An Evergreen 4-Word Facebook Ads Dropshipping Strategy For Consistent Profitability

4-Word Facebook Ads Dropshipping Strategy For Consistent Profitability

🌟Play the interview with Depesh Mandalia Founder of The BPM Method. In less than an hour, he introduced us to a new, incredible strategy to boost your Facebook Ads. So if you missed the live event, you can play it now 👆

Depesh is one of the world’s leading Facebook ads experts. He’s invested well over $40 million in profitable global ad spend over the last 6 years in E-Commerce, Lead Gen (digital products and services), Affiliate Marketing, and more. He’s helped to create more than $100M in revenue.

He also advises Facebook in Europe, he’s spoken around the world and he created his own system called The BPM Method, which his agency, his eCommerce, and his Digital Products businesses use to test, optimize and scale with Facebook ads.

🎁To all the Yakkyofy users he offered a free eBook, which you can download here:

🏆But before starting an ad campaign you’ll need to find the products to sell and a reliable supplier that can source your items and fast ship them all over the World.

You need Yakkyofy. Register a free Yakkyofy account here.

Thanks to our Image Recognition Technology, we are able to provide B2B quotations for your dropshipping products in real-time. You just need to send us the picture of a product you like, our software will recognize that picture and give you back a quotation for the same item or a similar one in just a few seconds. Here a video tutorial on how to use our Image Recognition Technology ➡️


Why Choose Yakkyofy

Yakkyofy is the all in one FREE dropshipping platform that helps you completely automate the management of your business from soucing to delivery:

  • Connect your store
  • Get instant quotations for your dropshipping products
  • Import product on your store
  • Start to sell
  • Fast ship your products in 3-15 working days (depending on the country)

You can also get:

  1. Quality check on your items
  2. Private label products
  3. Private label packaging
  4. Show only the last-mile tracking of your parcels (no-origin)
  5. Free warehouse space for your products
  6. So much more


Do you want to create your own dropshipping business, but you don’t know where to start?

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4-Word Facebook Ads Dropshipping Strategy For Consistent Profitability

If you need to jump to a specific part of the video, know that the main questions and topics were:

  1. Explain to us your 4-Word Facebook Ads Dropshipping Strategy For Consistent Profitability
  2. How can someone starting with dropshipping find good products – should they focus on audience and find products, or products then find the audience? 
  3. Are there any examples of products that dropshippers scaled that surprised you? How does this compare to your strategy?
  4. When researching your audience are there any tips you can share?
  5. How much time should you spend on this research?
  6. Is there an easy way to build your avatar?
  7. If you find a really good product and you think you know who the ideal avatar is, how can you turn that into winning ads?
  8. How important are your landing page and your funnel? Any tips you can share?
  9. Everyone wants to scale with FB ads – what are some of your tips?
  10. Do you recommend other marketing channels apart from Facebook? If so which ones?
  11. Q&A section


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