, Nick?
  2. About the shipping, do you sell all over the World or do you select only a few countries? Is your country selection determined by the shipping time?
  3. Regarding fulfillment, do you dropship all your products or do you also hold inventory?
  4. Is holding inventory something you always do?, or only at certain times of the year, such as Chinese New Year and Black Friday?
  5. As we all know, many things changed in 2020, but of course the most important was COVID-19. How has Covid impacted your shipping and how did you solve the problem?
  6. So now that we covered logistics we need to understand how to scale your product on Facebook, using campaigns. So, Nick, Can you give us some tips on where to start?
  7. How do you choose which target and audience to use?
  8. Do you use the Facebook A/B testing tool or not?
  9. Do you use Automatic Placement or manual Placement?
  10. Do you use the same ads when copying an ad group, or you create a new copy of the ad?
  11. How much budget do you use? How do you increase your budget?
  12. Is it better to create only one campaign worldwide, or divide them into different countries?
  13. What do you think about dynamic ads?
  14. When is the time to turn off campaigns, do you scale down or you simply turn your campaign off completely?
  15. What was, for you, the biggest change in Facebook advertising for dropshipping in 2020, we know that this society is changing, so what is your biggest concern and which is the biggest opportunity for you?
  16. Are you using other kinds of adv to scale your campaign which is your favorite right now?
  17. Last but not least, there is a lot of fuss about private labels, this means to sell a product branded with your logo or use your own branded packaging and labels. What do you think about it? Is this something you have used?
  18. What is the main difference between private label products and packaging and when to use them?
  19. Another thing we all heard that Shopify is banning a lot of dropshippers? Has this ever happened to you? How did you solve the problem?
  20. Q&A section

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