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The Best eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Hacks

Having a high conversion rate, it is really important for a dropshipping eCommerce business, also a small change of a half point percentage can make a big difference. For this reason, we want to give you some suggestions about the Best eCommerce conversion rate optimization hacks that you can implement on your eCommerce.

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Five Tips For Creating Call To Actions With Great Conversion Rates

There are many factors that will determine how high the conversion rates on your eCommerce site will be, but one of the most important elements is certainly your call to action. The success of your call to action is not only determined by the physical attributes of your CTA itself, but also by the user’s journey that leads up to it.

Here are a few tips on how to optimize your call to actions for the best possible conversion rates.

1 Assume That Your Customer Is Not A Robot

Scripts like Captcha are used to determine whether the person sending data to your database via your website is indeed a person and not a robot. Robots or automated programs can create fake accounts on your website, place fake orders, or just post random gibberish.

Adding programs such as Captcha to your user journey will make your website impenetrable to robots, but it will add another step between your user and your CTA, which could lead to more drop-offs.

2 Keep Social Sharing To A Minimum

Although social share buttons might be a nice-to-have and may even be beneficial to your digital marketing campaign in some cases, it’s best not to overload your website with them. It’s good to remember that social share buttons are in effect little call to actions of their own, which might take the focus off of your real call to action.

3 Be Welcoming To Guests

Although having all the information of your customers on file might be important, cutting the registration step out of your checkout process can make clicking on your CTA look much more enticing to first-time customers. Allow customers to check out as guests and you’ll see a definite increase in your conversion rates.

Consider, for example, Amazon Pay with a Click call to action, do you think that they did it casually? No, their marketing analysts for sure realize that to increase an eCommerce conversion rate, you have to keep the list of information that you require short.

My suggestion is to ask the information in different steps and in different moments, not all together. This for sure will increase your eCommerce conversion rate.

4 Paint It Red

When it comes to digital marketing and conversion rates, colour is very important when you’re designing your online store. As a rule of thumb, call to action buttons should always be red. If the buttons on your website are in another colour, you might be missing out. You can increase conversion rates by as much as 34% by going red.

Is red not the right colour for you? Make some experiments. Test different colours, until you find the best for you. You can even experiment by changing the colour of other elements on your website to red as well. British Airways increased conversion rates by 2.5% by changing its background colour.

5 Get In The Right Position

Once you’ve changed the colour of your call to action, there are two other things that are very important: Horizontal alignment and vertical visibility. Always place your CTA on the right-hand side of your page. Most languages are read from left to right, which means a CTA placed on the right side of your page will signal to your user that you are done talking and ready for action.

Also, always place your CTA above the fold. In layman’s terms: make sure that your CTA is visible to customers without them having to scroll down.

Getting people to buy into what you’re selling doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes the difference between failure and success could just be a few small tweaks on your website. For more ideas on how to optimize your eCommerce Conversion rate, have a look at the handy infographic below.

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Ecommerce conversion rate

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